Covert Revealed Chicago Angels #2 eBook ☆ Covert Í ePUB

For years Alessandro kept Olivia in the dark and pushed her away He was convinced it was the only way to keep her safe But Olivia doesn’t play by his rules and now that she’s back his secrets threaten to destroy them both He thought he was in control but with a mob war looming over him Alessandro uncovers a reality he could have never imagined After six years Olivia thought she would be immune to the pain of a broken heart But Alessandro’s decisions continue to torment her With everyone she loves in danger flight is no longer an option It’s time to face her fears and gather the strength to fight for her lifeCan Olivia and Alessandro find a way back to each other? Or have they destroyed too much lost too much suffered too much? As the web of lies unravels the truth behind their story will be REVEALED

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