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The Imagineers, Those Men And Women Who Helped Walt Disney Bring His Creations To Life, Have Achieved Legendary Status Among Theme Park Enthusiasts It S Kind Of A Cute Story Is The Life Story Of One Of The Most Beloved Imagineers, Rolly Crump Covering His Long And Varied Career, Including Designing Some Of Disney S Most Famous Attractions And Working Directly With Walt Himself, Rolly S Stories Weave Into A Lighthearted Yet Riveting Narrative Of His Life And Accomplishments Packed With Over Photos, Many Of Which Have Never Been Seen Before, It S Kind Of A Cute Story Is A Tribute To The Life And Work Of A True Original

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    I LOVE this book.But I may be biased.

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    Well, that was a disappointment I was looking forward to some great background history for the studio and for Disney World and Disney Land, and some day in the life stories about the animators And there was some of that But there was at least as much in this about other parts of Crump s career and if I d had to read the word propeller one time I might just have screamed Fortunately, I didn t hold Walt Disney himself up on any kind of pedestal I kind of just expect anyone I would like to admire to have a lot of qualities that dampen that admiration Rolly Crump didn t really do him any damage, but he didn t boost him up on one of those plinths, either Though one moment in the book made both my eyebrows go up He quotes WED as saying, No underprivileged children are ever going to have to pay to come into Disneyland Well, apparently Disney didn t put that in his will or something, because as best I can find it certainly isn t true nowadays And that s sad My opinion of animators in general and Crump in particular took a hard hit in this book I should be perversely glad about that See, I went to art school The day I found out that Disney sent recruiters to the school was the day I suddenly, finally had a very clear vision of what I wanted to be when I grew up I blew out at some point in there, which in its way was just as well, I suppose, considering good old fashioned hand drawn animation didn t last much longer That doesn t make me feel any better about the fact that I now work in an office pushing paper from one place to another Not any better at all And this line at the beginning of the book made me whimper I started at WED in 1980 during a hiring frenzy that sucked up any half talent available What a disgusting thing to say Despite the evidence of every single cel in every single Disney film I can think of, Crump seems to mean that half talent crap er, crack Sure, they were all animators, but on their own time, they were real artists With that kind of attitude toward the ART of animation, what, pray, exactly was he doing there Surely there were other places to make a buck with a little artistic ability and a vast capacity to make propellers Pity Sikorsky wasn t hiring at the time Wrong coast, I guess His own art, displayed in photos throughout the book, is, shall we say, not entirely to my taste There is certainly skill and ability but I m not sure what audience he thought he was playing to with this book when he sprinkles in his paintings featuring exposed breasts, a hand flipping the bird, drug promotion and, equally bad in my eyes, at least one misplaced apostrophe I m just going to insert this quote and let it sit there We re going to have a bunch of girls on stage, and we re going to project tattoos onto them But I need to paint one of the girls up Could you help me with that I didn t really have any idea what he meant by paint her up but it was some extra cash, so who was I to say no Actually, a fair amount of the work of his that I ve seen features boobs Oh, then there s I had that book by Alexander Calder One of the things he had in there was a photo of a wire sculpture of Josephine Baker I was fascinated by it Maybe it was the fact that he gave her such enormous breasts made out of corkscrews I ll just let that one sit there, too His discussion of the design work he did on the Haunted Mansion and other areas of the park and post Disney, for that matter irked me Those wall sconces of arms holding torches are right out of my designs No, actually, they re right out of Cocteau Still, steal from the best The flowers near the entrance to Tomorrowland that I helped design the pattern of badly worded caption to a photo The pattern in the photo is a bullseye This stuff is really weird, Rolly, Walt said to me Yes Yes, it is I find it fascinating that given the content and style of so much of the work there is no mention of drug use in the book Originally, a sea captain was going to be part of the story for the Haunted Mansion He was drowned at sea We made a full scale mock up of what we thought his study would look like you could see the ocean off in the distance, with the waves breaking on the shoreline We had the lonely cry of a coyote in there, too A coyote For a mansion owned by a sea captain, from which you could see the ocean, and supposedly based on a house in New Orleans Since it was an animal park, I gave them all an African theme But There are animals elsewhere in the world Other things irked me as well, such as There was one electrician that I worked really well with during my time at Disneyland Unfortunately, his name escapes me, but he had been there almost since the Park opened S okay, it s not like you re writing a book or anything And there was surprisingly little mention of family A good ways in he mentioned something built by his son Chris and to the best of my recollection this was the first mention of offspring, and never a mention of a wife Or other partner Though given the attitude toward women exemplified in his artwork, perhaps I m glad about that part This one reminded me of another sort of memoir I read last year, by about a WWII airman that was an awkwardly written, error laden book apparently written by a second person who retained the subject s exact phrasing, for the most part, even when utterly eye shattering, a book which I took to be all about the war when in fact that comprised perhaps half the tale This is also an awkwardly written, error laden book apparently ghost written by a second person Jeff Heimbuch who etc., a book which I took to be all about Disney when in fact that comprised perhaps half the tale I was a bit nonplussed when suddenly at 57% Rolly was no longer with Disney My fault, I know, for not reading the description with attention, but the Disney aspect is rather put to the fore there As little as I enjoyed the stories at Disney, I enjoyed the stories not at Disney a bit less Oh, and now Jacques and Philippe Cousteau are also now tarnished in my eyes, thanks It s kind of a cute story Well, no Sexist, mildly racist, self aggrandizing, disjointed, propeller laden but not cute Note to self stop trying to find out how the sausage is made.

