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Sheikh Ahsan Afshar is a rogue of the highest order prone to scandal seduction and womanizing He's a devilish yet complicated creature with an over sized ego and arrogance than he knows what to do with When fate brings him face to face with Miss Sessily Pavel he finds himself issuing a challenge that brings her into his home—and into his life Sessily Pavel has a secret A secret involving Sheikh Ahsan Afshar One so explosive it could endanger her life Challenged to a race she enters Ahsan's world only to discover he's not the man she thought he was Fighting off red hot chemistry and undeniable attraction she sets herself on task—one that threatens to unravel her secrets and expose her for the liar she is The only uestion is whether he'll ever forgive her and whether she can forgive herself Book 2 of the Royal Elite series

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    Haven't read a good desert sheikh romance in a while so I was happy to see this one waiting for me New to me author and series This is book two but it functions just fine as a standalone I'm reading this one as part of The Red Hot Lovers Box SetThe story opens with Sheikh Ahsan Afshar joining his friends at a Gala held in Dubai He is distracted by a stunning vision in white but he tries to play it low key since it is generally known that he never lets a woman turn his head But this oneSessily Pavel feels all twisted up inside She is at the Gala for one reason only Sheikh Ahsan Afshar Ahsan's brother is holding her sister hostage and forcing her to spy on Ahsan and perhaps something deadly if Ahsan's intent is to usurp his brother as the crown prince Ahsan is known to be hard to get close to and her assignment is to not only get close but get invited into his household as a spy This turns out to be the easy part Ahsan surprises her with his gallantry courteous hospitality and uiet life away from public view He is making it hard for her to hold onto the hate that will make her lies and spying palpable Then she sees the women and suspects Ahsan is in the human trafficking business with his hateful brotherAhsan doesn't get Sessily He is drawn to her and is impressed that she doesn't fawn on him and want something from him like most women but it is obvious that she is keeping secrets and something is bringing the fear to her eyes But even as he tries to figure out Sessily the political situation heats up and threatens to pull him in a direction he doesn't want to goAll right this one isn't deep but was engaging I enjoyed the playful flirting banter between Ahsan and Sessily The intrigue was a nice surprise and added enough to keep it interesting I liked that the narration was shared by both Ahsan and Sessily so I could get what both were thinking The romance develops with a little extra tension because of Sessily's secrets and the misunderstanding about Ahsan and the captured women There was a fairy tale uality to the story and I enjoyed that toneNormally I don't care for stories that have the 'big misunderstanding' element because usually it's obviously just a device to amp up the angst In this case the author used it well The issue made sense in keeping with Sessily's experiences and the fact that she doesn't have much time to get to know Ahsan The reader knows the truth and it's hard to see her suspect the very guy who can help her and yet it's not a big stretch to see that she's not being stupid to be cautious and trust no one particularly the bad guy's brother So all that to say the conflict worked well for this storyNow her second misunderstanding that was just her willing to think the worst and her insecurities but fortunately it didn't carry on foreverThe romance was sweet with a bit of spice and happened at a rapid clip but that is par for the course I liked this pair together and would have liked a bit at the end of them together but wasn't too disappointedAll in all this was a uick moderately satisfying read I want to get the rest of the stories about Ahsan's friends This is for those who enjoy light uick fairytale like contemporary romances

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    Loved this book This series is a spin off from the Latvala Royals Series and I loved all of the books in that one too Ahsan is a very intriguing character and I loved how the book told his story Sessily and her story pulls at your heart strings It was also nice to catch up with Sander for a little bit at the beginning of the bookIf you love alpha male royalty along with some suspense then you will love this story I am so glad that Danielle Bourdon decided to continue with these characters by giving them their own series This is a five star book It can be read as a stand alone but you should get Book #1 if you haven’t read it Mattias is as interesting as Ahsan

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    I'm going to say a 35 leaning towards a 4 for AshanI thought that the story was well written and I liked the intrigue it did take up a fair bit of the book and it sorta took away from the relationship development a bit I would have liked to see Sessily be a little involved in the drama rather than becoming a useless bystander in the events I would have liked it if she could have been a little engaged with AhsanThat is my biggest complaint with this story I liked it enough to care about the fact that Sessily wasn't UITE enough for me Ahsan fitted the bill of gorgeous rich and intelligent with a noble spirit but I just didn't get a strong FEEL for Sessily She wasn't weak or useless I just felt like I was missing something from her She was just not enough for me and I really wanted her to be Because she was a little one dimensional I found the chemistry between the two a little lacking and it took FOREVER for them to get there When they met at the ball Sessily had an ulterior motive for going back to Ahsan's place but I thought he agreed to the race so he could get into her pants ;He seemed uite preoccupied with other things instead and there was hardly any build up at all other than a bit of witty banter between the two Then BOOM After LOTS of pages they make it to bed OnceI wanted because all in all this one had potential It just didn't uite get there for me 35 stars

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    35 I loved the original Latvala Royals series but this spin off is falling a bit short for me Both Mattias and Ashan's books felt off Maybe too heavy on the suspense and too light on the romance I felt in both of the first two books that I wanted of the romance story to play out Maybe it would have been nice if previous characters Mattias and Alannah made an appearance in this book to further their story I think the problem was the original series was five books on the same characters so each book didn't have to advance the relationship very far But this series each book has a new couple but the relationship barely gets anywhere but there aren't four books to finish the story for each couple The suspense part was good I really enjoyed reading both these books just wish I got a little of a HEA

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    35 StarsSo glad that this book draws on the components that I loved in the Latvala Royals series the companion series that preceded the Royal Elite series Although Ahsan was not a character I was expecting to like given how much the reader hears about his propensity for womanizing in the previous books I was charmed by him as uickly as Sessily He is intelligent and witty two traits that reminded me of Mattias but with a stronger capable heroine The relationship between the two main characters felt much realistic and the politics swirling in the background made the steaks much higher I can't wait to see if Chayton and Leander's books continue in the same vein

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    Hands down this was my favorite of the Elite series Ashan's brother makes an appearance in The King Take a Bride Instantly you don't like the brother and honestly I had no idea that Bashir and Ashan were brothers until this book The two are complete opposites in every way Where Bashir is a horrible excuse for a man Ashan is everything that is right I don't have anything but good things to say about this book and if ever there were a sueal series about a couple like Chey and Sander I would vote for Ashan and Sessily love the name by the way

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    This series gets better and better with each new book I read I'm so glad I found this author's books I enjoyed reading this book so very much and fell in love with Ashan and Sessily Ashan is everything you could want in a Man Alpha Hot Sexy he does things his way And I loved the chemistry between those two If you haven't read the Royals Series are any of the Elite Series you are definitely missing out

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    I loved the Latvala series so I was very disappointed with the Royal Elite Series Mattias and Chayton whose stories felt too rushed and underdeveloped in comparisonI felt that Ahsan's story bought in all of the original elements and depth of plot and character that the Latvala series had but within the one novel Both leads were well developed as characters and had clear motivations emotions and actionsDefinitely the best of the Royal Elite series so far

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    Ashan gets conned by Sessiley who has to get close to him to find out if he wants the throne and eventually kill him all to save her sister She doesn't expect to fall for him and ends up changing her mind He finds out and saves her sister and becomes the new ruler They end up together in the end It is a book of deceit that spins out of control A really interesting turn of events when the player gets played Well written and great characters

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    Nice fairy tale Ahsan and Sessily might just work out with a little time and honesty At first I couldn't stand the air Ahsan breathed His arrogance was stifling I wanted to kick every one of those women pinning over him that didn't even know himAs if His friend fall a bit in the jerk category as wellbirds of a feather and all that