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Coming home from a forbidden April Fools party Belinda and her friends witness a horrible accident When no one appears to have survived the three friends vow not to admit they were there Then the sick pranks begin and Belinda must discover the truth to save their lives

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    Really twisty Refreshing to read old style 80's YA horror by an accomplished author

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    Belinda and her friends are involved in a car accident and against Belinda's efforts her friends insist they leave the scene of the crime Belinda is convinced someone saw what happened that night and the accident comes back to haunt them allRichie Tankersley Cusick is a really great writer and this was a great story It definitely goes a bit further than some other Point Horror books do The characters were also really good I loved the butler Cobbs The mystery and suspense were excellent and I thought the romance was well done too and a lot of times that's my least favourite aspect I definitely recommend this one

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    Just re read this for Episode 5 of the Teenage Scream podcast lovingly dissecting the best and worst of 90s teen horror Listen here or subscribe on your podcast app

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    I was remembering how much fun I had last year re reading some books from my childhood so I decided to read some I 100% remember owning this book but I remembered 0% of the story It is ANOTHER book about teenagers being involved in a car accident which they keep secret but then later someone who seems to know about the accident seems to be getting revenge The protagonist of the story Belinda is filled with guilt about the accident she and her friends caused and can't get past the memory of seeing a person trapped inside a burning car moments before it exploded Her terrible friend Hildy and her even terrible friend Frank constantly berate and make fun of her for still being troubled about the accident two weeks later TWO WEEKS Come on Belinda two weeks is PLENTY of time for a teenager to get over inadvertently murdering someone watching them get burned alive and then keeping it secret Soon Belinda is asked to tutor a mysterious teenage boy named Adam who was ALSO in an accident two weeks ago and was badly scarred SO WEIRD Amateur detective Belinda is convinced that this must be the same accident but her friends tell her she is being like sooooo dramatic After all Adam might be totally hot or something and Belinda really needs a boyfriend As it turns out Adam is not hot but he does have a hot stepbrother named Noel He and Belinda hit it off even though she is really poor and he is really rich He promises to protect her from Adam who Belinda believes is trying to kill her as revenge for the accident But Belinda still comes and tries to get through to Adam with her tutoring because she is noble and really feels that she can make a difference you know? There are a bunch of random snakes in the house which I thought would be important because Chekhov's Gun and all but they actually are 100% random OH And there is also an actual monogrammed handkerchief that is a clue in the mystery For real Anyway stuff happens there are plot twists and a dramatic confrontation and then that is the endI know I am being snarky about this book but that is only because I am reading it as an adult and I am not the intended audience I can see why I would have liked it in 7th or 8th grade When you are that age you don't really know that a monogrammed handkerchief is a cliche or that high school kids really don't spend their days completely free of contact with any authority figures Of course it would be exciting to imagine a whirlwind romance with a good looking and kind he loves his pet dog rich guy I think books like these are cool for kids because it primes you to recognize certain literary tropes and to appreciate when those tropes are inverted Plus they are fun I loved the heck out of books like this when I was a kid so kudos to the authors for knowing their stuff

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    Rating 4 of 5 April Fools was among the many Point Horror books I read in the 90s between the ages of 12 to 16 In those days when I wasn't buried in a Stephen King novel nine times out of ten I was reading LJ Smith RL Stine Christopher Pike Caroline B Cooney or Richie Tankersley Cusick Their novels always thrilled and entertained and yes there was a healthy dose of jumps and creepiesNowadays I'd recommend the Point Horror books for younger 12 to 15 year olds who want to dip their pinkie toe in the horror pool These books will likely fall short for anyone who's already dabbled in adult dark fiction or film The horror elements are mild for the most part the mysteries usually keep you guessing right up 'til the end but some of the teenager y behavior may seem a little outdated Other than that these are great funNote My rating is based on what I remember from 20 years ago and of course includes a fair share of sentimentality

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    Belinda is filled with guilt after she and her friends cause a terrible accident Two weeks later she’s asked to tutor a named Adam whose also been involved in an accident Surely the two can’t be connectedMaybe not entirely original but the suspense really works with this storyBelinda is so convinced that someone is out to get her is really believableThe characters are well written and with an engaging plot this is one of the better Point Horror’s

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    An enjoyable teen horror that focuses on a car accident that Belinda Hildy and Frank were in on April Fool's Day Except they weren't alone that night Another car was there Another car that went off the road and exploded in a ball of fire Belinda got out of their car and wanted to help but there was nothing she could so She thought she saw someone on the road that night Belinda was worried and starting to get paranoid Her paranoia was justified when she started being chased reviving disturbing mail hearing her name in the middle of the nightBelinda is recruited by Mrs Thorne to tutor her stepson Adam The Thorne house is a strange one And it gets stranger every day Belinda slowly realizes that Adam was in the crash she witnessed on April Fool's Day Mrs Thorne was all bruised and Mr Thorne is in the hospital dying Could Adam be behind it all? Adam's stepbrother Noel starts to date Belinda and he's determined to get to the bottom of this mysteryview spoilerAdam and Noel both planned the car accident to kill Mr and Mrs Thorne together so they could split their inheritance Adam and Noel killed Mrs Thorne later since she survived They were trying to push Belinda Hildy and Frank off of Suicide Cliff in a car when police arrived summoned by Mr Thorne's personal live in worker Cobbs After everything Cobbs gets a job working for Belinda and her single mother hide spoiler

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    April Fools marks the third Richie Tankersley Cusick Point Horror book I've now read following The Lifeguard and Trick or Treat and I must admit this is almost my favourite Point Horror book so farApril Fools has pretty much everything you could want from a Point Horror book a likeable protagonist murder mystery pranks handsome love interests snakes and then throws in a suspicious butler for good measure Speaking of suspicious butlers allow me a moment to remark that Cobbs is such a delightful character to read Richie Tankersley Cusick excels at writing drily sarcastic characters see also Trick or Treat I am typically awful at figuring out these books as I'm reading them and April Fools is no exception I think at one point I was pretty much suspicious of everyone and I found the reveal to be pretty well handled sometimes with these Point Horror books the big reveal can come so far out of leftfield it practically makes no senseThere was a moment during April Fools where it almost became my favourite Point Horror book but sadly the ending didn't pack the bite I was longing for The writing for the most part is solid but a couple of key moments felt kinda rushed particularly the climax I also wasn't a huge fan of how everything wrapped up Therefore April Fools comes close to being my fave so far but just falls short of Trick or Treat I must admit I am having an absolute blast revisiting these books355Point Horror Ranked1 Trick or Treat 3552 April Fools 3553 My Secret Admirer 3554 The Lifeguard 3555 The Baby Sitter 155

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    Out of the point horror books the ones by Richie Tankersley Cusick have by far been the best in my opinion The thing about point horrors is they allow your imagination to actually see what's happening as if you were really there You get sucked in And me well I'm not big on horrors But these are friendly Sometimes I wish I could put the book down but their just too good Luckily most of them end happily

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    Another great 80s Point Horror This one was hard to figure out on who the killer was Didn't know till the very end I had my suspicions of course This is an April Fools Day joke gone horribly wrong and the jokes just keep going in a very negative way