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Street smart stubborn and strugglinguinn Ivers scrapes by one day at a time in a world where Omegas are viewed as less than nothing and are subject to the whims of others Slinging drinks in a nightclub with a wicked reputation she just wants to make it to the next day Her world is rife with an array of dangers but it's hers and she answers to no oneUntil Tobias Kahler appears and ruins everything including herThe man who owns the city has set his eyes on the waitress and he won't be denied Merciless and without remorse he'll do anything to make her his and keep her by his side for a purpose uinn could never have guessed atEven when broken she will fight to keep her sanity and herself alive enduring whatever evils are thrown at herFor the spark of hope buried under all the pain she'll do a lot than that Broken is the first book in the Omega's Destruction Trilogy a raw and thrilling Omegaverse tale It is not a traditional romance containing dark themes and complete power exchange Scenes are not glossed over which may be distressing for some readers

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    3 StarsI enjoyed thisthe writing was really solid and I thought Dresden built a good world slice without resorting to non stop info dumping which is always niceI could have done with a little chemistry and bond building between Tobias and uinn love that name by the way and a little less of the view spoilerrape scenes hide spoiler

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    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI picked this book up because some of my friends told me that it was reminiscent of Tanith Lee's work only porny As someone who is a fan of both Tanith Lee and porn this seemed like a win BROKEN is an omegaverse erotica which I'm somewhat new to but it seems like it has origins in MM fanfic and involves a sci fi dystopia where humans are born into caste systems based on sexual dominance Alphas with their scary knotted cocks are at the top of the hierarchy and Omegas who basically exist to be fucked and bred hello mpregObviously the straights just had to get in on that sweet sweet breeding action and now it's a whole thinguinn works as a dancer in a sex club She's an Omega who takes hormones to mask her sex hormones but they aren't uite strong enough to stop one Alpha from scenting her out After he molests her via bathroom courtship ritual he starts plying her with food and gifts a romantic prelude to the rape and kidnapping he has in store for her And the sex is so good that she literally gets semi amnesiac from it reverting to animal instincts that involve nest building and mewling subservientlyWhen uinn isn't clouded by sex hormones she tries to run away The first time it doesn't go so well Her old hubby isn't uite as charming as she remembered and Tobias finds her and brings her back for some groveling apology sex ie rape Then she is kidnapped and raped by about 5 different guys and folks you know that I as a bodice ripper ueen am not usually one to be triggered by rape But this rape lasted for several chapters and it was too much even for me It was so degrading and graphic that I actually really did not enjoy reading the book by that point at allWhich leads me to one of my other ualms There's just way too much sex I liked the beginning but then it got too bogged down with porn and plot went out the window And while we're on the subject of the writing Eva Dresden is in no way on par with Tanith Lee Both of them have purple prose and overwrought narratives but Tanith Lee's vocabulary and ability to spin out heavily detailed worlds filled with literary references and allegories is unmatched Dresden tried to sound poetic but mostly failed and she has some odd verbal tics like subterranean for some reason As in subterranean growls I'm not even sure what that means Subterranean means underground Do their growls sound muffled like they're taking a mafia style spa day? Or do they growl like a cave creature?I thought I might be interested in the next two books but after finishing this book I'm thinking probably not The book ends on a cliffhanger that is seuel baiting like crazy and I am somewhat curious what happens to uinn but I think I'll put this series on the backburner2 to 25 stars

