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THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE AWESOMEST BOOK IN THE HISTORY OF AWESOME BOOKS I cried at the end I reccomend it to you and everyone you know I read it like 10 times and so should you It s about a Japanese girl and her family living in the U.S in that descrimination era. This one never got to my currently reading shelf as I was too busy reading, or listening to it Caused me to miss a few turns It had been recommended to me two years ago by a friend who also got me into Audible Books From the sounds of the crickets resounding in the words of the title to the glitter of the world, I can see how this book deserved the 2005 Newbery award Cynthia Kadohata elaborated on so many themes from the personal connection of being Japanese in America to the universal themes of family, death and dying, and living in the complex world It was especially satisfying when Katie s father apologized to the hatchery owner, removed Lynn s bedding, and made the conscientious decision to live as a happy family rather than a sad family Suffering is universal, but so too is the decisions to live or not I can t help connecting to the theme of to live or not, to be a happy family or not, to hate or not At some time everyone meets with trajedy and major disappointment The key to living is the decision to go on living I felt like I was a part of this family as Katie told me about her sister, brother, parents, and uncle, each one trying to take care of the others Kadohata realistically shared the thoughts of the young girls, honest thoughts about her sister s illness How many young people feel guilty about something they did that they didn t understand The way Kadohata unfolded the story of Katie getting mad at her sister, being impatient, thinking that her sister would get better, interacting with her parents, and worrying about her sister s friends showed a respect for and understanding for a child s thoughts and questions I thought the way she let Katie change, grow up, understand from her reflections on her relationship with her sister that she could do well in school if she worked at it Doing well at school is a metaphor for doing well in life The story while sad, is full of hope This well crafted story will stick with me and I am sure that middle school students can read it The way kira kira was woven through Katie life and the world around her was masterful Even to the night of her death, Lynn was looking at her world This reminded me of a friend, dying of cancer, enjoying being read to, saying I didn t know that, did you I still have questions about the historical setting I learned about the chicken sexers job and how the hatchery s worked towards unionization I had not known that Japanese people worked in this agricultural setting So like other books, Night John, Baseball Saved Us, andI learnedabout the social issues in the America we seldom talked about growing up. Kira Kira, Cynthia Kadohata Kira Kira is a young adult novel by Cynthia Kadohata It won the Newbery Medal for children s literature in 2005 The book s plot is about a Japanese American family living in Georgia The main character and narrator of the story is a girl named Katie Takeshima, the middle child in a Japanese American family Kira Kira means glittering or shining In the early 1950s, Katie Takeshima and her family live in Iowa, where her parents own a Japanese supermarket When the store goes out of business in 1956, the family moves from Iowa to an apartment in Georgia where Katie s parents work at a hatchery with other Japanese families Katie s best friend is her older sister Lynn, whom Katie looks up to as the most intelligent person she knows She cites Lynn s ability to beat their Uncle Katsuhisa, a self proclaimed chess grand master, at his own game as an example Katie holds close to her heart the Japanese term Kira Kira , which Lynn taught her They use it to describe things that glitter in their lives When they first move to Georgia, Lynn guides Katie around her new surroundings and teaches her to always be positive about things In this period, Lynn is portrayed to be highly sensible and independent as she teaches Katie to save money for their parents 2008 1385 1386 1388 1394 224 9786003531246 1397 21 This is by far one of the loveliest books I have read in a long time I can t remember when I last cried over a children s book, but this touching story about a young Japanese American girl definitely made me shed a tear or two Katie and her family, including big sister Lynn and little brother Sammy, live in a small town in Georgia during a time when looking different means low paying jobs and unaffordable housing Katie s parents eventually end up working multiple factory jobs to support the family, and the situation worsens when Lynn becomes mysteriously ill In spite of the family s hardships, Katie s quirky way of looking at life makes this book a cheerful read Even a sad ending brings a smile to the reader s face, simply because it is so lyrically spun by the author through Katie s voice I absolutely adored this book, and I can t wait to share it with my students I know that they will laugh out loud at times when they read about the crazy predicaments that Katie manages to get herself into, but they might also cry when they find out what happens to this amazing family. I found this insufferably cliche and childish. Attention Yankees The pronoun y all is a contraction of you all and is plural No one in the South ever addresses a single person as y all That would be