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The true story of a girl from the wilderness settlements of a burgeoning new America who became one of the most privileged figures of the Gilded AgeBorn to a pioneering family in Upstate New York in the late 1800s Allene Tew was beautiful impetuous and frustrated by the confines of her small hometown At eighteen she met Tod Hostetter at a local dance having no idea that the mercurial charmer she would impulsively wed was heir to one of the wealthiest families in America But when he died twelve years later Allene packed her bags for New York City Never once did she look backFrom the vantage point of the American upper class Allene embodied the tumultuous Gilded Age Over the course of four marriages she weathered personal tragedies during World War I and the catastrophic financial reversals of the crash of 1929 From the castles and châteaus of Europe she witnessed the Russian Revolution and became a princess And from the hopes of a young girl from Jamestown New York Allene Tew would become the epitome of both a pursuer and survivor of the American Dream

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    The title of this book would be appropriate as The Many Loves of Allene Tew This book is about the people that surrounded Allene than it is about herself Through most of the book Allene is a secondary character Allene Tew was a young woman from the late 19th century who came from a pioneering family and married into a higher social status Although her first husband was from a wealthy family he was not highly regarded and less so once he married the young woman from the country Her husband Tod Hostetter was the first in a long line of husbands Each marriage seemed to edit her social status not always for the better and she eventually wed a Dutch prince and a German count She suffered some tragedies in life but also found sources of great love and strengthI wanted to like this book but I felt that Tew was a very one dimensional character I never felt that we truly got to know her Most of the book was dedicated to the men in her life giving the reader great details of their rise and fall in society The book also seemed to be of a history lesson on life during the periods that Tew lived This information was at times very elementary and even repetitive The reader learned than once that John Jacob Astor died on the Titanic Although this was a non fiction book I think it would have been enjoyable as a historical fiction story and the author could have envisioned Tew's character and thoughts The way the book came across was of here's the facts Tew did this and then did this based on newspaper articles and genealogical records I do wonder how much of the flatness of the story and the elementary discourse was due to the translation from Dutch to English All in all the information was interesting but the overall story just seemed to drag on with the minutia of detail on everyone and everything except Allene Tew Perhaps the story is interesting in its native language but I suspect it comes across the same This would be a good book for someone not familiar with the Gilded Age through World War II received this book gratis through Goodreads Giveaways

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    Love historically accurate books and this one is no exceptionIt reads like it's a story the author created but it really happenedand I think this adds to the beauty of this bookIt is a very easy captivating and wonderful book The story flows so well and the author made a masterpiece

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    April pick on First Reads🙌

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    Rather boring read I was relieved to discover that the last 20 percent of the Kindle book was all Author's Notes sources etc because I was really tired of this book The subject matter was certainly interesting but the writing was so dry and devoid of life It was little than a recitation of facts I never felt a connection to Allene nor felt that she was real She was just words on a page and biographies are supposed to do far than that It was well researched though and provided decent historical context for the events of Allene's life which saves it from being a 1 star read for me

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    I had never heard of this woman before but the title peaked my interest The book was very interesting and covered a period of time I enjoy reading about It moved along well but at times didn't give as many details as I would have liked I thought I might have trouble because of the translation but it was easy to follow A solid read for those who like historical biographies

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    First of all I would like to clarify that I read this book in English and not in the edition pictured here but I couldn't find the English edition on GoodreadsWhen you mention American royalty most of us think of the Kennedy family especially of the 1960's when JFK and his beautiful wife Jacueline virtually become Camelot Later on their son John Jr would carry on the tradition of being a public figureTruthfully I had never heard of Allene Tew about whom this book is written What an amazing life she had Born in upstate New York the late 1800's to what was then referred to as a lower class family Allene's life would eventually include becoming one of the richest women in the worldBeautiful at age 18 Allene impulsively married Tod Hostetter a man she met at a dance and who she hoped would bring some adventure into her boring life as they relocated to Pittsburgh far away from small town life in Jamestown that she was used to She had no clue how wealthy Tod was having inherited a fortune from his father nor did she know about his addiction to gambling and his mood swings Tod's family did not welcome Allene at all They felt he had married beneath himself and took it out on her They did however have 3 children together He died 12 years later and Allene fled to the big city NYCTod would not be her only husband Eventually Allene wed four additional men but there was only one she called he true love Allene was an intelligent woman and guarded her wealth carefully following the stock market and making wise decisions She invested in many overseas properties including castles and chateaus which were richly decorated and well taken care ofIn her life she also suffered many tragedies including the death of her beloved son She faced the stock market crash of 1929 head on weathering it the best she could as her fortune slowly disappeared She came out with far less than she started with but was able to rebuild her fortune over the coming years living by the words she gave as advice to all courage all the timeThe book includes some of her personal letters which were uite interestingAs to how Allene really did become an American Princess that story lies in being in the right place at the right time So as not to spoil it I will only say it involved the Russian revolutionI highly recommend this book rich in historical detail and successful in revealing the true Allene Tew American Princess

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    Truly an interesting book about a woman who had it all She led an amazing life but it was one that had intense loss and sadnessI was surprised by how much I enjoyed this well done look into her life Definitely recommend it if you are looking for a woman who was strong courageous and never let life get her down

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    I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book especially since I had not heard of Allene Tew

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    35 starsOK so this took me a LONG time to read but I finished 75% of it in one sitting just sayin' Because of the timeline of her life brief histories of certain events must be included and history is not my favorite genre I had the beginning of high society in 1880s New York the Spanish American war the sinking of the Titanic the sinking of the Lusitania the 1918 flu epidemic WW I stock market crash of 1929 and WW II to get through Although not tediously detailed it is important to understand the facts of these events so that the reader may understand how the events impacted her life Allene Tew was not wealthy when she came into this world but she was smart and beautiful and used both to her advantage As a matter of fact she was born above the livery stables her father attended but used that to become an excellent horsewoman At a young age she caught the eye of a very wealthy young man they fell in love and married with two children soon to follow Makes for a lovely romance but of course things aren't always what they seem and that is why her third marriage is to the love of her life one of the founding engineers of a little company named General Electric by the way What a wonderful life they had and great adventures too until death claimed her beloved Anson She goes on to marry a surly German Prince gets outta that one before she learns he's a Nazi and WW II breaks out whew becomes the godmother to the Dutch Princess Beatrix and finally a countess IT IS ALL TRUE that is the kicker I read a lot of romance and if this was the plot to a book I was reading I would laugh my ass off while throwing it onto the DNF pile The thing that intrigued me most is that like many of her contemporaries she bought her titles married men who were titled and broke because of taxation UK or their countries no longer recognized said titles Germany and Russia after WW I but she didn't end up broke Behind that pretty face was an excellent businesswoman who shocked and surprised many of the men in her life IMHO her personal philosophies are sorely needed todaySlow to start but I enjoyed reading about this incredible woman

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    35 Stars