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Everybody has keepers those personal mementos that bring to mind special moments and feelings and this book is full of them From boastful bugs to skeleton keys from sunken treasure to swinging on a star Keepers includes poems and paintings for every mood and taste Full color

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    This book of poems is a collection of 23 personal memento poems by Alice Schertle They would be appropriate for students in grade first through maybe fourth Some of the poems are a little old in terms of their vocabulary Some kids may not be able to relate to what a skeleton key is or its importance or what galleons is or know some of the songs in the Ukelele poem Some of the poems can be fun to read though I loved the Monopoly poem it took me back to my childhood with all the fun terms from the game Ted Rand’s use of the painted illustrations did add to the poems like in the Keeper poem showing the little boy with his father fishing helped show the emotions of the poem and make you feel like you are experiencing it with them A possible lesson to use with this book would maybe come from the Last Patch of Snow poem that talks about what happens at the end of winter leading into spring You could have the students try and come up with a poem for different seasons and see what creative ideas they could come up with I would recommend some of the poems in this book but maybe not all to younger students since I feel they don’t uite hit the mark

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    While I'm a bigger fan of the other Schertle book called A Lucky Thing this is still a very good collection There are a few real gems in there

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    This was also a very cute books of poemsOne of my favorites was Monopoly It brought me back to my childhood days when my siblings and I used to love to play the game Monopoly

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