Island Desire A Sinfully Erotic Short Story Kindle · Í PDF

Melissa is on the dream vacation she’d always longed for; a small tropical island far away from past hurts Beach sun and relaxation are all guaranteed to help her heal but what she’s missing is someone to share it with Even though her heart had been recently crushed could a fling with a handsome hunk mend her wounds? Will she decide to lock up her heart and take that plunge? Join Melissa in some well deserved steamy sexy fun in the sun

10 thoughts on “Island Desire A Sinfully Erotic Short Story

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    A uick and erotic listen this one will keep your mind hot and in the tropics Melissa recently had her heart crushed and decided to go on a vacation by herself What better way to spend it than with a complete stranger Brad finds Melissa asleep on the beach and wakes her to keep her from burningat least from the sun Lexi Lovelock packed this short full of hot sexy scenes sure to awaken your senses Jack Calihan brings it all to life with his warm baritone voice giving us the passion and the feels It may be short but you will be satisfied

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    Audiobook version uick steamy and great narration You don't get a whole lot of backstory or character development in uick stories like this but Lexi did a great job of giving us one Steam filled encounter that leaves me wanting to hear Jack's narration is delicious as always If you have not heard his work before check it out He has a wonderfully enticing voice with solid clear and enjoyable narrations Love that deep voice🎧AudiobookObsession🎧

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    Super hot listen you either need a fan to cool down or your bob to burn hotter The narrator's sexier than sin voice had me melting like butter and the story was definitely worth listening to The author definitely set the scene You won't be disappointed listening to this one 3This book was given to me for free at my reuest and I provided this voluntary review

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    Sexy ShortIsland Desire is the perfect sexy short to help spice up your day It is the perfect length to give you a steamy break from reality I look forward to listening to of Lexi's sexy storiesJack did an amazing job on the narration I love listening to his steamy narration🎧AudiobookObsession🎧

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    Island Desire was a good uick read by Lexi Lovelock Melissa is on her dream tropical vacation The only thing she’s missing is someone to share her vacation with Her heart was crushed recently but a romp with another traveler could be just what she needed to mend her broken heart

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    Very uick and very steamy This is my second Lexi Lovelock book and she does a really good job of providing an erotic encounter that leaves you both satisfied and wanting Jack Calihan's narration is absolutely fantastic He has a great voice for these sinfully erotic shorts

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    Now that's the kind of vacation I can get behind 100% Brad was boyishly cute with his sunblock Swoon I liked Melissa's open mind and attitude The narrator voice and expressions added to my enjoyment of this book I'm still waiting for this type of vacation experience Sweet hot interlude

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    I really enjoyed listening to this I normally prefer a woman’s voice but Jack Calihan’s deep throaty tones we’re very sultry and made the experience uite a turn on It was hot and steamy and just the right length I’d love to know how that shower ended

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    Really hot story Even tough it’s a short story it has what it takes to be complete in terms of development making it not just a erotic scene Loved it

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    I was given this free review copy audiobook at my reuest and have voluntarily left this reviewThis was a hot sexy beach fantasy and the narration was pretty sexy too I thoroughly enjoyed this