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The first and only full biography on legendary Harlem gangster Bumpy Johnson who was depicted in the movies Cotton Club Hoodlum and American Gangster Al Capone may have ruled Chicago Lucky Luciano may have run most of New York City But from the 1930s to the late 1960s when it came to Harlem the undisputed king of the underworld was Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson Bumpy was a man whose contradictions are still the root of many an argument in Harlem But there is one thing on which both his supporters and detractors agree in his lifetime Bumpy was the man in Harlem Harlem Godfather The Rap on My Husband Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson is the first complete biography of a man who for years was Harlem s best kept and most cherished secret There is also a full chapter on Madame Stephanie St Clair the infamous Harlem numbers banker who instigated the famous fight with Jewish mobster Dutch Schultz The book is written by Bumpy's widow Mayme Johnson and details not only his criminal life but also his personal life This book also details Bumpy's relationship Harlem dopedealer with Frank Lucas who has called himself Bumpy's right hand man but was according to Mrs Johnson little than a flunky

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    Mayme Hatcher Johnson is the 94 year old widow of famed Harlem Gangster Ellsworth Bumpy Johnson who was portrayed in the movies Hoodlum starring Laurence Fishburne and most recently American Gangster starring Denzel Washington It is only now when Frank Lucas was promoting American Gangster and speaking tales that Mayme Johnson has broken her silence and written the real deal on her husband who from the 1930s until his death in 1968 ruled the streets of Harlem Read the real deal on his war with the Mafia and Dutch Schultz Madame Stephanie St Clairwho truly existed Lucky LucianoFrank Lucas his friends his foes many celebrities including Billie Holliday Ethel Waters Lena Horne etc A good piece of history is here Come and learn the real deal Because of myself and others wanting history to be told I was helpful in helping this book published and I heartily recommend anyone wanting to know of Harlem back in the day as well as others check this book out

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    Great story Poor editing It's a shame some of the publishers the authors approached were not interested in a book on Bumpy Johnson when there are so many out about Capone Lucky Luciano Dutch Schultz etc With so much focus on black gangsters today I'm unsure why publishers thought people wouldn't be curious where it all began

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    This book was very good considering the typographical errors It gave an historical perspective of Harlem at the time Bumpy lived one block away from me when I was a kid

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    An easy interesting read I felt as if I was sitting in the living room enjoying a glass of wine as Mrs Johnson told her story about her husband While the typos were distracting it did not take away from her story Her husband was a fascinating character and I enjoyed her vivid descriptions of Harlem in the 40s and 50s Life for us is challenging even on easy days but when you read our stories as told by us it colors our experiences in a rich colorful woven fabric that I call life I recommend this book A good read

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    I just wanna say he is a fucking legend He was out of bail for Conspiracy to sell Cocaine when he died

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    This was a good read Mostly told me stuff I already knew through previous documentaries This book really helped me with research on my book I’m releasing that is set during that time period

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    After watching Godfather of Harlem I got real interested in Bumpy Johnson I really enjoyed reading about him from his wife's point of view

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    This is a relaxed and entertaining hagiography Bumpy Johnson’s wife doesn’t sugarcoat the truth very much The violence and the crime are laid out for the reader to see Yet Johnson was a gangster using violent and illegal means to make money and bend people to his will It’s hard to have much sympathy for these kinds of characters and I resent and find dangerous the glorification of thugs who can’t be bothered to do honest work for a living and abide by reasonable laws Who knows what stories we're not hearingI found it amusing that Johnson’s wife is shocked that he would be framed for dealing heroine when it’s conceded he was a burglar extortionist numbers runner murderer cocaine dealer pimp smuggler adulterer and general threat That he lived as long as he did is a miracle I read this book for some research about 1930s Harlem As noted I’m strongly opposed to the glorification of violent thugs Of course they are complicated people capable of doing some good If they were completely anti social they’d uickly be dead or committed to an asylum or jail But this book does have some charm in Johnson’s wife’s fond memories

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    A lot of fiction about the history of organized crime in Harlem