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Ty prepares for the holiday season by kicking out his cheating boyfriend and consoling himself with chocolate and cold Chinese food  Unfortunately rent and bills force him to grab a pair of red and white tights and pretend to be in the holiday spirit as a mall elf Thankfully there’s a janitor who’s too handsome for the part of a mop pusher to help distract him Nikolas the Janitor sweeps Ty off his feet with his smile and generous spirit Ty wishes he could fall in love as easily as a romantic comedy but his ex still holds a piece of his heart Ty wants to accept Nikolas as his new secret Santa but he might be doomed to pine after his ex all Christmas long

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    35 starsI was immediately intrigued with the story because the cover showed non white characters I am always open to racial diversity in my MM romance so I decided to pre order itI thought it was really entertaining at first I feel bad in saying that I was amused with Ty’s situation But there was something slightly depressingly funny about it Ty realized that he was having trouble letting go of his cheating ex boyfriend even if his best friend kept telling him to ‘snap out of it’ Ty consoled himself with chocolate and Chinese food – and his thoughts kept coming back to that day when he would have sex again with his ex after breaking up “It ain’t like I planned on that happening Just two years Kennyth And he said all the right things and shit I’m so fucking stupid” Relationships can be messy indeedThen Ty’s best friend was able to drag Ty out to get a job at the Mall as Santa’s elf and again I found it amusing reading what Ty was experiencing with the kids Seriously I felt bad feeling kinda giddy with Ty’s unlucky situation I might as well be on Santa’s naughty list lol But Ms Lawrence didn’t really pour angst over Ty’s situation and that was why I was entertained I thought Ty still showed uite a positive attitude and not exactly drowning in miseryThe relationship between Ty and Nikolas the Janitor also felt natural – I liked their banter and I definitely saw the chemistry between the two of them Ty again amused me when he didn’t know whether to think if his lunches with Nikolas could count as dates laughBut then Ms Lawrence offered a twist about Nikolas the Janitor’s real identity and I didn’t really know what to make of it On one hand it was bordering on a fantasymagic element which was uite uniue and it might fit with the holiday season On the other hand it was a total flip from the down to earth realistic contemporary feel that I read for the first half of the novella So the twist shook me off balance I don’t know whether to appreciate it or to get annoyed by itAll in all it was a good holiday story – and the twist made it different However because it wasn’t something I was joyfully expecting I had to settle down with my 35 stars for now I really liked it and I thought it was worth to read

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    I really enjoyed this lighthearted holiday magic MM romance by a black woman about two black men Ty who's working as an elf for the mall's North Pole to make rent and Nikolas the mysterious hot mall janitor with a cookie craving Ty is fresh off a breakup okay maybe not fresh exactly as it's been months but Ty's still hung up on his ex For things to work out for him and Nikolas he'll have to figure out how to move past that And accept some pretty improbable truths about Nikolas Ty's grief is treated so respectfully here I really appreciated that I also enjoyed that Nikolas isn't a thin character More body type diversity in romance please

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    I do believe I may have just lost the last shred of childish innocence thanks to this book Let’s just check And here I sit yelling at Santa begging him to get on with the dick sucking already Yep that about does it Nothing like a little Santa bj to kill that last remaining slip of innocenceNot that this book wasn’t a lot of fun Ty was cute in a bouncy sort of way Even with his whole funk over his loser ex And while I can never claim to have been forced into close and personal contact with the screaming masses er children as a mall elf I can definitely feel for Ty and for the mall santa for that matterThis book has a lot going for it Santa the real Santaor a real Santa is not an old straight white dude so that is a plus And I found Ty’s melodramatic moping rather endearing instead of annoying Nothing like reading about a good ol’ break up funk to make you feel better about your own semi permanent single status and it’s not like I really need a reason to listen to bad music and consume unhealthy uantities of mint ice creamSo even though I think I may have been permanently scarred by the image of Santa sexing up his new lover I think this was a good addition to my crazy list of Christmas stories I recommend this holiday season This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below

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    Clearly I love Christmas romances I liked his one well enough Ty and Nicholas are both interesting but this short story suffers from Nicholas remaining too much of a mystery for me to full invest in the love story

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    This is a little weird but it's so light and good for the soul gay black mc gay black fat love interest friendship Christmas time romance

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    After reading this I’m still not sure what I think of it I liked the premise but maybe wasn’t expecting the execution to go uite the way it did I’ll leave it with saying this wasn’t a book for me but the humour and twists may work better for another reader

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    25 starsI knew once I got passed 5% I was going to have an issue of some sort My biggest complaint was the author makes most of the story race prevalent By that I meant where we would care if it was a white songstress or strong independent black women Beyonce’ sung about it shouldn’t have been a top priority I get it though POC are very seldom in the main character roles In this novella we had to black gay men which I was happy about I couldn’t get passed my mini rant of feelings in the beginning of reading it I had some grammar issues I didn’t believe a person who recently graduated college spoke like an uneducated person It was done in inappropriate times it seemed I felt for Ty and his heartbreak but during those times I was wondering who was going to pay the bills during all this moping When Nikolas was first introduced in the book I honestly thought he was closeted I didn’t see where the author was taking it and she went far with it I honestly think is should have a fantasy tag The book was okay it just wasn’t for me and I saddened to say that

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    375 ⭐️I liked a lot of the cute stuff but sex scene was WEIRD and kinda wish it hadn’t been part of the story?? Ending with cookies was adorable and just lots of fluffNotes on page sex including oral non explicit anal non explicit sex marathon

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    Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance Keeping the Cookies by Briana Lawrence is another holiday story I had a hard time making my way through It was sweet cute and hot It should have ticked all my holiday story buttons Since it is Christmas fantasy I didn't have to worry about suspending disbelief So I just went with it For full review see

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    I liked the story Gave me a smile The cover art is gorgeous too Very eye catching I'm always a sucker for Christmas romance with a hint of the paranormal so that aspect really made my day too