MOBI Ö Honor and Shame and the Unity of the Mediterranean Special

A stimulating reflection on the utility of the honorshame model Kertzer American Anthropologist This volume is thus especially significant and timely and should be recognized as generally important for anthropologists regardless of their particular ethnographic concerns Saunders Anthropological uarterly Gil provides new comparable data on Peristiany's paradigm honor and shame He reexamines fundamental assumptions about Mediterranean unity made on the basis of the original honorshame model TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction The Shame of Dishonor by David D Gil Family and State in the Mediterranean by John Davis Seeds of Honor Fields of Shame by Carol Delaney Horsemen are the Fence of the Land Honor and History among the Ghiyata of Eastern Morocco by Michael A Marcus Female Chastity Codes in the Circum Mediterranean Comparative Perspectives by Maureen J Giovanni As in Your Own House Hospitality Ethnography and the Stereotype of Mediterranean Society by Michael Herzfeld Honor Honesty Shame Male Status in Contemporary Andalusia by David D Gil Shame Family and State in Catalonia and Japan by Mariko Asano Tamanoi Reflections on Honor and Shame in the Mediterranean by Stanley Brandes

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