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When I started reading this memoir I cried and really connected with the story and struggle behind it I could never fathom how to deal with the loss of one of my children and was heartbroken for Gunnar Skollisberg However his strength, and perseverance to push onwards through such a trying point in his life left me speechless It would of been so easy to give up and give in, but instead he found a new mission in life To bring laughter and joy to other children I highly recommends this wonderful read. This book was entered and was a FINALIST in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought Title Don t Cry PappaAuthor Gunnar E SkollingsbergStar Rating 5 StarsNumber of Readers 26StatsEditing 10 10Style 9 10Content 10 10Cover 9 10Of the 26 readers 26 would read another book by this author.24 thought the cover was excellent.10 felt the best part of the book was the honesty 22 felt the style of language was perfect for this book.Readers Comments This is a difficult book and, I must admit, I kept putting it down Being a mother of three, any book that looks at the deaths of two children and the psychological effects on the parents, is going to be a difficult read I m amazed that the author was even capable of re living the events and his feelings so he could write this book I congratulate him for that This is a book about healing and the human gift of moving on even from the most terrible events It s a terrible, horrifying journey, but the author survived And he s given the world this wonderful gift this book, which, I hope, will help others to survive the twists of life Female reader, aged 45 Fabulous book Very, very sad but there is a glimmer of hope winding through it Not an easy read but well worth it Male reader, aged 37 To have lost so much and then to have written this marvelous biography is breathtaking I feel so very sad for the two children but I m glad I read this book Highly recommended Female reader, aged 57 The most intimate biography I have ever read Female reader, aged 71 Powerful, gripping and, ultimately, heartbreaking A FINALIST and highly recommended The Wishing Shelf Book Awards Parents Live In Perpetual, Subconscious Fear Of Losing A Child For Gunnar Skollingsberg, This Ultimate Nightmare Has Come True Not Once, But Twice In His Memoir, Don T Cry, Pappa, He Chronicles His Journey From Devastating, Suicidal Depression To Tentative, Fragile Healing Gunnar Was Able To Work Through His Darkest Periods And Recover The Drive To Live Beyond His Children S Deaths He Eventually Refocused His Life S Purpose To Bring Moments Of Happiness To Other ChildrenA Refreshingly Honest And Evocative Memoir, This Book Is Filled With Unimaginable Heartbreak As Well As Pure Love And Joy Truly, Don T Cry, Pappa Works Just As Well As A Self Help Book As It Does A Memoir With Universal Themes And An Innate Structure, This Is A Good ReadThis Is A Poignant And Often Insightful Book That Is Both Heartrending And Ultimately Bittersweet The Fact That The Author Is Able To Be So Open About His Thoughts And Feelings Even Those That Might Be Hard To Admit , Is What Makes This A Memoir Worth Consideration First of all, depression is real We all go through depression at some time in our life But to lose a child, let alone two children should bethan one should have to go through After all, we are suppose to outlive our children I am a nurse, I have seen depression I have experienced depression in the loss of my own child We all carry some guilt, about what it we had done this or hadn t done that Would it have made a difference My coping mechanism was God, my family, work and knowing that I was not the only person who lost someone they loved Dr Skollingsberg is very honest about what it is like to go through depression because this story is his story and he gives some very good coping mechanisms I would like to thank the author, Gunner Skollingsberg, for giving me the chance to read this book which I won on Goodreads. Gunnar Skollingsberg is in fact a remarkable man.Everyone has struggles, that s just how life is However, it takes a true amount of talent to formulate one s life tragedies in such a gritty, eloquently written memoir.This book will grip you by the heart from start to finish, and it will only tighten its fist with every page When you read the series of unfortunate events that the author has suffered through, you will feel an overwhelming feeling of empathy that s sure to make your eyes glossy He gives us heartbreaking accounts of love and loss through his powerful, straightforward words I doubt you ll find many people who have the drive to continue after all of the pain Gunnar s had to go through over the years This extraordinary man demonstrates his admirable strength and persistence, despite the trials and tribulations he s experienced throughout his life Though heart wrenching, I found this brilliant memoir to be a tear jerkingly inspiring piece Gunnar himself is an inspiration, a man who has gone through so much, but continues to push on every single day despite the pain that must be lingering within him This read should inspire everyone to keep going, no matter how difficult things get It definitely made an impact on me, and I have no doubt in my mind that it will do the same for all readers. Don t Cry, Pappa Surviving Persistent Depression and