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    I was thirty pages into this book and my eyes were already shining I had just read Marty Sklar s Dream it Do it and, even though I loved it it really is great , it felt a little bit too corporate But then comes this book, this amazing find that reads like a treasure chest, where you keep finding new wonderful things at the turn of every page I love the way Rolly s story is told, as if you re sitting down next to him and having drinks while listening to him talk It felt so informal and loose and it s so refreshing to see that Not only are the stories in the book very cute , Rolly makes you fall in love with him instantly He seems like such an authentic person, a guy who just really loves creating and being challenged His journey infused me with inspiration and when I finished reading this book I felt like I had so much energy to dedicate to the projects I want to do He keeps saying that you have to be positive, look forward and maybe you ll be as lucky as he was.It really is hard to explain the feeling I got reading this book It was lovely and very unique I kept telling my boyfriend all the stories I read because they were all so great, I HAD to share them with someone.If you re an Imagineering fan, this is a MUST If you re a Disney fan, this is HIGHLY recommended, if you re an art fan, just buy it, you will fall madly in love with it too.I think, in the end, this is a book for happy people, or people who really want to see happiness in the little things It read like a journey and it was a journey I was very, very happy to take.

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    This book isn t kind of a cute story, it definitely is a cute story I m so glad that Jeff and Rolly sat down to write it, because I feel like a lot of these stories are things that would ve been lost forever if they hadn t created this book It s definitely great for the Disney fan, but I think it could be interesting to anyone, especially people interested in art and design.We start off by getting a glimpse of Rolly s life growing up, and before you know it we get into his time with Disney That is, of course, the heart of the book, and what he s most known for, but it s certainly not the only thing that s covered Rolly really grew with the company and saw a lot of things happening, and seeing it from his perspective is truly fascinating Because the book was not published through Disney they had the freedom to tell things like they really were, which means you might hear stories or tidbits that you wouldn t if they came from Disney officially It also means that you ll come across a few inappropriate words normally not something I m a fan of in books, but it was just part of life and they actually fit in well here It s part of the story, but just a heads up.Now, that doesn t mean that this is some scathing look at Disney history On the contrary, Rolly is very positive for the most part about his experience with Disney, and I think it means because it s honest and you know he s not hiding anything The greatest thing of all is being able to see Walt through his eyes, and Walt really lives up to the man we all imagine him to be We hear how Walt truly cared about the audience and what the people were thinking and feeling He sounds like the most wonderful person to work for someone who doesn t shoot down his employees, but rather tries to build them up and encourage them to think outside the box.I should also mention that this book is hilariously funny at times Rolly must be a fun guy to be around Some of the stories literally had me laughing out loud Some highlights included the story where they hid in the office closet to confuse tourists who visited the studio, riding his motorcycle through the halls of a building, and especially the one where Rolly gets robbed at gun point it doesn t sound funny, but I promise that it is.Another plus of this books is the illustrations Rolly is an artist, and just telling the stories with words would not quite do it justice Luckily they ve included plenty of his work throughout the book, so you can not just read about what he s done, but also see it He worked on many projects aside from those at Disney, so the second half of the book focuses on those things as well It s fascinating to read about his work with the Cousteau family, Circus World, Knott s Berry Farm, and some other theme parks that may or may not have gotten off the ground.Though some knowledge of the history of the Disney company will certainly help in your understanding of the book, it s not absolutely necessary However, die hard Disney fans will probably get a big kick out of hearing some of the behinds the scenes work If you don t know, Rolly worked on many things in the parks, including the Haunted Mansion, Adventureland Bazaar, and It s a Small World The only slightly negative thing I can say about the book is that it jumps around a bit for the most part it seems natural since it almost feels like Rolly is telling you the stories as they come to him, but it can occasionally cause a little confusion I had a few moments where it was difficult for me to place the event he was describing chronologically Not a major problem, but a minor annoyance.Other than that, I can t imagine that anyone who likes Disney and has an appreciation for the history and the work that goes into creating the parks and the movies would not enjoy this book It s absolutely a feel good book you know, like the movie that you can t help going back to again and again You will be able to see Walt through the eyes of someone who knew him personally And you ll feel like you re sitting around with Rolly, just listening to him tell stories about being an imagineer I smiled so much while reading this book, and I hope that you do too.

