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    Creepy stories for Halloween

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    Initially purchased for Turn the Year Around I ended up with a couple unexpected gems here Catherynne M Valente absolutely delighted me with The uidnunx the ending was a little abrupt but this is a truly charming almost fairytale I tend to either be 0 or 100 with her writing and this is possibly one of my favourite settingsElizabeth Bear also wrote a winner Terroir is filled with the glorious kind of food and setting descriptions that will make an unwary reader start to google the cost of Normandy holidays too much since you askAnd Turn the Year Around from Seanan McGuire one of a series of short stories concerning The Flying Pumpkins a diversely supernatural and exceptionally capable troupe of cheerleaders This was the only source I could find for the story and it paid off in spades I do enjoy her work and this turn of the season folktaleself realisation anthem was every bit as satisfying as I'd hopedOverall very worth tracking down

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    This anthology is great Mostly stories mainly novelette novella in length with a poem and some detailed bibliographies of the contributors great If you want to hunt down any other short stories by a particular authorEvery story here is fantasticOne story made me cry actual tears when it was over It was my favouriteI came to this anthology after the Podcast that inspired it was wound down But I hope that like the return of the seasons the Sueecast will return As another anthology like this one which would be awesome or another podcast of some kindI'm not going to say which story was my favourite they were all so good that if you decide to give them a try you should come to each of them untainted by presumptionsBuy this anthology Read these stories

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    I wanted to love it than I did Actually two stars but since there aren't any other reviews and they are awesome people four I am a fan of the SueecastThe Valente story is charming and poetic but the Thomas ones did not work for me The Seanan story was not bad but not her best I have not read any of the precious fighting pumpkin stories and having that connection might have made me enjoy it There is an extensive bibliography of all the works of the members of the Sueecast Not relevant to me but worth noting