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'Dawn' is the second poetry book by author Scott Faruharson Written shortly after being diagnosed with ADHD Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder it explores the various changes in his life perception and mindset as a result of finally being properly medicated It also touches on the change in his attitude towards his recovery from cancer

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    Dawn by Scott FaruharsonAll his life this young poet has battled with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD which came to a head in 2007 when he started to seek help and this book of poems relates his story depicting the changes he has felt since its diagnosis and treatmentThe set of seven chapters depicts the journey he has made and the changes he has experienced since then – emotionally perceptively spiritually and mentallyEach poem vividly reflects his feelings as he makes his often tortuous path towards eventual ‘redemption’ by a “a heartful angel with a smile like the sun”The structure and language of the poems are uite remarkable and convey well to the reader the ups and downs the raw emotions felt on his journey; for example referring to“calm followed by chaos followed by calm followed by chaos it’s difficult to tie down these feelings anchored only by us”The first chapter ‘Colours’ is an evocative statement of experiences before ‘Realisation’ set in in the second chapter and from thereon we witness the problems faced by the poet in his journey The chapter ‘Journey’ had the greatest effect on me in conveying the horrors of his life emotionally and mentally with the images of the beast of addiction and in particular of being at a crossroad where no choice existed and the graphic illustration of his mental state of burrowing through “A great wall of stubbornness and blinkered single mindedness” using just a toothpick to tunnel right throughOverall this is a challenging book; challenging all of us to feel the emotions of a young man often tortured by his innermost feelings His use of language and the structuring of the poems is no easy matter to take on board in one read It is a great anthologyBrian P FitzGerald10 July 2013

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    This is a large collection of a wide variety of poems The first section Colours introduces you to the collection where he has many different poems with titles of different colors Each color he describes what that color means to him or what he thinks and how it relates to each color My favorite section was the chapter named Nature Scott writes beautiful poems about the nature around him how he views it and what it means to him I thought they were beautifully written I liked how he separated the poems into chapters according to what each poem was about Scott clearly has a talent for writing poems because I greatly enjoyed each one I'd have to say my favorite is called Recovery from a superpower and Reason to soldier on They show the authors true talent and shows how much emotion he throws into each of his poems There were a few spelling errors but not enough to distract from the beauty of the poems I enjoyed reading all of Scott's pieces and would rate this book a 45 wwwstuffedshelvescom

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    Some really great poems Really enjoyed this