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    Easily one of the best books I ve read on Imagineering and I ve read quite a few Right up there with John Hench s Designing Disney But stylistically the two books are very different, reflecting what I would imagine to be the differences in personality of the two men.It s fascinating work that the Imagineers do, especially for fans of the Disney parks But too many of the books written on the subject are so dripping with corporate propaganda that they completely whitewash all the real accomplishments of the designers As someone who works in a creative industry, I know that every project has its fair share of ups and downs Any number of factors can turn a beautiful design into a disaster But the hallmark of a creative professional is how they are able to turn lemons in lemonade day in and day out to still produce brilliant work Books like Walt Disney Imagineering A Behind the Dreams Look At Making the Magic Real or the Imagineering Field Guides that portray Imagineering as a wonderland for creative people do their team a disservice If every project was perfect, and every idea was implemented flawlessly, there would be no reason to respect these folks I m much impressed to hear about all the obstacles Rolly came up against during his career, and how he still managed to stay positive, maintain his artistic integrity, and create work he could be proud of.Whereas John Hench created something akin to an Imagineering textbook, this book is like having a nice long conversation with Rolly Hats off to Jeff Heimbuch for preserving this quality in his writing In fact that book was so engaging that I finished it in one sitting on a plane ride home from WDW Rolly s story is equal parts fascinating and inspiring It s amazing what he s accomplished over a long career, and the humility and good nature he s managed to preserve through it all.

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    Enjoyed Rolly s stories He worked on some of my all time favorite rides in Disneyland.

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    IT S KIND OF A CUTE STORY is a very appropriate title for this book It is rather a cute story Several of them, in fact.Rolly Crump is a Disney Legend and very talented artist who worked with Disney at various times in his career In this book, he tells stories about what it was like to work with Walt, as well as his experiences with other Disney Legends, Marion Knott of Knott s Berry Farm , the Cousteau Society, and even the sultan of Oman It is fascinating to read about Rolly s experiences in this book There s also an audio companion,More Cute Stories, Volume 1 , where you can listen to Rolly tell even stories I haven t listened to this yet, but I own the CD and will be enjoying it soon My favorite part, though, is reading the story and seeing the artwork that he s talking about side by side He is an amazing artist His work spans a variety of styles and not all of it will appeal to everyone, to be sure , but if you ve been to Disneyland then I can assure you that you ve seen Rolly s work Heck, if you ve even SEEN pictures of Disneyland there s a 90% chance that some of what you saw was Rolly s The Enchanted Tiki Room and it s a small world are some of his most well known collaborations Because of the artwork, I would recommend getting a physical book In addition to the book version, I have also purchased the Kindle version I was having trouble actually reading the book, because every time I picked it up I would get distracted by the art and not read the text The pictures were less distracting on the eBook version However they look so much better in print than on the screen Having the two together makes a nice pairing I can focus on the text with the one version, and get absorbed in the pictures with the other.Of the stories themselves, it should be no surprise that my favorites are those featuring Walt Disney It is a true pleasure to hear stories about Walt the man instead of Walt the myth Walt Disney was a great man, but he was a man and I love hearing stories from one of the men who worked with him about what that was like I hope Rolly tells even cute stories It has been a wonderful experience to read the stories he s told so far.

