Kindle Jack Drury Ì Ì Camper's Guide to Outdoor Pursuits Finding Safe Nature

A witty and insightful user friendly guide that is vital for both the once a year camper and the rugged outdoorsman The Camper's Guide to Outdoor Pursuits provides readers with thorough information they can use along with tips and tricks from experienced outdoor enthusiasts Packed full of illustrations icon assisted tips that provide important summary information and humorous scenarios this book is highly informative and very entertaining

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    So I'm about a third of the way through this book Although it does have some useful tips the writing style is incredibly annoying An example from a section on whistles to bring on a camping tripEric once had a wooden whistle but it wooden whistle Then he got a steel whistle and it steel wooden whistle Then he got a tin whistle; now he tin whistleThe authors have also been kind enough to create a fictional family the Stumps to discuss the selection of pretty much every piece of outdoor euipment An example as the Stumps try to choose sleeping bagsHolly shared her concern that the sleeping bag was roomy enough 'I hate that claustrophobic feeling from tight fitting mummy shaped sleeping bags Besides I never camp in weather below 40F Oh yes' she cooed bashfully 'I also want a bag that can zip together with yours honey'Enough said I think