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Almost everyone at Camp Silverlake is afraid of something creepy crawlies snakes swimming in the lake But there is a much deeper darker fear shared by some of the counselors the fear that one terrible secret they share will be discoveredFor seven years they’ve kept it hidden – ever since the summer when they were campers themselvesThe summer one camper didn’t make it home aliveNow someone is using their secret – and their fears – to play a terrifying game of vengeanceA game that could turn deadly

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    Teenager Rachel Owens gets a job as a counselor at Camp Silverlake For the first week it is just the counselors at the camp Rachel discovers that a boy died at the camp seven years ago when some of the current counselors were campers and who were there at the time of the boy’s death The counselors seem edgy and disturbed when Rachel brings this up Now strange things are happening A snake is left in a cabin a counselor almost drowns Someone seems to be trying to get their revenge on the counselors who were at the camp seven years agoThis was an enjoyable read written for young adults I liked the camp setting and the mystery surrounding the boy’s death I was curious to find out who the culprit was The characters were interesting and the storyline drew me in A good read from the 90’s

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    I’m really enjoying revising these teen favourites I’ve been pleasantly surprised that some that I was expected to be awful from memory turned out to be greatI’d never have thought Carol Ellis would become my favourite author of the range this is her 4th book that I’ve now re read and they’ve all been greatThis does have the typical Point Horror tropes as a revenge plot is central to the story this time someone is plotting against those that were culpable to a death of a camper 7 years previouslyWe learn of the death in the prologue it’s a slight shame that wasn’t withheld It would have made for a great mystery as the main protagonist Rachel starts to learn about those events whilst working at the camp for the first timeThe location is perfect and has that great middle of nowhere feel the realisation that one of the other campers knows the secret intensifiesWith plenty of red herrings and being unable to recall who the culprit was having previously read this 20 years ago The reveal came as a complete surprise

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    uite uite dull I read this for our podcast Teenage Scream which dissects the best and worst of 90s Teen Horrorhttpssoundcloudcomteenagescream

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    This is Rachel's first year as a counselor at Camp Silverlake for kids Rachel and her fellow counselors Mark Paul Jordan Steve Theresa Terry Linda and Stacey are at the camp early to get it ready for opening week but weird things start to happen to the counselors one by one Is there someone out there willing to hurt them by using their fears against them or is the answer closer to home?This is a re read but I can't actually remember reading this one before and it is definitely one of the better Point Horror books in the series Rachel is your typical PH heroine who inexplicably goes off on her own at times and can't keep a secret It's a uick read read in under 24 hours and not particularly scary but it's entertaining to guess who it is

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    This is a really difficult one for me to reviewRachel has a summer job as a counsellor at Camp Silverlake For the first week the camp is open to counsellors only as they prepare the place for the campers Her fellow counsellors are an interesting bunch three other girls and four guys from varying backgrounds some of whom know each other from summers at the camp as children others who are newcomersThings seem tense amongst some of the counsellors and Rachel soon learns why seven years ago when five of them were campers a boy died accidentally There seems to be to it but Rachel doesn't know what Soon nasty tricks start being played on the counsellors who were there that summer and each one plays upon their worst fears But who is doing it and why?I can't say that I actually liked the book Yet I thought it was good The writing was pretty smooth as far as short teenage horror novels go The horror mechanism by which I mean the scary things that happened was uniue enough to hold my interest; scaring your victims by playing up to their fears and phobias is much interesting than just slashing tires and leaving threatening notes The characters were as deep as could be expected from a 200 odd page book aimed at teens that features eight main characters who all want page time and none of them acted in a particularly irritating and or unrealistic way the way they seem to in a lot of booksWhy didn't I like it? It's hard to put my finger on a reason It was sad very sad And lonely Maybe it was the plotline maybe it was the camp setting with its lack of tried and true friends and absence of parental figures Either way it wasn't a comfortable book for me to read I like my teen novels set against a backdrop of familiarity high school parents home friends that the protagonist knows and trusts Sometimes that trust is misplaced but at least for most of the novel it's there Camp Fear just left me feeling lonely and alonePossibly I should have left off a rating for this one I've given it three stars within the context of teen horror because it was written pretty nicely with an interesting plot and I'm sure that not all readers are as emotionally affected by setting as I amVerdict Bleak and sad but worth a read

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    I read this one when I was a kid but I couldn't remember the story when I picked it up to reread some years than 20 later The story follows Rachel who is joining several other teens as a counselor at Camp Silverlake We find out that seven years ago a camper died and it seems that the past has come back to haunt Camp SilverlakeThis was a uick read and while it had some fun moments and some suspense it was overall really sad I had an inkling about where the story was going and while I was partially right I didn't guess who the culprit was so it still managed to surprise me The circumstances surrounding the camper's death was really heartbreaking and I think it would be important for kids of the intended reading age to read it Carol Ellis's writing was good and she did a good job setting the scene and making us feel for the characters

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    This book seemed to be very interesting to me As you keep reading you find out and unexpected things which grabs the reader's attention I thought that this book overall had a great plot and conclusion I liked how the author Carol Ellis was able to make so many events fit into a great horror story which is not too scary but scary enough at least for the characters in the book anyway

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    Haven't read this book in years so was a good little trip down nostalgia lane Close to 35 stars than four but still an entertaining read

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    Camp Fear followed much the same pattern as Ellis's previous Point Horror entries The Secret Admirer and The Window The focus was on a protagonist who had no real connection to people around her which was this time due to the fact that they were a group of teenage councilors who were preparing for a summer camp Due to its similarity in structure with these early novels unfortunately Camp Fear's biggest issue was that it offered nothing new Tension is once again maintained due to the fact that Rachel does not know who she can trust Unfortunately by the time the villain chooses their third victim it becomes painfully obvious who the bad guy must beThe only real difference between this book and The Window is the method by which the villain gets their revenge on the other councilors The use of each of their fears to torment them was very creative and lead to some very intense scenes Unfortunately these were few and far between At over 200 pages this book is fairly long for a point horror and it took uite a while before things started to happen I was also disappointed by the story's climax as this really built to nothing Once this villain reveals themselves the novel just kind of ends with no sense of catharsisYet the characters were a little stronger than those in The Window While they do still adhere to typically 90s tropes such as the bitchy girl and wise guy each of the teens did have noticeably different personalities A couple tended to fade into the background but I never found it difficult to remember who was who Rachel is a lot stronger than the protagonist of The Window and I did appreciate the fact that she actively tried to get to the bottom of the mystery rather than just passively observe itAll in all this book is probably a little stronger than The Window but was still a bit too similar to Ellis's earlier work Hopefully her next contribution to this series will be a little varied

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    Welcome to Camp Silverlake It’s the place to earn an extra bit of cash make new friends create new memories Not long into her new job Rachel discovers that a boy died there years ago She then starts to hear someone creeping outside her cabin in the middle of the night A snake ends up in someone’s bed And there’s a creepy caretaker hanging about Rachel can’t shake off the feeling that something isn’t right about Camp Silverlake that she and her new friends are in terrible dangerI enjoy reading a Point Horror book when I can get my hands on them I thought this was good It is somewhat predictable but I loved the setting of the isolated camp the way the counsellors interacted Weirdly enough it makes me wish I could actually work at one of them haha