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Acclaimed nonfiction author Jim Murphy now turns his hand to spinning yarns Fergus O’Mara a resourceful Irish lad is especially clever at avoiding work On his way to an evening of fun he encounters the dreaded Night Demon Fergus keeps on walking but this demon means business and our hero will have to work hard to get himself out of a “grave” situationWith haunting humor and high spirits Jim Murphy and John Manders have created a suspenseful tale that’s scary enough for a Halloween read aloud and funny enough to be enjoyed at any time Author’s note

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    A short picture book that delves into the myths and legends of Ireland I appreciate that as a children’s book this title is pretty mild on the scare factor A lot of the Irish legends give me the creeps so I usually wouldn’t share them with my young children Although not a traditional legend the combination of its elements makes it feel traditional enough The illustrations are good there’s a lesson learned It’s short and fun

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    Funny and just a bit scary Classic folk tale elements and resolution

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    Good irish ghost story where a lazy self centered boy outwits the grim reaper essentially and learns his lesson and becomes a hard worker I liked the illustrations of Fergus and the irish charm

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    Was a great book

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    CHECKED OUT THE BOOK FROM MY PUBLIC LIBRARYAPART OF THE GOODREADS 2011 READING CHALLENGEReviewRating5 out of 5Ease of Reading Text 5 out of 5Illustrations 5 out of 5Plot 5 out of 5Fergus O’Mara is very clever but it is too bad that he uses it to get out of work On his way to go have fun in Skibbbereen he might discover that his cleverness can be put to better use when he meets up with the Night DemonThe plot is kind of like the usual legendghost story — someone needs to be taught a moral lesson they go out and they meet spirits and they almost always learn their lesson No matter how much this plot is used it is always fun and enjoyable to read and it also teaches children certain kind of lessons I found the characters enjoyable for this kind of plot I think everyone will be able to see a little bit of themselves in Fergus and it’s always wonderful when authors are able to make characters like thatI also enjoyed looking at the illustrations They matched the story almost perfectly and they were all so pretty to look at It was also easy to readsee the text DOverall the story is a great read for children and for adults as well I think your children will really enjoy this book

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    A clever Irish ghost story about Fergus O'Mara who encounters a night demon on his way to the next town of Skibbereen One night Fergus uses his uick thinking to get himself out doing chores His mother who calls him a lazy good for nothing lad warms him that he will get what's coming to him After avoiding chores to head out the play in the next town of Skibbereen he encounters a night demon on the trail Convincing himself that the demon is a figure of his imagination the infuriated demon decides it time for Fergus to dig his own grave with a head stone epitaph Here lies Fergus O'Mara a lazy good for nothing lad Once again Fergus uses his wits and uick thinking to get himself out of lying in his own grave by convincing the demon that the man the demon was looking for was in another town The night demon vanishes Fergus uickly learns his lesson of laziness and returns home with a than willing determination to help out with chores

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    Fergus O'Mara is a lazy lad He's much worried about getting his clothes dirty than helping his mother As he goes off to town to visit friends he encounters a creature Fergus is told that it is his time Slightly frightened but thinking it's just an apparition Fergus goes running However he keeps encountering this creature until he finally comes to a sight that scares the wits out of him his own gravestone The demon orders him to dig at the grave site Thinking he will trick the demon Fergus tells him that he is not the lazy person as claimed on the headstone When the demon thinks on it and realizes that a lazy person would not dig their own grave he blows away in the wind off to find the real FergusFergus O'Mara heads home to help his mother in any way he can

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    Lazy Fergus O’Mara uses his uick wit to escape death the “Night Demon” in this original tale based in Irish tradition Manders’ cartoon gouache and pencil illustrations have a lively comic feel alerting the reader that Fergus’ soul is never in mortal peril For a fun lesson on how some archetypes appear in different cultures have students compare Fergus with Brer Rabbit and Anansi

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    This is a wonderful Irish tale about a lazy and vain boy named Fergus who disrespects his mother and refuses to do chores about the house preferring instead to go out and have fun A scary encounter with the Night Demon changes his attitude completely This is a great tale to read aloud with children especially those who are loathe to do their chores

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    Delightfully scary book about a lazy lad who is also very clever Nice because it's an Irish folk tale so you get a little bit of different culture in there May be a bit scary for kids who are prone to scaringThe artwork has a nice pastel almost Disney like appealWay too long for a pre school story time Might be fun for an elementary school readalong