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Sometimes you don’t see the line After surviving a serial killer’s attack Julia Swift has spent the last seven years married to the man who promised he’d never to let anything bad happen to her again But even while living under Wayne’s protection bad things happen to Julia all the time Most recently the charge for her husband’s attempted murder The former fashion designer turned celebrity stylist is clumsy talentless can’t get anything right and only working because her best friend Ashleigh took pity on her Julia knows this because Wayne tells her all the time But what Julia sees as caring protection in Ashleigh’s honest opinion goes far beyond the line of jealous possessiveness and she’s out to prove Wayne is behind Julia’s obscure accidents Can Julia convince Ashleigh that her injuries are never at Wayne’s hands before Ashleigh goes too far? Or will Wayne finally force Julia to cut all ties with the one person who can destroy their lives completely? Blurred Lines is second book in the Behind Closed Doors Series

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    DNF 44% I am totally lost and confused on this one A side story and characters that make no sense to me A HUGE part of the story just skipped over because no one wants to know what happens when the main heroine is attacked by a serial killer but we are told NOTHINGI MEAN NOTHING Maybe I need to read further but honestlyI lost interest in finding out I mean when we are too busy getting an extra dose of the douche bag best friend and yes this friend is a woman and she is a douche bag that I want to throat punch but she must stand in line while I throat punch the hubby or main heroor I think he is but I have no clue because he tops the list of douche bag ring leaders

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    More of a 375 for me Cawood is one of those authors that writes in a very flowing and compelling first person style It is easy to identify with her characters and she litters her works with thrilling tidbits woven into what starts out as an innocuous tale Her work is engaging and will appeal to readers who enjoy a dark blending of thriller and romanceHaving said that I didn't enjoy this novel uite as much as the first book 'Tainted Love' whilst very readable throughout there were too many 'suspend disbelief' moments in the book from how the couple came to be together through the obvious forensic evidence at the crime scene to the extent of the denial the main character lives in The author needs to finesse these details better in later works and ensure that the main character continues to be relatable ie that her denial is not so great that we cease to care about her

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    This story happen some time after book 1 as there is Faith McKenzie institute This book is not written in the form of letters that was really good in book 1Julia is a young women that got close to her BFFs boyfriend at that time She's crazy in love with him and im the end they got marriend What will happen when his work would be too much and he would strike Julia? Will she choose her friend over Wayne or not?This book is great example of what happens to women after being abused nie they live with it Is it easy to close door from it?

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    I read this without reading the first book in this series This is not a truly standalone novel; I recommend reading the series in order The emotional abuse that Wayne focused on Julia was obvious to me and made me wonder why she wouldn't acknowledge it  She kept the emotional hurts and the physical injuries as he scared her from her family and friends  When i finished this book I hurried to read the next to see what happens to Julia and Wayne going forward

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    I really enjoyed reading Tainted Love as Erin Cawood knows how to write a story and keep your attention until the very last page So when I knew there was going to be another two books following on I was so excited as I was hoping that we would be able to find out and get the unanswered uestions answered However yet again Erin has done an amazing job at throwing you off completely there is uestions that have been left unanswered which by the time I got to the end of the book I wanted to scream at my iPad Yes you saw right but that’s the beauty in how amazing Erin in when telling stories They are so empowering that they always leave you wanting I seriously am hoping that all the uestions that have been left unanswered get answered in book 3 because I’ve been dying to know them since book one Throughout the book I do feel for Julia because she’s been through so much she’s always tried to do the right thing and follow her dreams however at the start of the book we see that even though she went after one thing she wanted once that her life went spiralling downhill because of something that happened once Julia is such a bright and smart girl yet the path her life takes you can’t help but worry about her You’d think that after things decided to take a good turn that things would be perfect however yet again Julia is going through a similar life that Faith from book one lived and she chooses to keep sticking by her guy I honestly wished that she would have spoken to someone she had people there Yes Ashleigh could be really self absorbed and not always be there for her when she needed her too but it’s not like she had no one I just hope that after the shocking events that happen later on in the book that Julia will end up getting things sorted and going after her dreams However we may not find out until book three as Erin has the tendency to leave you hanging and having a load of uestions in your head Seriously though if you have read the first book in this series or not at all I consider you to go ahead and read it because it’s well worth the read and inspiring to people

