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Until he was three years old Artemus Holiday and his twin brother Andrew shared all the adventures of life But when young Artemus lost his brother in a terrible tragedy on Christmas day the magic of the Christmas season seemed forever shrouded by a cloud of sadness and despair But miracles have been known to happen during this time of year This heartwarming Christmas story follows the lives of two eleven year old heroes—the wary and cynical Artemus and an outcast named Chess a homeless con artist with a heart of gold Through a simple twist of fate these boys will find themselves swept into the adventure of a lifetime—one that takes them beyond their wildest imaginings A Return to Christmas wraps holiday sadness joy and wonder into one very special package

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    12222019Always a good book to revisit I still remember a lot of spots Mr Applegate stopped reading to spur a class discussion even some of the voices he did which only makes this book special to me12202016 review 5 starsMy love for this book is purely sentimental My 5th grade teacher had a knack for picking out great books to read to us—most of them are to this day still among my favorites It's super cheesy at times but that's kind of to be expected in a Christmas story right?

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    i first read this book in the 90's was impressed i wanted to read again and again my parents came to visit just after i had read the first time my father saw the cover and decided that maybe he would skim through the pages HA he ended up reading the book cover to cover and enjoyed the story as much as i hadChris keeps you on the rollercoaster ride with this book

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    This is just plain my favorite book It doesn't even have to be christmas and it'll make you cry guaranteed

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    This book was completely ridiculous How do parents not recognize their own son? Really the twin didn’t die but happened to get picked up by some drugged up lady? What was she doing in Utah anyway? Never explained And the two boys just happened to run into each other? What are the odds? And how did uncle boon hand chess over to child services and then somehow get him back later just to help him run scams when in the end he reveals he’s not even related to him? Just so unbelievable But it was almost so ridiculous that it was awesome That’s why 2 stars not 1

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    I was telling an aunt about Donna VanLiere's Christmas Shoes series how I loved those books So my aunt told me about this book that I would love it It had been a gift to her she read it in one sitting She brought it over this evening Yes I did enjoy it Yes it was unputdownable just as she had said I had started another book this afternoon was right in the middle of it I did not plan to read A Return to Christmas tonight However I started reading the cover blurb the beginning of the book I IMMEDIATELY knew how it was going to end I started for the end of the book as I invariably do she made me promise pinky swear that I would not read the end of the book I had the hardest time keeping that promise When I finished the book just as my son his girlfriend came home wanted the only couch in the house my mom immediately asked me if I had read the end I had to tell her a couple of times I DID NOT READ THE END OF THE BOOKBecause it took place in Salt Lake City I lived there for almost 20 years it was easy to picture the city Temple Suare all lit up the Christus the freeways

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    This is the re telling of the Prince and the Pauper story Twins are seperated at birth and one is raised to be a rich arrogant boy and the other is a poor petty criminal They swap places and learn lessons about life and learning to be grateful for what they have This all happens around Christams My disbelief had to be suspended because honestly how do parents not know that someone is not their son As a twin I can honestly say that even identical twins can be recognized as not being perfectly identical The personalities of the two boys were completely different

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    This is a great book of separated twins It deals with a family's grief and how they deal with itnot so good Also two 11 yr old boys discovering happiness and what's really important in life

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    Another great read aloud with kids kind of book We loved it

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    Listened to this with my kids on the car ride up to the ski hill—Fun to read together

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    A Return to Christmas by Chris Heimerdinger Year 1996 Pages 141I think this book could be for anyone who is looking for a little christmas spirit and magic The main problem I think is when the Holidays Andrew dies on Christmas day The setting of this book is in parts of Utah mainly Sugar House and Las Vegas The setting could be changed but you would still need the same time of the year and weather conditions I think The Main character are the two twin boys Artemus and Andrew Holiday In the biginning of the book the twins are both 3 years old at the supposive death of Andrew but most of the book takes place when they are 11The two twin Boys Artemus and Andrew Holiday grew up having fun until the age of 3 when on christmas day Andrew fell in the river and drowned From then on the Christmas season was never the same for the Holidays It was around the Christmas season when Artemous was at the mall shopping when he ran into someone that looked like himelf Andrew needed clothes so he stole artemuses and ran out with the clothes to the parking lot when the collision happend and that is when the boys found themelves in very unfamiliar worlds Through this the boys have switched worlds and do not know who and what is going on around them Chess Folum Andrew in the book thought he has always been with his uncle boon While Andrew is enjoying the new life with his family he has no clue about Artemus is trying to find his way back home During this time they find out how much they love family In the end Artemus and Andrew Holiday are reunited and the family that thought they lost there son has been alive all alongI liked the book It had a good story line that kept me involved and a good climax I loved the tension it brought at the end of the story and all the times in between The uotes I liked from the book that showed a little taste of what the tesion was like are from page 61 where it sayswith a grip tight enough to sueeze of the curculation boon led artemus to the door the other one is from page 118 where it saysThis is the Holiday residence no one can come to the phone right now If you wouldnt mind terribly please leave a message and we'll call you right back I Think the theme for this book is recognize the love and help your family gives you just in times when you have hard and confusing times This book could really be for anyone really who wants a good read with a good ending for the christmas holiday The outcomes climax and the ending in this book were all huge surprises It was an exciting book with a good ending