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On October EPCOT Center Opened Steve Alcorn And David Green Were There, As Employees Of Disney S WED Imagineering Building A Better Mouse Describes What It Was Like To Be In The Trenches As A Disney Imagineer Leading The Frantic Dash To Opening Day It Is A Breathtaking, Breezy, E Ticket Ride Of A Book, Required Reading For Disneyphiles And Anyone Interested In Themed Entertainment

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    Disney s second Florida Theme Park, EPCOT Center so named at the time opened officially in October 1982 And after reading this book, I m than a little surprised that it happened at all This is not the typical Disney back stage history book This was written by two of the main electrical engineers that made it happen While it s a quick read less than 200 pages , it s still very detailed as to the work that went into building specifically The American Adventure showI love these kinds of books, that give the reader even a taste of what it was like, building one of the most techologically advanced theme parks at the time I m excited to go back to WDW now to experience this show with a new perspective of what s going on in the heart of the theater building that houses it Even now, in 2015, it seems an engineering marvel

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    This book is definitely an acquired taste and only for the die hard Disney fans particularly of Walt Disney World There really is no narrative here You are placed into the shoes of an engineer who worked on the American Adventure attraction during the madness that was the initial EPCOT construction The second half of the book is literally a journal, with timestamps for entries.All of this said, it is still fascinating to understand the insanity that went on during the creation of EPCOT You receive an inside look to the problems they encountered, how close they were to failing multiple times and To some it may be dry, but if you have read extensively about Walt Disney World and its creation then this is great supplemental material.It isn t mind blowing by any means, but it was still interesting nonetheless.

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    A fun read for those interested in some of the nitty gritty of the creation of EPCOT and an particular it s American Adventure.The narrative is a bit haphazard and a section is nothing than transcriptions of snippets of a recorded voice journal one of the engineers made However, I enjoyed it could have had polish and detail from other people s perspective, but knowing that it was put together by those in the EPCOT trenches, I expected what I got.I d definitely recommend it for the various crazy stories of meeting deadlines and unbelievable expectations Disney had on what they were to accomplish before opening day.

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    I ve been to Disney World and EPCOT Center times than I can count And a large number of those trips were made during the golden age of EPCOT, the 80 s and early 90 s I ve always been fascinated by the Disney Imagineers, so I was very excited to hear a first hand account of what actually went into building the park In many ways the book did not disappoint, the stories of the young engineers with impossible deadlines and the unique culture of Imagineering were captivating But at the same time, the book feels a bit like a first draft I really would love to see an expanded edition that goes into detail, includes photographs, etc The stream of consciousness style of the book is not without its redeeming qualities though, I actually appreciated the raw, unfiltered quality of it, especially in a book about Disney most of which are polished almost to the point of being lifeless I d certainly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in EPCOT or Imagineering Even with its faults, it s a quick, fun, and interesting read.

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    A very loose description of the lives of several engineers involved in Disney s EPCOT Florida project during the 80s, focussing the American Adventure pavilion Very on the ground and flow of consciousness writing, as in I remember that In spite of this it will have significant appeal to Disney park fans and engineers, with it s descriptions of EPCOT when it was still one of the world s largest, muddiest and most complex construction sites There are long descriptions of how the engineers worked against impossible deadlines to debug the complex set of motorized carriages under the stages which bring the multi ton robotic sets smoothly and utterly silently into place during the numerous daily shows Quite a peek behind the curtain if you can get past the writing style.

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    Not what I was expecting was expecting a in depth look behind the scenes look at the building of EPCOT, similar to David Koenig s books Though there were some of those stories here, mostly it was a little too technical to really get the overall behind the scenes experience What a sense of urgency and sense of accomplishment though

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    An interesting look into the behind the scenes creation of EPCOT Center Unfortunately, it has a lot of grammatical errors and repetitions It would be nice if they could have an editor clean it up a bit I also wish there was a glossary to explain some of the engineering jargon what is a wirelister.

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    A very interesting look into skme early developement of Epcot Center, specifically the workd showcase and the American Adventure pavillion If these dont interest you, you will get nothing out of this book

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    An interesting peek into the crazy engineering schedules that went into finishing Epcot on time Reads like a journal than a real book.