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This book the first of its kind delves into the many leaked documents that describe research into alien biology and virology Dr Robert Wood's forensic analysis of the documents themselves argues strongly for their authenticity And their implications are startling Alien viruses are not only deadly but are of key importance to biological warfare on Earth Wood examines the mysterious deaths of key microbiologists and virologists offers insight into the huge government secret expenditures and provides an incredible revelation from an Area 51 insider on autopsies of bodies of unknown origin With assistance from seasoned researcher Nick Redfern extensively footnoted and with a comprehensive Index this is the authoritative treatment of the subject

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    Extremely interesting

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    Bob Wood is part of the father and son team devoted to analyzing the purported MJ 12 documents that have been fed to UFO researchers since the early '80s This book gives a good overview to that material while focusing on one overarching topic of interest biowarfare and the threat of a potentially species killing virus Wood and his ghost writer Nick Redfern tackle the subject from all angles references in the MJ 12 documents testimony from military and intelligence sources and the mainstream historical and scientific record What crops up over and over again are links between alleged MJ 12 connected individuals research into biological warfare astrobiology and connections to alleged UFO crashrecoveries Wood and Redfern look at several documents from the Timothy Cooper collection tackle the problem of document authentication highlight several individual crash incidents the cattle mutilation phenomenon and the mysterious deaths of dozens of microbiologists and experts in biowarfare in the early 2000s While I don't necessarily agree with all of the authors' conclusions eg the overall authenticity of the documents Redfern's ideas on Roswell or the idea that cattle mutilations are essentially biowarfare experiments most conclusions are stated as tentative working hypotheses than as pet theories The main virtue of the book in my opinion is the sheer collection of data names places connections And I have to hand it to Nick Redfern I did not like his style in his Men In Black book but his prose here is journalistic to the point and it makes for an informative and page turning read While the material is controversial the sheer number of connections inclines me to think that there is something real here Whether the real danger is from space borne pathogens eg brought to earth via comets or asteroids so called alien viruses found on the alleged bodies of UFO inhabitants or engineered biowarfare agents the source of which may or may not have something to do with the other options the intel community has been keeping tabs on it since at least World War II Any of the three scenarios is scary enough Despite its scary subject matter Alien Viruses 14 is damn fun to read