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Previously considered the domain of bikers and a rite of passage in the services tattoos have crawled from society's fringes and onto the ankles of starlets and the biceps of bankers In this volume stories from writers including Sylvia Plath and Ray Bradbury capture the tattoo experience

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    As a tattooed woman always searching for literature on tattoos I was looking forward to delving into this book As with any anthology or collection of essays the uality of the pieces is varied It is difficult to convey art in words and that's what tattoos are art permanently inscribed on the body So while I appreciated the diversity of the writing some of it felt rather literal and sophmoric like the personal ramblings one would scribble in one's journal during the incredible endorphin rush that comes after getting inkedOn the other hand I found myself enjoying the beautifully polished stories and poems by Flannery O'Connor and Michael Walters for example What those pieces have in common is that they do not describe the process of tattooing or the reasons behind a tattoo but wrestled with aesthetics and how the status of the body changes once a person is inked

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    325 instead of 3 There is a girl who works at the salon that I go to who I have a rabid girl crush on She's about 6 feet tall curvy has her hair done in a Bettie Page style with blunt bangs volume her arms are covered in sleeves of tattoos Part of the attraction is the fact that she looks the way I want toDorothy Parker's Elbow is a collection that inspires the same sort of desire in me These are stories essays by people who have explored their skins' limits the collision of experience the body It reminds me of the reason why I fell in love with tattoos in the first place leaves me hungry for the look of new ink It's a beautiful although somewhat lopsided collection which is what keeps it from a 35 or 4 Highlights are Seth Mnookin's It Only Hurts a Little Karol Griffin's Zowie Elizabeth McCracken's It's Bad Luck to Die Kafka's In the Penal Colony Reading Dorothy Parker's Elbow is re experiencing what it's like to sit in a chair under the needle shows you a few things you might not have had the courage to see Thanks again to my best friend for giving it to me as a present

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    This book didn't change my feelings about tattoos but it gave me insight into what they might mean to people in various circumstances On the plus side stories by Melville Kafka Flannery O'Connor and Sylvia Plath give the book literary credibility On the minus side a lot of self absorbed writers hoping to gain recognition as new talent seem to be struggling to give their identity an anchor through their tattoos The book publishes pieces that seem like unrevised first drafts So altogether four or five pieces in the book were worth reading but I wouldn't recommend much of the rest of it

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    I really liked some of the poems and short stories in this book I did have a hard time finishing it I just wanted to be done with the reading of it But that might have been from starting before going to Vietnam and finishing it after returning with a 3 week abandonment in the middle I have tattoos I liked reading about others with tattoos It's an interesting concept to arrange a collection around Although a lot of the longest stuff is in the middlewhich when you're reading straight through gets tedious

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    Nice concept Some stories and poems are better than others The only thought that comes to mind is if you were going to put any literary uote on your body in ink forever what would it be? This leads to some deep discussions about memorable uotes and if they speak for your personality sufficiently

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    if you like short stories personal narratives etc and you like tattoos and the cultures whom have sprouted up around the art or vice versayou should really pick this up it is a great book to keep in your purse or man bag or back pack for a uick read while waiting for whatever

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    this book is seriously awesome fiction short essays poetry i'm bummed that i took it out of the library because i know i'm going to have to buy it a total keeper everything in this anthology sings

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    I really enjoyed this compilation of different poems essays and fiction excerpts about tattoos There's nothing life changing in this book but it did make me appreciate the art of tattooing even than I already did I'm passing this on to my friend who also loves essay compilations

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    I re read this on a slow day waiting for jury duty selection and remembered again how much I loved it

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    An excellent collection of stories from some of my favorite writers on a very interesting topic