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Dr Theo Cray is on the hunt for a killer nurse and redemption in a mind bending psychological thriller by the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Naturalist Dr Theo Cray has a legendary mathematical knack for catching serial killers Until his exposure to a mind altering pathogen knocks him off his game It has upended an investigation destroyed his reputation and left him to uestion his own sanity One person still trusts him to finish the job His former professor Amanda Paulson is helping point Cray down a logical path to his prey a nomadic health care worker whose murder spree stretches back decades and whose victims number in the hundredsNever desperate to save innocent lives and to save himself Cray follows each new lead around the world But with his own grip on reality slipping away Cray knows that to follow the pattern of an elusive killer he must also confront his own dark side In those dangerous shadows he can find what he’s hunting For Cray venturing into a world without reason is going to be the most frightening journey of his life

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    I’m not sure how he does it but Andrew Mayne continues to blow my mind exponentially with each book he releases featuring Dr Theo Cray Definitely read this series in order but I can not recommend these books highly enough to fans of well researched mysteries and serial killer thrillers

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        I love these books I do I've never been disappointed by this authorbut occasionally things go sideways This was so far from being what I've come to expect that I'm not even sure Mr Maybe was paying attention It felt like he needed to get a book done and this was his three day take In other words it was not worthy I'm used to authors screwing the pooch eventually but not on the fourth of this series

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    Dark Pattern by Andrew Mayne is the fourth entry in The Naturalist series Because this is my first book in the series I felt that I was missing important and relevant information Dr Theo Cray finds serial killers by analyzing mathematical patterns hence the title Someone from his past asks him to investigate the suspicious deaths of several hospitalized patients This leads Theo to discover that a nurse may be responsible for hundreds of murders over a period of many decades He establishes mathematical profiles which identify a possible subject Theo travels to numerous hospitals and uses somewhat illegal methods to document his convictions This mystery will appeal to Theo Cray followers I found it to be difficult to follow but I am only expressing my own opinion Thank you to Thomas Mercer and NetGalley for the e ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    I love these books I do I've never been disappointed by this authorbut occasionally things go sideways This was so far from being what I've come to expect that I'm not even sure Mr Maybe was paying attention It felt like he needed to get a book done and this was his three day take In other words it was not worthy I'm used to authors screwing the pooch eventually but not on the fourth of this series

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    It never stops not really What happened to my head it's not something that gets better Detective Rust Cohle from True DetectivesAnd Dr Theo Cray computational biologist extraordinaire has some head trouble too He's been exposed to the vicious Hyde virus that has been laying dormant within him since his last run up with a serial killer Theo has been trying to stay one step ahead of it with weekly MRI's at various hospitals under an assumed name So far so goodWe catch up with Theo at a speaking engagement at a Baton Rouge hospital in front of a flock of nurses One of the young ladies approaches him afterwards and suggests that they meet outside of the hospital Emily shares a mind blowing observation with him One of the nearby clinics has had an over the top amount of unexpected shocking deaths with no solid explanations Can you roll out the words Cover Up?'Nuff said Our guy Theo a born bloodhound and vigilante is armed with data that he's masterminded from some under the table means That's Theo and we don't even blink an eye over how he gets his stuff As readers we're along for the ride and the ride is filled with plenty of head bangin' noise Just how we like it There appears to be a malcontent nurse on the loose with evil intentions Tracking this individual is going to be a rough one for Theo His girlfriend Jillian cuts him slack since she knows that this is all about what Theo is all about His former professor Amanda Parson will take him to task and shoves him into the challenging lane Dark Pattern is one fun ride into the minds of individuals who are far off kilter Andrew Mayne has a delightful writing style with slices of biological backup and a heaping spread of humorous dialogue Although this is the fourth entry into this series it can still be read as a standalone However I would encourage you to start at the beginning with The Naturalist for its full effect If you're an avid reader of Andrew Mayne you'll be waiting on the doorstep for the next one just like meI received a copy of Dark Pattern through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to Thomas Mercer and to Andrew Mayne for the opportunity