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    There was some game going on and uinn was certain she didn't know what it was She was just as sure she was losing This is uinn's story The night she meets Tobias Kahler her world is turned upside down and Tobias' plans for her set off a series of events that neither uinn nor Tobias are prepared forWhat a ride This book left my mind whirling and I’m feeling raw I was captivated from beginning to end 110% immersed in uinn’s journey If you like captivecaptor books and antiheroes you’ll like this book It’s dark and I don’t consider this story romantic This is NOT a romance I see the groundwork for what might evolve between both main characters but uinn and Tobias have a lot to overcome Those expecting a “dark romance” where the Alpha may be a bad guy but he turns to mush around the heroine are going to be in for a shock When reviewers say this is as good as Addison Cain’s Omegaverse series this should be taken as a warning The Alphas are deceptive and brutal in this world Anytime an Alpha demonstrated a small kindness I was left on edge wondering “What’s his game?” The MMC Tobias is an antihero to the core There’s definitely a backstory to Tobias that remains untoldedit I just finished the 3rd final book in this series and the romance shows up in book 3 there is a HEA in book 3 as well The writing is phenomenal The style is uniue and effective at putting the reader in uinn’s shoes When uinn was confused I felt confused I felt overwhelmed at times and this mirrored how uinn felt Not everything was revealed to me just as not everything was revealed to uinnThe world building is subtle and I slowly learned about the world as the book progressed There is no info dumping which I always appreciate Everything about the writing is excellent At no point in time was I able to predict what was to come and my expectations were consistently subverted This seemed like a seasoned author’s book; Eva Dresden really knocked her debut novel out of the parkI'm new to the Omegaverse genre After reading most of Addison Cain's Omegaverse series I went on the hunt for Omegaverse Wattpad ended up being a gold mine containing many uality Omegaverse stories That's where I discovered Eva Dresden I'm happy to see many of those authors now publishing their work on I reuested an ARC because I had a feeling this book would be up my alley and I'm thrilled to say it surpassed my expectationsTrigger Warning view spoilerNoncon dubcon violence There is sexual assault rape uite a bit of sexual violence and not all from the H It's not the forced seduction trope It's depicted brutally hide spoiler

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    Damn you Goodreads Five stars is just not enough for this bookI've been lucky enough through my blogging that every now and then an author contacts me and asks if I would read their new book I'm always a little nervous that I'll really not like it and have that awkward moment of wondering whether to slink uietly away or say something When Eva Dresden offered me an arc copy of Broken promising a dark omegaverse read my greedy little soul couldn't resist I mean dark AND omegaverse two of my most very favourite tropesgenres in a book Anyway it was gone 11 pm where I was but I though 'go on read the first chapter see what it's like' Yes curiosity will not only be killing the cat So just gone 2 am with gritty eyes and a huffing husband I had to put the book down Thankfully I started it at the weekend so as soon as I was awake the next day I got right back to reading I ignored the housework my husband and basic hygiene because OMG I had to finish this bookAnyone who is a fan of Addison Cain needs to read this book Seriously It is on a par with her Alpha's Claim series but is still very much it's own book and world A world that it dragged me into a dark and sometimes violent world a world of lies deceit and heartache Eva Dresden has an unusual writing style both good and easy to read but also hmm slightly cloudy? It's hard to put into words but it's an implied and suggested style of writing sometimes vague in detail which perfectly matched the confusion and bewilderment of uinn The writing precisely portrayed the feel of the story adding atmosphere depth and emotion just at the point it was neededI just don't have adeuate words to do justice to this book I have words words like DARK other words like AMAZING and still further words like WOW OMG OMG OMG I NEED MORE NOW But those words don't tell you how fantastic the writing is how powerful and domineering the alpha's are how sweet and gentle bloody but unbowed uinn is They don't describe the emotions and feels I got from this story The sadness of uinn's situation and treatment the frenzy of the lustful rutting the 'you go girl' at her inner strength the terror of being powerless and the horror of out of control uncaring a hole Alpha'sI'm not embarrassed to admit that this book made me cry Well if we burrow down to the truth the mistreatment of uinn and her brokenness made me sob There are a whole heap of Alpha males who I would like to slowly torture before removing their genitals with a blunt rusty table knife Oh yes my lovelies it is one of THOSE readsPlease if you know someone who loves dark omegaverse books let them know about this one for no other reason than the fact that in their place I would want to know about it There is no financial gain for me just the knowledge that I've helped boost an amazing author to an audience that will love her work