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    This is the second installment of Ms Cawood's Tainted Love series and I must say once again I was amazed at the ease she blended this title with her first installment of Tainted Love The subject matter is still about spousal abuse but the way she writes it well you really have to read it yourself to understand how a delicate situation and get way out of hand but with trusted friends and family members one can survive this kind of awful situation In this installment we meet Julia who is a fashion designer intern who is working at a well known and successful fashion label in New York She is a room mate to Ashliegh Jordan who along with her twin sister was a child actress her mother a famed television movie actress and her father a well known and successful attorney Julia ends up marrying Ashliegh's ex boyfriend which causes a rift in their friendship but Ashleigh is also looking for revenge in her own way Wayne Swift is now Julia's husband a former NYPD police officer who gets himself transferred to LAPD homocide suad He blames the pressure of the job on the fact he cannot speak to Julia and for his foul mood swings but it seems he has a side that Julia knew nothing about a violent side that Julia will blame on herself until she can finally see the light That's where characters of Tainted Love come into play and Ms Cawood touches on spousal abuse with a finesse and flair that few author possess I highly recommend this book to those that are tired of the same mundane unbelievable HEA's but a tale told with reality that many than we realize is true I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did but I do recommend that you read Tainted Love first to get a feel of the well blended two stories that I am speaking about

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    Cawood's Tainted Love was one of the best pieces of fiction I've ever read and the follow up does not disappoint The reader was sickeningly aware from the beginning of Faith McKenzie's story in Tainted Love that she was becoming trapped in a cycle of dangerous physical violence What Julia Swift suffers through is subtle but just as disturbing to read her husband doesn't beat her unconscious; instead he slowly consistently wears down her self esteem and isolates her from friends and family According to Wayne Julia is a misguided and naive young woman who's lucky to have him around to protect her from the Big Bad World and no one symbolizes that than Ashleigh Jordan his very intelligent and successful ex and Julia's best friendIn some ways Ashleigh can feel just as overbearing and controlling of Julia as Wayne can The reader is going to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what Ashleigh's motivation is is she trying to protect Julia or is she so blinded by her history with Wayne that she's trying to hurt him through Julia? Regardless of the answer the fact that Ashleigh and Julia's married brother Sean have been dancing around each other since college isn't making anything less complicatedThis is the kind of story that builds on you and then makes you want to jump out of your skin Everyone who reads it will understand all too well how a beautiful and talented young woman like Julia can find herself trapped in a psychologically abusive relationship I look forward to reading the rest of her story and I can't wait to dig deeper into what the truth is about the mysterious Ashleigh

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    It will make your head spinBlurred Lines will make your head spin This is the story of a couple who lead a not so secret life of conflict and abuse Julia marries Wayne after stealing him from her best friend Ashleigh Her best friend also lives a double life a very confusing addition to the story As does her brother and Ashleigh's twin sister Mimi possibly In fact you'll be hard pressed to find a character in this story with a normal life It was too much in my opinion and took away from the overall story Trimming down the number of storylines would have made this a better seuel The intended focus of this novel was an abusive relationship Wayne's psychological abuse of Julia is so glaringly obvious that her absolute refusal to acknowledge it is impossible to understand And yet it is Julia's dogged insistence to protect her husband at all costs that makes the story believable That type of behavior by a victim is exactly why so many women for at the hands of their abusers every year All to often an abused woman won't leave her abuser until it is too late That's the important story here and I would have liked to see less clutter from the rest of the side stories interfering with the telling of it The first book in this series was better written but this book did retain my interest despite its flaws enough that I want to continue with the next book

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    To be honest this book just did my head in I had to read it twice to figure out what was going on Unfortunately this is a book where the flow is choppy and all the characters make you sick Julia is the friend who slept with her roommatefriend boyfriend Her friend being a once famous actress now trying to keep it on the lowdown When her friend catches them making out and the boyfriend Wayne asking Julia to move with him to be his wife the first part of the book ends We then reconvene three years later with Julia and Wayne still not married and he a detective When she is attacked due to one of his cases and him hitting her this chapter then things change even Ashleigh the roommate turns back up Over a few years Julia tells the story from her POV and this slowly shows a woman being abused we think by Wayne It also shows how she is manipulated and manipulates her friend too At the end of this novel some accusations are thrown out that makes no sense and I think this was because the author had them happening outside this book arc as such So Julia POV knows things the reader doesn't know which made that ending confusing More confusing than psychological thriller More clarity is reuired in sentence structure characters thinking and voiceI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review

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    I loved the book hated that I have to read another book to find out what happens There was so many times I wanted to smack Julia but I know that in a abusive relationship the man can and does manipulate the woman or vise versaI say to myself that I would never let a man do that to me but I was emotionally abused for 20 years and didn't even see it and I would get mad at anyone who would tell me It is so sad Can't wait to read the next book