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum Naturalist books tend to be “one day reads” for me and Dark Pattern which got devoured in two reading sessions over a matter of hours was definitely no exception I love this series so much and I just knew this novel would be another unputdownable mystery which is why I’m glad I had the foresight to clear my schedule to devote an entire afternoon to reading because bloody hell this one was addictiveOnce again Dr Theo Cray is on the case though he’s had a lot on his mind since the last time we saw him If you have not caught up to this point in the series yet please bear in mind this review may contain some spoilers for the previous books While each novel features a self contained story the events in them do add up to affect the protagonist in a big way as evidenced at the beginning of Dark Pattern which sees Theo fretting over his exposure to a dangerous virus at the conclusion of Murder Theory While his reputation for catching serial killers has all but destroyed his prospects in the educational and research fields at least he still has his logical mind and moral compass—for the time being anyway And he’s going to need all his wits about him if he’s to solve his next big case brought forth to him by a nursing professional concerned that a corrupt local hospital system may be shielding the activities of a serial killer nurse who is targeting patientsFollowing this tip leads Theo to several families who have lost their children to routine hospital care with the cause of death a mystery The one common factor is a nurse who has worked with or around the children immediately prior to their deaths and the pattern is enough to make Theo suspicious and take a closer look But what he ends up uncovering is so much worse including corrupt bureaucrats who knew something fishy was going on but refused to do anything as well as the manipulation of patient statistics to hide the truthGosh the stuff you read in this book will send chills running down your spine and what’s even frightening is how much of the bad conditions are based on truth if news you see on corruption in healthcare or my own experiences working in hospitals are anything to go by Dark Pattern is up there as one of the darker novels in the series both because of story’s themes and what happens to our main character Being hospitalized is unpleasant enough as it is but it’s also a place where people should be able to put themselves and their loved ones in the trust of healthcare workers who are supposed to help heal them The plot’s premise of a serial killer stalking along the antiseptic halls looking for his prey among the ill the old and little helpless children made my skin crawlAnd then of course we come to Theo He’s been slowly losing it for a while now pushing his luck and limits when it comes to how far he’s willing to go to solve a case He continues this trend in Dark Pattern but now his methods and actions have become even bolder and extreme While his heart is still in the right place you can really tell Theo is well on his way down a slippery slope While this concerns him the irony is that he’s probably worried for all the wrong reasons and without revealing too much about the ending I have to say his lack of perspective and eventual loss of grip on the situation really surprised meWhich brings me to the elephant in the room Let’s just say I loved this book for the most part and was all prepared to throw it a five star rating until the last few chapters happened Again without spoiling anything I’ll just say that this section didn’t uite jive with everything that came before The conclusion itself was rather underwhelming and it also almost felt as if the author suddenly ran up against a hard deadline and had to rush through the rest of the book I can’t deny this was a bit disappointing though to tell the truth this bizarre shift made me feel confused than anything This is because in a way the end of Dark Pattern felt like a sort of “soft reset” for Dr Theo Cray It pretty much places the series at a place where the story and character can go in any number of new directions so I suppose just about anything can happen nowIt gives me great hope for a fifth installment While Dark Pattern didn’t exactly wow me with its ending the rest of the book and its mystery plot was solid I look forward to seeing where The Naturalist series will go next

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    Every single book that I have read by Andrew Mayne has completely blown my mind His series both are fascinating sharp in a word brilliant I can feel my brain expanding with the scientific technological and mathematical information he includes in each of his books He's amazingDark Pattern is the fourth in The Naturalist series featuring Dr Theo Cray a mathematician who is literally a genius Using his expertise in maths and computer technology he is able to see patterns in crimes committed that others cannot see This time he is vulnerable as a parasite may or may not be eating away at his brain Even in the end we are not sure what will become of Dr Theo Cray Dark Pattern is exciting inventive and exceptional and while I encourage you to read the books in order I cannot recommend ALL of his books highly enough This techno thriller will leave your reeling

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    Ending that isn'tI love Theo Cray as a character Love how his mind works and how he has no boundaries once he's obsessed The ending of this book disappointed me It's a sleazy marketing ploy to get us to read the Jessica Blackwood series the 1st of which isn't available through Kindle Unlimited I couldn't remember what Amanda Paulson's big project in Mayanmar was but I didn't care to go back and re read because Theo's finding N2 was brutally anticlimactic on top of coming to the conclusion I've just been dealing with an author whose stories I usually love just acted like a used car salesman with this sleazy ending

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    Dr Theo Cray is a great character And I love this series Slightly implausible ending to this one I thought

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    Dark Pattern or Theo Hits Rock BottomI'm a huge fan of this series and its main character but this felt rushed I hope the copy I received isn't the final release version because it feels like a draft Mayne hammered out 3 days before the deadline while going down a checklist and hitting all his criteria This time Theo is hunting a serial killer nurse business as usual but everything else feels off Theo feels out of character acting rashly and overlooking huge issues instead of being cautious and meticulous as in the previous installments You could say it's his ego getting to his head but that feels like a lousy excuse; most likely it's just collateral damage from the rushing And there's no mention of the Hyde virus potentially causing some of his dysfunction Maybe that was really just a dropped plot thread or maybe Theo himself doesn't realise it but either way we won't know for sure until the next book The end was hard to read Watching as Theo basically spirals down into obsession you have to wonder how something like that can happen to someone as bright and well educated as him Then it all ends on another cliffhanger just like the last book I'll read the next book for sure but I really hope the author takes his time and it's a lot fleshed out and thorough than this one Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with an ARC for review All opinions are my own