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Egypt 1912 In an alternate Cairo infused with the otherworldly the Ministry of Alchemy Enchantments and Supernatural Entities investigate disturbances between the mortal and the possibly divine What starts off as an odd suicide case for Special Investigator Fatma el Sha’arawi leads her through the city’s underbelly as she encounters rampaging ghouls saucy assassins clockwork angels and plot that could unravel time itself

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    A confident urbane investigator has a dead djinn on her hands The setting is vaguely a steampunk colonial Cario with an interesting twist when magic was discovered the locals were able to throw out the British colonizers The byproduct of magic is a plethora of djinns angels and ghouls Really interesting and well done with an intriguing female lead and hints of alternate gendersexuality I'd read a book length tale Might appeal to fans of Detective Chen of Liz Williams although with less off beat humor

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    Fatma el Sha’arawi is a Special Investigator for the Ministry of Alchemy Enchantments and Supernatural Entities in an alternate history Cairo where supernatural entities live alongside human beings The magically exsanguinated body of a djinn turns out to be only the first death of the nightFun Hope for by this author It would also be great as a graphic novel very visual and with lots of action

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    An alternative Cairo filled with steampunk Angels magic and Djinn A murder mystery with a diverse leading woman who rocks a gentleman's suit and cane And a wonderfully action filled plot that ricochets between the supernatural and the mysterious And all neatly written within 50 pages Honestly Fatma's character development is better than I've seen in 500 page books and I felt fully invested in the story The world building is just enough to whet my appetite without being too much for such a short story yet still manages to feel complex and interestingI really need to read from this world

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    Cairo 1912 Fatma el Sha’arawi special investigator with the Egyptian Ministry of Alchemy Enchantments and Supernatural Entities comes across a dead djinn that has been drained of his blood Together with her partner inspector Aasim Sharif she starts to look into the caseTheir investigation will lead them to palaces into a mausoleum and through the streets of Cairo Some steampunk elements are to be found in this alternate Cairo but they are not predominant The most prominent feature of this novelette are several figures of Arabic mythology and history insteadThe characters especially the main character are interesting but not too fleshed out Clark focuses on a fast moving plot with lots of action instead especially in the second half The protagonists come across ghuls angels djinn necromancy magic spells etcetera as the story gets and excitingIt’s a fantastic and fascinating world that I will gladly revisit with The Haunting of Tram Car 015 Thanks Miriam for pointing both those stories out to meThis one can be read for free using the following link

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    “most of cairo slept except for the glow of a gaslight market or the pinprick lights of towering mooring masts where airships came and went by the hour her fingers played with her cane’s lion headed pommel watching aerial trams that moved high above the city crackling electricity illuminating the night along their lines” last month i had the immense pleasure of reading the haunting of tram car 015 another novella by p djèlí clark set in an enchanting 1900s steampunk cairo thus i could not resist picking up this beauty as well also have you SEEN that gorgeous cover??anyway both novellas center around investigations by agents from the ministry of alchemy enchantments supernatural entities half a century ago an infamous alchemist managed to punch a hole in the fabric of the world that allowed magic to seep in and as a result egypt changed irrevocably including bucking off its colonizersin this we follow agent fatma with a keen sense for fashion and showmanship who also happens to be the first female agent of the ministry she’s out to investigate the suicide of a powerful djinn alongside the cairo constabulary and of course everything goes to shit once undead ghuls mysterious angels and ancient prophecies get involvedshe also gets a surprising spitfire sidekick in the form of a shadowy figure who’s part of an underground religious temple and easily scales walls and bears a rifle yes you heard that rightwhat else can i say? clark deftly weaves mystery fantasy myth and religion together in a dazzlingly diverse and intriguing world it’s believable and immersive right from the very first sentence; cairo is an entity of its own described in a way that makes you wish you could explore itthere’s also hints in this of what truly lies beyond the veil that was broken so that magic crept into the world and it’s amongst other things of the eldritch variety which also made me very very happy and interestedthis novella has less humorous moments than its companion the haunting of tram car 015 but it’s still fascinating to see the world through agent fatma’s eyes she’s a keen observer and someone who loves to jangle the chains of the establishmentlisten at this point i’d do anything for clark to write i am already on my knees i am begging i needed special hardcover editions like yesterday so i can parade them on my shelves and tempt my friends with them tell me what to do and i’ll do itanyway read it if you can find the time it’s a hundred percent worth it✎ 45 stars

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    This is Cairo; this is 1910 CEor it’s not This is the second piece I have read by Clark and I am captured by this author's web As you can see I started and finished it in a few hoursThis book's hero is a plucky young “inspector” named Fatma She has the smarts and the style to tackle a world that we can only imagine since Cairo was changed a couple decades before this tale by someone who intentionally let magic and magical creatures into the world Some would term this “steampunk” though I am reluctant to do so See belowFatma sat back in a red cushioned seat as the automated wheeled carriage plowed along the narrow streets Most of Cairo slept except for the glow of a gaslight market or the pinprick lights of towering mooring masts where airships came and went by the hour Her fingers played with her cane’s lion headed pommel watching aerial trams that moved high above the city crackling electricity illuminating the night along their lines Their carriage passed a lone man in a rickety donkey cart He drove his beast at a slow trot as if in defiance of the modernity that surrounded himClark seems to have the talent for blending the familiar elements of a city with those that he chooses to throw in Like a master chef he adds a few ingredients simmers tastes adds a bit and checks again to determine if it’s rightAasim joined in The ghuls shrieked tumbling to the floor as they were struck Then as one the entire wall of ghuls crumbled and the mass surged toward them like a pale dead sea Fatma backed away readying her janbiya for a fight But the attack never came The ghuls streamed past flowing around her and Aasim as if the two were islands in their pathThe story does begin with “a dead djinn” and moves at a very fast pace that sweeps up a whole cast of characters into a race to prevent all Earth from being rebootedThese tasty morsels are just right for an evening’s kick back I am wary of over indulgence but not sure that I can resist 45

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    Paranormal steampunk fantasy set in 19th century Cairo starring a feisty female investigatorFun but rather by the numbers and not as remarkable as I felt P Djeli Clark's other story that I've read was Things My Mother Left Me That one set my expectations rather high I have to admit

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    Rating 35 of fiveA delicious taste More please

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    Set in a steampunk version of Cairo in 1912 Fatma el Sha’arawi is a special investigator with the Egyptian Ministry of Alchemy Enchantments and Supernatural Entities She is called to a murder where a dead djinn has been exsanguinated Her investigation leads her to the famous City of the Dead where she finds ghouls feasting eventually figuring out an evil plot to unleash chaos While I appreciate Arabian mythology and the Cairene setting the characters are significantly underdeveloped Read Clark's The Haunting of Tram Car 0015 instead One of my 5 star ratings in 2019This story can be read for free at

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    45 stars I loved the world building; I got a great picture even though this is only a short of a complex world with interesting social dynamics because of the presence of the djinn ghul ifrit and Angels existing alongside humans I kept picturing a nattily dressed Fatma making her way through Cairo on her investigations of otherworldly incidents I would happily follow Fatma through of her cases My only complaint about this great story is that I want Fatma and Siti saving the world