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Human ears strung like beads on a cord; scalps with hair and ears still intact; infant bones in a medicine bundle; corpses whole in a cardboard box These artifacts in an obscure corner of the Smithsonian cause Indian ghosts to haunt torment and murder researchers even as they themselves are tormented by the items in the museum's collection Only the sacred rituals of Indian medicine men can make it safe to be around these dangerous artifacts

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    I read this book for a Native American literature course I'm taking this semester I really enjoyed it this has been the first book in a long while to keep me up until 2AM reading as I usually value getting a good night's sleep While I liked the characters and the story itself kept me interested by the end of the novel I still had uestions about certain plot points um what was the ghost looking for?? and found the ending a bit unsatisfactory although I understood why the author ended it like she did Would recommend for anyone interested in Native American historyliterature

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    I appreciated how Walters chose to construct the closing of each narrative in this book because even in 2018 these narratives are still ongoing in the histories of Native people Though she is not Navajo Walters still captured the essence of Navajo life philosophy and thought and this is especially apparent near the end of the book As a Navajo woman myself I read this book at 20 years of age and now again at 36 I finally grasped the depth of the major messages There is much out there that can be harmful to us But we can continue to live in beauty in spite of everything with our prayers and songs

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    35 stars

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    This was a book I read for a religion class I'm taking It started off interestingly I was intrigued by the first character Mr Drake and was hopeful for a good story But suddenly in the next chapter I was being told the story of someone completely different There are about 8 10 different people who all have separate stories and it's very confusing In the end the author ties all the stories together but it is still a bit scattered and boggling I enjoyed the book though I could tell the language was from a different decade I recommend this book but not as a fun afternoon read as a literary contemplation experience

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    This book will make you look at the Native American displays at the Smithsonian with an entirely different eye Several stories converge in this book the search for a baby girl who was stolen by raiders in 1830 and mysterious deaths among Smithsonian staffers who have been working with Native American artifacts ears scalps blankets etc hidden away in an attic office Ghosts of those who have never been allowed to rest flow thoughout the book

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    Read this book for a class I was taking at the University of New Mexico At first I didn't like it but after a while it got pretty interesting The discussions about the book made it intriguing Worth reading and I love that its all interpretive Not bad at all but not great by any means The class made the book good On its own bleh

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    After reading many Native American Novels this one just seemed too heavy handed The dialogue consisted of too much exposition and the ghost story aspect is overwhelmed with the other motifs of the book Definitely not one I would recommend