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There's always action in the Fox family Revel in the sibling rivalry as oldest brother Peter dodges his homework and doesn't stop eating Paige the only girl among the siblings continues her shopaholic boyfriend seeking antics And Jason the youngest is geekier than ever building robots and teaching his pet iguana uincy how to annoy every member of the family Throw into the mix sensible yet TV antenna cutting mother Andy and backyard grilling disaster dad Roger and you have the perfect recipe for a family that every kid can relate to

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    Okay first off a little background I grew up on newspaper comics From as far back as I can remember I read the funny pages whenever I could get my hands on them I got my first Garfield Fat Cat Three Pack when I was only about six or sevenand I could read it just fine True some of the comics I didn't understand particularly the political andor non humorous ones but reading them was one of my favorite things to do especially on Sundays when they were all longer and in full color In elementary school art class I was reprimanded for doing comic style art; that is with sound effects and speech bubbles Hey that's the kind of art I was used to seeing So the funny pages had a big effect on my childhoodBased on that you'd probably expect that I would like something like this and I didfor the most part Before I got into franchises like Star Wars and superheroes some of the humor in FoxTrot was lost on me; I knew next to nothing about Luke Skywalker or Peter Parker Now that I'm older and better versed in entertainment especially of the sci fifantasy variety I can appreciate some of the allusions better Still as tends to be the case with comic strips at times the comedy here gets a bit repetitive; some of them have essentially the same joke However when it comes to funny page compilations you can do much worse than this If you're unfamiliar with the strip this will serve as a great introduction

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    Reruns from the other books that have been released It was nice to visit the old material but I'm glad I just borrowed it from the library

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    I thought it was like the book Calvin Hobbes which is funny It's just realistic

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    Humorous collection of Foxtrot comic strips that spans the year including many popular holidays I love the interaction between the siblings Our girls love this comic as well and are begging to get of these books from our local library

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    Short and sweet collection of kid friendly Foxtrot comics

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    You like FUNNY? If your answer is yes then read laugh and LOVE this book If you don't like comics you might love the after reading this book

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    Love reading Foxtrot Usually I borrow hard copies from the library and this is the only ebook available Wish there were ebooks since it’s so much easier to borrow finish and returnSomehow it seems to be shorter than other hard copies but still enjoyable Only part I didn’t really like was the dreams part

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    The best bit of comic strips that are guaranteed to bring laughter The world of Foxtrot at its hilarious best

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    Five starsIt is an amazing book I rated this five stars because this book is really good and I recommend it to all

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    Great bookFox trot is one of the best books I love how they I’m just typing random words nowYay