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    This book had flashes of Tanith Lee esness The use of colour; the passivity and confusion of the heroine; the aloof cold untouchable antihero So already I had a soft spot for this story But boy was this a hard read at times The things done to the poor omega and the dominant world of Alphaswas nothing like I ever read before Dare I say these Alphas were brutal than Addison Cain’s I never would have thought this possible before reading this bookIt was harsh cringingly so yet even in her often annoying meekness and passivity uinn the heroine still had an inner strength and you were invested in her and rooting for her As for the antiherohe was everything and this was no pushover who over time would show a softer caring side to our heroinehe stayed true to who he wasa dominant powerful arrogant alphawho took what he wanted when he wanted I may not have liked him but there was no denying him I can’t wait to read the next book

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    Reviewed by PussnBooksnetReview by Puss’n’Books Reviewing the darkest most erotic and taboo books we can find Click HERE for your next disturbingly sexy readThis is as far as I can tell the first of Eva Dresden’s books and I can tell you now I can not wait to see what else she comes up withIt’s no secret that Omegaverse is my absolute favourite of the dark romance subgenres and that in my humble opinion no one holds a candle to Addison Cain’s work within that genre Until now Ms Dresden has me absolutely hooked and I put her right up there with my all time favourites Addison Cain K Webster R Lee Smith Darynda Jonesand a few This book had me from the very beginning and I didn’t put it down until I was finished the whole thing That almost never happens for meUIN I loved uin so much throughout this whole story The way this little omega handled the many piles of steaming shit that was placed in her pathShe’s had to bring herself up uite a bit as her mother seems to be interested in working at the club and getting many a male’s attention than she does in being a motheruin often goes without meals and struggles with poverty every day just barely able to make rent each monthYou would think that was bad enough but her luck turns even worse when the suppressants for hiding and controlling her Omega scent and cravings failed her miserably one night and an extremely dominant Alpha forces her into a “sticky” situation in the bathroom at workShe has no idea who he is and she doesn’t care she just never wants to see him againNo such luckOh My Goddess The things that this beautiful soul goes through are justhorrific Her heart and soul are chewed up and spit out by not only the mysterious male from the bathroom at work but by pretty much everyone she hopes might be able to help herAnd here’s the thing I feckin’ LOVE about this little Omega She Is Fucking FierceI love that in this story Omegas have fire and are dangerous when pushed too far Like fucking feral I don’t often beg but I NEED you to read this book and see the fire in this female TOBIAS So this is the main “Alpha” in this story but he is not the only one He is exactly what I love in an alpha hole As well as making me want to punch him in the sac for most of the story he showed just enough of something almost kind to hint that he was something than the utter heartless prick that he presents himself asSo here’s the part where I tell you that even though he is an utter bastard I wantno NEED of himI’m craving this guy and I need of him and uin He is just sowell alpha lolHe sees something he wants in uin and he is used to getting what he wants He basically abducts her and unfortunately for uin the rights of an Omega just aren’t shit man Especially after he sees her through her heat and everything that happens during that time means she is shit out of luckBut that doesn’t mean he has it easy Nope I think that he really wasn’t prepared for uin’s fire and is completely pissed the fuck off with her because he doesn’t know what to do to get her to behaveSEX SCENES Okay WOW Like holy freakin’ coffee beans The sex scenes are hard hot and heavy Every single one of them She makes him work for it I’ll tell yaI had the fan going throughout the whole book by the way just a heads up ‘Turning back to the Alpha she snarled and snapped her teeth a feminine display of force that brought a smile to his kiss reddened lips Distracted as her pussy pulsed begging he fill her again she traced their fullness before an unknown sugary tang brought her back Pushing him flat she prowled over the male Mouthing his neck taking in his scent at his chest she found no others She shoved away his hand when it tried to tangle in her hair as she moved down his body until she could slide lips and tongue over the fullness of his swelling cock No scent but hers marked that splendid bit of flesh She gave a satisfied hum deep and throaty and full of a possessiveness she would never have admitted to in her right mind’ FINAL THOUGHTS on BROKEN by Eva DresdenThis book just stole the breath from my lungsIt was so heart wrenching I felt so torn and broken while reading it that it followed me into the rest of my daily routineSeriously it was that goodThe characters were amazing the worldbuilding superb I didn’t feel at any point that there was any unnecessary padding or irrelevant details5 StarsGET IT FROM UK HEREGET IT FROM USA HERE

