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Here is the first book length biography of Gloria Jean one of Hollywood's finest performers who starred in film radio stage nightclub and television productions And what a story it is This is the first in depth profile of her public and private life You'll read about her co stars including Bing Crosby Groucho Marx Donald O'Connor and Mel Torm�go behind the scenes on the set of Never Give a Sucker an Even Break and meet W C Fields her 'Uncle Billfollow her memorable show business career with its breathtaking heights and heartbreaking depths guided and sometimes misguided by the studioenjoy dozens of rare photos from Gloria Jean's personal collectionbrowse vintage posters and lobby cardsAs a special treat for film buffs you'll see actual frame enlargements of never before seen screen testsand discover three lost Gloria Jean feature films documented here for the first time anywhere

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    I got this book solely because I wanted insider information about Donald O'Connor I wanted to hear about his teenage antics his behind the scenes techniues what kind of a kisser he was come on we all wanted to know that about our celebrity crushes In short I read this when I was a pre teen obsessed with one of Gloria Jean's co starsWell I did find out fun things about Donald including what kind of a kisser he was hint he was intense but I also found great information about Gloria herself that I simply loved Her life is really such an interesting one The book has large portions that are direct uotations from Gloria herself making this almost a partial autobiography Her experience as a child star in that era is eye opening and it makes you wonder how much crazy it is these days to be in the spotlight as a youngster She also gives delightful information about WC Fields Bing Crosby Mel Torme and several other Hollywood favorites in addition to her own lovely life storyAll in all this book has it all Good pictures insider information and details on Donald O'Connor's kissing techniues If that doesn't make for a great book I don't know what doesAs an afterword Gloria herself is such a friendly woman I've e mailed her several times and she's always replied and answered many uestions for me It's so nice that she takes the time to personally talk to her fans

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    I'll be honest I only bought this book using the Barnes Noble gift certificate my boyfriend's parents gave me for Christmasthanks Mr and Mrs Petersen because I wanted to learn about Donald O'Connor whom I had a HUGE crush on between the months of November 2009 and January 2010 and I heard that he was prominently featured in this book as he was her co star on many of her early films To my own surprise I found that even though I had never seen a Gloria Jean film never seen her act or heard her amazing coloratura voice I was really drawn into the book As I read about her start in the business I found myself increasingly curious about her life and the twists and turns that come with peaking early as a teen star in 1940s Hollywood I love 1940s Hollywood but by reading a book like this you really come to see how Hollywood now isn't all that different from Hollywood then 999 percent crap and maybe a couple of uniue voices Gloria Jean was discovered in her hometown of Scranton PA at a very young age moved to Hollywood and starred in a series of B films You get to see how Hollywood dumps its stars over time here is a story of one of America's many sweethearts and you can almost feel physically FEEL when the showbiz gods begin to leave her by the wayside It really is a terrible business to be in that much I'll say But through it all this woman maintains incredible graciousness and optimism I admire her for that You stay classy Gloria JeanOn a personal note I think that reading this book helped me to get over my helpless crush on Donald O'Connor Except for the part when Gloria confesses that during the shooting of their last movie together O'Connor took her backstage grabbed her and kissed her saying There I just wanted to tell you how crazy I am over you That part I read over and over again before bedtime on many nights hoping for a similar piece of heaven of my own But I'm better now I swear