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    Picked this up for our personal Disney library and I m glad I did In this short, image packed book, Rolly Crump spins tales of his life as an artist, and includes a wealth of visual material in the form of photographs, sketches, models and completed artwork Presented in roughly chronological order, Crump reflects on his career so far, starting with the scrapbook of childhood drawings his mother kept He provides some personal family history, including growing up in a single parent family, but keeps things fairly light Crump shares several cute stories of working in the animation department at the Disney Studios, where he was hired in 1951, and how his tinkering hobby of building mobiles and kinetic sculptures led to Walt selecting him to join the spin off company that built Disneyland WED Enterprises He continues his cute stories regarding his involvement with such attractions as The Haunted Mansion, The Enchanted Tiki Room as well as it s a small world Crump became a little disillusioned with the Disney company during the development of the Florida park in the 1970 s feeling they were moving too far away from Walt s original vision, so he went off on his own Some projects he was involved in include a dark ride for Knott s Berry Farm, working with casino magnate Steve Wynn on some show elements for his properties, and also with the Cousteau Society to design an Ocean Center He even worked with the government of Oman to create an exhibit that presented the history of Oman Crump s admiration for his former boss, Walt Disney, shines through, and it seems Walt thought pretty highly of him as well, in part because Rolly wasn t afraid to disagree with him At first glance, this slim, coffee table sized book, may not look like much, but once you open its colorful cover and glance inside, I d imagine you ll find it very hard to put down The artwork itself is worth the cover price, and the stories themselves are gems.

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    I loved this book I m glad I found this book to open up my mind about how the design process at Disneyworld was I ve been to Walt Disney World a few times and fell in love with all the attractions, and shops, everything Now, this book changed entirely the way I see the Parks Now I can look beyond the attractions I know there is a lot of work behind all I see A lot of hard work from Designers, from Maintenance, and from Walt himself who had those crazy and original ideas.First, about Walt I didn t know much about the way he used to work with his team He was so creative, and he had so many ideas I felt so bad when he passed so many projects were abandoned and it was a difficult time for all the team, included Rolly who had to leave Disney Now I can appreciate the efforts that employees and Disney s family did to keep the Parks running, to never stop innovating and to keep Disney s dreams alive.I didn t have the chance to visit Disneyland, I m so in love with WDW As Rolly said, Walt wanted the Parks to be cozy I have to admit, I felt cozy even at WDW where everything is so big and wide The attractions, the music, the employees are what make this place cozy, just as Walt wanted Second, about Rolly it s a pleasure to read about someone who never failed chasing his dreams He wanted to be a designer, so he became a designer And what he designed lives among us I loved reading about all the jokes at WED, and about his relationship with Walt I felt really bad when some of his projects were changed But so proud because failed projects didn t let him down He kept designing, moving forward, even if it meant leaving Disney As for Jeff, I think he did a wonderful job putting all these stories together Reading this book was like being with Rolly seated next to me Great writing and a great mix of pictures all along the book Congratulations

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    The only other book I d read by an Imagineer before was Marty Sklar s Dream It Do It.I really enjoyed both of these books Sklar s book was about leadership and the creative process It felt like a business leadership book, disguised as a very entertaining memoir I loved it Rolly Crump s book was also very good, but VERY different It felt less formal there was cursing, nudity in some drawing and photos, discussion of drug culture, and even quite a few poorly disguised sexual double entendres.This is not the book to give to your 13 year old who wants to become an imagineer This is for the lifelong Disney Parks fan who wants a frank, realistic depiction of what it was like to work with Walt, as well as others during the career of an off beat, hilarious, creative designer.The stories about the creation of The Enchanted Tiki Room, The Haunted Mansion, EPCOT s Land Pavilion, and It s A Small World were very memorable.His stories about working on non Disney projects, such as attractions for Knotts Berry Farm, Ringling Brothers, The Cousteaus, and The Sultan of Omanwere fascinating The chapters and stories are very short There are lots of drawings and photos from Rolly s career, making the book feel shorter than it is It was short, and a very quick read it could have been 50 pages longer Some of the photos were a bit hard to see on the Kindle without zooming in Many of the photos or drawings are in colour, so it s worth checking them out on the Kindle app if you have a black white device like me RECOMMENDED SOUNDTRACK 50s and 60s Jazz went really well with this book, especially for the earlier scenes where Rolly was working at WED.I found that Ike Quebec s album It Might As Well Be Spring went REALLY well with this book It captured the period of many of the stories.