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Available digitally for the first time The first Calhoun romance from “America’s favorite writer” The New Yorker Catherine “CC” Calhoun isn’t about to let anyone take away the Towers—her family’s crumbling mansion—especially not handsome hotel magnate Trenton St James As far as Trent is concerned his dealings with CC should be strictly business But soon CC’s mix of fire and fury seduce his mind and his heart leading them both in a completely unexpected direction  Includes a teaser for A Man for Amanda

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    35 StarsAlthough an oldie now Courting Catherine was an enjoyably sweet and breezy read It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and devoured a Nora Roberts book but it always feels like coming home There is something comforting and familiar in every one of her stories The writing is always smooth and easy to read offering up a cast of likeable characters who share banter and romance that just won’t uit Catherine “CC” Calhoun and her sisters are doing everything they can to keep their generations old mansion The Towers in the possession of their family but times are tough and money is scarce forcing the women to at least consider the possibility of selling their uniue home to hotel mogul Trent St James When Trent comes to stay at The Towers to discuss a possible business deal he and CC clash in every way that it counts She’s a strong willed ball buster of a woman and although Trent finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her he tries his hardest to keep things professional by denying their growing attraction and their fast developing feelings This story was lovely I liked all the characters from guarded Trent to strong minded CC to all the supporting characters that made up CC’s family There is no steam in this one but I guess that’s mostly expected with many of Roberts’ older reads Thankfully the sweetness of the enemies to lovers romance CC and Trent shared was enough to satisfy my needs I’ll definitely be continuing with the series especially seeing as the overall mystery surrounding their great grandmother and the lost Calhoun emeralds still remains an ongoing plot point one I need to get to the bottom of

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    It was fun to read a love story like this one after a very long time Sweet simple and slightly old fashioned The girl says 'I love you' to the hero after knowing him for about two days It might be because her grandmother's spirit blesses them during a seance but that's beside the point Frankly it seemed like a Bollywood moment but oddly it works I loved the book It has a nice HEA and what's surprising is that the hero and heroine don't make love coz they want to wait until marriage Now how nice is that and they don't get married in this novel at all So you have a few steamy kisses and that's it It's pretty cool for a Nora Roberts book and oddly charming too

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    It didn't have a uniue idea or a daydream of a perfect love story but the words that were written were as beautiful as any pearls I might have found in the jewels of creativity Courting Catherine is a wonderful book that I fell in love with as I turned one page after the other I loved the concept which was a really amazing one bringing two different souls together and adding blessings of the spirits of their loved ones who may no longer be alive but still had the enchanting power trapped inside the stories of the past that were passed down the generationsCatherine Colleen Calhoun was one admirable character Witty sharp sensitive yet strong and pure at heart I couldn't find a fault within her I loved the way her character unfolded with the story not to forget the loving bond she shared with her sisters and her aunt Trenton StJames III the handsome businessman who's landed on the charming lands of Bar Harbor to close a deal so unaware of what the future holds for him My assessment of him grew and respectful as I moved on with the bookI won't say that the plot lines had a truly moving uniue story The book had a fairly simple plot but I couldn't help but be moved by those words that were strung so beautifully adding glamor to the story I really really enjoyed reading the book and I am uite sure I'll take up with the others in the series as well The way the book deals with two different eras yet telling the story of love trust faith and devotion was magnificent on its own I adored the description of the rugged beauty of the island the tranuility of the crashing waves and the intricate way the characters were developed Its not a book that may appeal of everyone but it certainly is a good patchwork of imagination which made my journey through with the book a lot appealing I loved it

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    Courting Catherine is the story of well the courting of Catherine by TrentCatherine and her three sisters live in their ancestral home with their aunt Coco when the businessman Trent comes over to buy their old mansionTheir is instant attraction between him and the sassy mechanic and though initially he resists soon he too befalls into the spell of loveThe book introduces the Calhoun family the sisters and the tragic love story of Christian and Bianca mixed with the mystery of a missing necklaceThere is no love making only sweet kisses and this just felt like an initiation to the seriesSafe35

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    Author Nora RobertsFirst published 1991Length 150 pagesSetting Contemporary 1991 Mount Desert Island off the coast of MaineSex cleanHero Wealthy Real Estate Hotel DeveloperHeroine MechanicHighly enjoyable story with engaging characters and a good story leading into a 5 book seriesFirst released in the early 1990's as a Silhouette Romance #801 Roberts provides a sweet clean romance with the reuisite rapid Love At First Sight unsure Hero strong but willing to be swept away heroineA HEA that fills your heart without challenging your mindIt is what it is and does a damn good job at itThe CalhounsBook 1 Courting Catherine Trenton St James and Catherine CC CalhounBook 2 A Man for Amanda Amanda Calhoun and Sloan O'ReillyBook 3 For the Love of Lilah Lilah Calhoun and Maxwell uartermainBook 4 Suzanna's Surrender Suzanna Calhoun and Holt BradfordBook 5 Megan's Mate Megan O’Riley and Nathaniel FuryReferencesAuthor's website read in The Calhouns Volume 1 ISBN 9781743568965 CR

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    Courting Catherine is by Nora Roberts It is one of the Calhoun sister’s books It is a good book and one that if read alone makes perfect sense; but it lacks a little when you have already read the others You know of the history of the house and family CC Calhoun and her sisters are trying to save The Towers their home and their heritage They were brought up here in this house by their Aunt Cora after the sudden death of their parents Aunt Cora tried her best to keep everything paid up as do the girls now But it seems they must consider selling This really upsets all of them; but especially CC She gets angry but takes it out on the cars she fixes Facing a transmission helps calm her down She is angry at the St James’ family for daring to ask them if they would sell Now she is faced with Trenton St James III standing in her garage as she fixes his car She goes on and on about how rich men never check to make sure they have the oil filters etc checked and kept up She gets angrier when she finds out that Aunt Cora has invited him to stay at the house and talk to them about selling She is also interested in finding a husband for one of her nieces Trenton St James is attracted to CC but sees that it is impossible He wants to buy the house even as he goes over it It will take a lot of money to bring it back but he thinks it is worth it CC and her sisters do not want to sell but reluctantly see the need Surely there must be another way

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    This was one of NR’s Harleuin Silhouette series so it’s pretty much straight romance There is a thread of a mystery which is carried through the entire series What happened to make Bianca their great grandmother kill herself and where is her famous emerald necklace? but really the focus of this novel is the relationship between CC and Trent The one thing NR always does so well is create characters that feel so real they could walk in your front door at any moment Here she hasn’t created just one character but an entire family where each person is different than the last The four sisters who all have different colored hair and distinctly different personalities thing is a little clichéd but it doesn’t take away from the grand romance I’m already into the third book in this series and I don’t expect to stop until I’m finished

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    Slightly cheesy but so what Some laugh out loud moments and I love the ghost in the tower and the mystery of the family jewels Nora Roberts can write a sigh able romance story I'm diving into the next book in this series tonight

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    35Classic Nora Roberts It was pretty adorable Short and uick perfect for my reading slump A little dated but not horribly so

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    Re read325 stars