Heartbreaking Tragedies to Find a New Mission in Life by Gunnar E Skollingsberg, PhD, is a touching memoir about the author s life, particularly the family based challenges and tragedies he experienced, and a portrait of survival and hope through pain and grief.Skollingsberg chronicles the main events and inflection points of his life, from his early childhood memories of feeling demeaned, worthless, and unwanted as an isolated and abused immigrant son from Norway, to experiencing the death of two of his children, and the pains of divorce Though these events caused the author to feel self loathing, grief, and depression, the author shows that it is possible to press forward amidst the most heart wrenching life experiences Henceforth, Skollingsberg loves his remaining children and makes it his professional and personal mission to help other children who feel lonely and worthless as he once did Don t Cry, Pappa is an incredibly well written memoir with thoughtful reflections and overall positive messages of survival through very tough times, and specifically, the persistence of hope after the loss of a child The author is inspiring in that he is able to repurpose his life to do good for other children after the personal losses he suffered.Skollingsberg s Dont Cry, Pappa is a must read memoir for individuals looking for a role model who can lead by example after experiencing personal tragedies and less than ideal life circumstances. I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads I enjoyed this book, as it gave me an much better understanding of depression The book is about depression and tragedy, topics that many people experience, but don t talk about It is difficult to relate to people that are suffering from these, because we don t know how they feel and we don t know what to say to them The descriptions of how people feel when suffering from depression are great and a real eye opener to non sufferers Most people suffer from mild depression, but have no idea of the depth that depression can go, and this book helps to explain that The tragedy of losing a child is also a difficult topic, and very hard to relate to without having experienced it This is a great book for everyone to read, and especially for anyone who knows someone suffering from depression, or suffering from depression themselves Understanding that you are not alone is crucial to dealing with this condition I received a free copy of this book as part of a Goodreads giveawayThere are multiple things this book did very well it is easy to read, honest, detailed, and well organized I also enjoyed the epigraph for each chapter, it was evident that plenty of thought was given to each quote so that they were poignant and always appropriate.I do, however, resent both the cover and the title They could have been far better but maybe I m being picky This memoir also failed to strike me emotionally in the way I thought it should have and it wanted to Having said that, I very much appreciate and admire Skollingsberg s attitude after so much tragedy to choose to Make a child laugh, every day It really is something simple that we could all do. When I started reading this memoir I was under no delusions it would be an easy read only in the sense that I m a parent and I couldn t fathom how I would ever deal with the loss of my child But I found that even though I cried for Gunnar Skollisberg the sadness quickly turned into admiration for his strength and ability to pull through at a point in his life where it would of been so much easier to just give up And even though Don t Cry, Pappa is heartbreaking, I still feel compelled to recommend it to everyone I know because Gunnar s life story from childhood to parenthood is a tale of spiritual triumph in the face of despair. From the moment I started reading, I just couldn t put the book down Your heart really goes out to little Gunnar, who finds himself in a new strange place, trying so desperately to fit in From that point, you really hope that things will get better for him, but things go from bad to worse, and your heart breaks a littleevery time disaster strikes.From the start of the book, right through to the end, you really do go through an emotional journey with the author, and there are parts that I believe every reader will relate to The theme of loss throughout is something that I related to, as I have, myself, lost a young child and could understand the rollercoaster of emotions that the author went through at the time He describes the feelings of hurt, depression, emptiness, loneliness and anger so perfectly in ways that I, myself, have never been able to put into words I have always wondered whether that feeling of loss, and that dull ache that never seems to leave, will ever go away, and reading this book has taught me that is likely that it never will As much as it pained me to read that, I plan to take away from the book the same positive attitude that the author had, and that was to make the lives of others mainly other children and careless and pain free as possible, because every child deserves happiness.This book gave me happiness, made me cry and has inspired me to turn my own personal demons into something positive I want to thank the author for sharing his story, and allowing me the comfort of being able to read it This book is a fantastic read for anyone, and I highly recommend it.