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Rose Hill is the perfect place to browse for antiues grab a uick bite to eat or meet for drinks in the Rose and Thorn Underneath the polished exterior of this charming town however lies something rotten that's about to be revealed When the bloody trail of a drug dealing turf war leads back to Rose Hill the subseuent investigation is hampered by an ambitious county investigator and a ruthless FBI agent Police Chief Scott Gordon must decide if upholding the law is worth sacrificing the very people he has sworn to protect Maggie Fitzpatrick awaits the return of her first love a man who disappeared mysteriously seven years before Although not the person she thought she knew he may still have the power to overwhelm her senses and tempt her to abandon everything she holds dear It's March in Rose Hill and storm clouds gather like an ominous warning The suspects and victims have returned to the scene of an old crime; now all must face the conseuences of the choices they made long ago

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    Other than a tendency to be repetitious now and then this is one series that gets better and better imo Really enjoyed this one

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in this series largely due to the witty sense of humour in them This third book took several really dark and serious turns I liked it but the humour was missing and it was actually pretty depressing I'm going to read the fourth book right away after writing this review and I really do hope it will be similar to the first two books and not this one

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    Great storyThis series just gets better as I read each book Even though there is a cliffhanger at the end I am amazed at what happens

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    We meet Ray bartender is a front for selling illegal drugs and his habit Scott is busy returning 20 years of stolen mail that Margie had in her attic GivingMandy hers and also wanting those for a Melissa Wright she still won’t contact her mother that she is alive Maggie and Gabe her first love mysteriously left seven years agoare having problems More about the life in this town then a mystery

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    I'm back to giving this series 3 stars There are so many people and so much going on; it is definitely overload on characters What I do like about this series is that all the titles from book 2 forward are names of flowers This book is jut a continuation of the first two I just can not get excited about this series

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    Rose Hill not the pleasant place everybody thinks especially when another body is found and the link to drugs Made complicated when the FBI get involved The story of how it seems everybodys' lives are affectedA well written story with its wide range of characters and a decent mystery

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    Definitely not a whimsical mystery series and this book is the darkest of the three I have read so far Much needed light moments in this book make it easier to go from one soap opera moment to the next

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    Not for the faint heartedThis is not a cozy mystery This book's characters are so human and comes with the nasty things we do to ourselves and othersI did enjoy most of it but some parts are rough to deal with

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    I neglected to look ahead there are lots of books in this series I really didn’t like any of the characters except Scott the policeman Everyone is unhappy and miserable No for me a downer

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    Keeps you guessingGreat book Can't wait to read the rest of the series I highly recommend it The books keep getting better