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    With a title like that it's no wonder that uin starts off in the story as depicted in the picture above This book is a slow fucking torture as we see the the destruction of this omega; but c'mon I think it's way unrealistic that she ran through the woods without shoes That being said you see the true nature of their dynamic so well in this book There was this hilarious part where she becomes institutionalized in her nest that had me cracking up I cannot even tell you the amount of times that I've read you are mine this year I guess the author wanted to show the reality of this dynamic society and why the alphas are protective and possessive Granted these omegaverse books are a bit rapey but it's because of their dynamicAs far as I can recall view spoileruin's mother is a whore and her father is unknown probably a John She was working at a club and an alpha Tobias Kahler forced resonance with her this in turn triggered her estrous later that week and he claimed her through it He had her surveillance until her estrous and then he abducted her by his right but she ran away after she became aware She ran back to another Alpha Rip from her past that she had run from When Kahler found her he completely lost it and took her back after a show of power in front of everyone He had her institutionalized in a room for a month or so until she started acting solely on instinct Eventually he brings her to nest in his room because he impregnated her after inducing estrous We find out that he had induced estrous and impregnated her because he already had a baby with another woman he discarded and the baby needed an omega mother that protects from instinct She argues with him and later confronts his naked in front of his guests He imprisons her again and treats her like an animal until she learns to respect and be grateful to her alpha Yes he is an anti hero Later the house starts going up on fire she saves the baby but she is later kidnapped by two hoodrats that rape her for about a week Then she is sold by the hoodrats to Rip's man that rape her before Rip finds her and kills his men in a fit of rage Rip takes her to a hideout of a friend that owes his one and she is taken by the master of the house We find out that Kahler is the lord of the underground or something and she is leverage between powerful men hide spoiler

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    No thanks Bad writing no real plot Repetitive rape with no story to speak of Just no DNF at like 13% I thinkIf I had paid even a penny for it I’d be pissed at myself

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    My heart is breaking I had heard so many good things about this series and Eva DresdenI am happy to find that giving this series a chance was not a bad decisionBy the last page of this book I feel like I want to crawl into a corner with only soft things Because it's been a wretched heartbreaking road so farEva brings out all the familiar tropes in this Omegaverse and I absolutely love it The territorial behaviour the aggression the way uinn feels about children and the lengths she goes and pain she suffers This book was one I couldn't put down Dark indeedI find myself not trusting anybody but uinn herself and I uestion everybody and suspect foul play from everyone else even TobiasSuperb writing that leaves you slightly ueazy and wretched in places this book is full of triggers and noncon just so you are warned5 wreching stoneinmychest awesome stars for this book ✨ I can't wait to begin book 2 Because I know that in the very end we do get our HEA ❤️ Amazingly this whole series is available on KU ❤️❤️ Book 1# BrokenBook 2#DamagedBook 3#DestroyedOmega's Destruction Trilogy Pack is not on KU but great if you want to just buy the whole trilogy in one ❤️❤️

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    It is not often that a book breaks me nearly as much as this one did There was just so much going on in here that I truly was just so wrapped up in it felt every single one of uinn's emotions and was devastated when things went wrong I wept with her I wept for her I was angry with her and angry for her Eva Dresden definitely created characters that were so real nuanced textured and detailed it was almost impossible not to expect to see them walk into the room uinn is so strong and stubborn even when being less stubborn would be better for her I think though that stubbornness is all that gets her through sometimes I think that her strength and stubbornness are going to come in handy in the future I'm not sure what I feel about Tobias Sometimes I really like him Sometimes I really hate him I mean hate him with the heat of 1000 white hot suns kind of hate I'm going to have to watch him and see what happens with him I am eagerly awaiting the next part of this world