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Clare Randell copywriter for a major San Francisco advertising agency is running for a cab one evening when she is suddenly inexplicably shot by a sniper When the police investigate Lieutenant Mike Malchek discerns the mark of Edison a deadly assassin he's been tracking for years Then Clare's fiance is killed in a second attempt on her life and the cold silent Malchek is assigned to protect her This is the intriguing story of antagonists who fall in love under nerve shattering circumstances And just as Clare and Malchek begin to realize their passion for one another Edison is after them again full force

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    An ad exec sees something she shouldn't Now an international assassin is on her tail Fortunately she has a handsome ice cold vetran and cop on her sideDramatic fast read actually romantic Will do you a solid

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    Sylvester Stallone's 1986 action film Cobra is loosely based on this suspense thriller which is what inspired me to read it The book is fine and would probably make a decent movie if faithfully followed though I myself like the cheese and over the top antics of Cobra Even the film's fascist politics which ordinarily an ACLU type like me would bristle at contribute to the film's pleasing air of utter ridiculousness The book was apparently also filmed in 1995 as Fair Game with Cindy Crawford and one of the lesser Baldwins which I have not seen though I do remember the poster from when it came out

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    Thriller or Cozy? Gosling has written some great suspense scenes in her earlier books like Zero Trap but she tends to slip into cozy style romantic situations This also is true of A Running Duck Wonderful suspense throughout a real page turner UNTIL the last chapter which turns into a saccharine sweet romance happily ever after finale Still the book is well worth reading it's one of The Crime Writers of America top 100 crime novels of all times

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    FAIR GAME by Paula Gosling was written in 1978 and is an expanded version of A RUNNING DUCK 1974 which was made into the movie COBRA Advertising executive Clare Randell helps someone who dropped some papers in a lonely parking lot; soon nasty things begin to happen to her was she just in the wrong place at the wrong time? For whatever reason her life is now under attack by a hired killer who’s very careful and it seems the only man who can hunt him down is just as cold and calculating just as deadly Interesting psychological studies of Edison the hitman and Malchek the cop mixed with a not too soppy love affair between cop and Clare as they try to stay alive and salvage whatever kind of life may remain to them Reminded me a bit of Bill Pronzini’s thrillers from the same period It’s very polished for a first novel strongly plotted well paced and has a subtle sense of humorShorter version published in UK in 1974 as A RUNNING DUCK made into movie COBRA with Sylvester Stallone at the height of his career in 1986 but movie rather a dud plot got rather cast aside I seem to remember the movie as being one of those carcrash things Sly was definitely NOT Malchek as written He’s described as being smallish lithe strong but very agile flexible fast Think the movie came across as another sort of Rambo clone as many of his 80s movies did That’s a shame this was an entertaining book with the psychological bits being rather melodramatic but well fitted I really like Gosling’s style first came across her via short stories she’s got a wicked sense of humor that resonates with me September 2007

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    Book is so much better than the 2 movies based on it Fair Game and Cobra

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    That story was like reading an harleuin It had a little adventure and plenty of ''catchy'' romance A waste of time

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    Maybe a bit dated but still good story

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    25 stars

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    I've read this book so many times I love it Paula's writing flows and is so easy to read She is definitely one of my favourite authors It's a shame the movie 'Cobra' didn't stick to the storyline It would have been a bigger hit for sure