like addressing that person as you folks It doesn t make any sense I should beforgiving, since the towering Russell Banks makes the same gaffe in Rule of the Bone, but Kadohata s persistence in this folly pretty much ruined the book for me My willing suspension of disbelief deflated with an almost audible hiss Other lame laziness Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow was released during the Kennedy administration and not the Eisenhower years. Kira Kira Kee Ra Kee Ra Glittering Shining Glittering That S How Katie Takeshima S Sister, Lynn, Makes Everything Seem The Sky Is Kira Kira Because Its Color Is Deep But See Through At The Same Time The Sea Is Kira Kira For The Same Reason And So Are People S Eyes When Katie And Her Family Move From A Japanese Community In Iowa To The Deep South Of Georgia, It S Lynn Who Explains To Her Why People Stop On The Street To Stare, And It S Lynn Who, With Her Special Way Of Viewing The World, Teaches Katie To Look Beyond Tomorrow, But When Lynn Becomes Desperately Ill, And The Whole Family Begins To Fall Apart, It Is Up To Katie To Find A Way To Remind Them All That There Is Always Something Glittering Kira Kira In The Future Kira Kira is the story of the Japanese American Takeshima family, told from the point of view of Katie, the youngest daughter We learn in the opening passage of the story that Kira Kira means glittering in Japanese, and that it was Katie s first word, taught to her by her older sister Lynn It s obvious from the beginning that Katie adores Lynn.Born in Iowa to Japanese immigrants, Katie and Lynn have a nice childhood, but everything changes when the family s Asian food store goes out of business, and they move to Georgia to become factory workers in a poultry processing plant It s here that Katie realizes for the first time that she is different Shunned by the white Georgians, the Japanese community in Georgia is tight knit, but life is very difficult Katie and Lynn s parents work extremely long hours under harsh conditions Katie and Lynn rarely see their father, and when they do, he s exhausted Their mother is forced to wear pads because bathroom breaks are not allowed in the factory When their baby brother, Sammy, is born, the girls and a next door neighbor pretty much raise him Just when things can t get worse, Lynn becomes very ill, and the family s bonds are tested.This heart wrenching story is one that I will soon not forget Cynthia Kadohata expertly gets into the mind of a girl Katie s age who has to deal with some very adult situations but does not quite understand them An example of this is when Lynn is very ill, and despite appearing very strong and brave in front of Lynn, Katie needs a moment alone and breaks down I cried and cried For a while as I cried I hated my parents, as if it were their fault Lynn was sick Then I cried because I loved my parents so much Then I didn t feel like crying any I just felt barren, my eyes felt dry They sky was still gray Everything was gray, the sky and the store and even my hand when I held it out in front of myself I wondered in anyone else in history had ever been as sad as I was at that moment p 199.We also see racism, prejudice, and the unfair treatment of the factory workers through Katie s eyes While some have criticized this book and being slow and uninteresting for young adults, it would have been right up my alley when I was younger Certainly, it s not for every kid and may appealto girls than boys, but it s a story that I think will impact many It was completely deserving of its 2005 Newbery Medal win. Much of this book was predictable young protagonist, struggles come to family, family begins to falter, and tragedy must be overcome at end But I liked the setting and the plot It was a Japanese family in Georgia in the 1950s It was interesting to hear about the hard work and the different kind of prejudice It made me wonder what my grandmother must have gone through when she relocated to the land states I think the part I most connected with was the relationship between the two sisters It is told from Katie s point of view, who is about 4 or 5 years younger than Lynn As this is the age difference between me and my sister, I instantly knew what it was like to look up to this seemingly perfect sister and idolize her How the older sister made even the simplest things amazing and wonderful That life was kira kira because the older sister made it so view spoiler When I was younger, one of my worst nightmares was when, for some reason, K was taken away from our family I woke up crying, knowing how much it would hurt me if I ever lost my wonderful older sister So I was able to almost relate to Katie s feelings when Lynn gets sick and later dies hide spoiler I agree with the reviewer who said in a review from January 2010 Dear Yankees, the word y all is a contraction of you all and it is plural It was mind numbingly annoying that Katie used it when addressing a single person with regularity Kadohata claims she lived in the South when she was young I can only guess it was for a very short time, a long time ago and she has not returned Any young child who regularly heard people use this expression correctly and who would pick up the accent as Katie is supposed to have done would also use the expression correctly.There is nothing poetic or vivid about the prose here It verges on the pedestrian The plot offers nothing that I did not see in afterschool specials when I was in junior highexcept the characters are of Japanese descent It was predictable and poorly paced and really quite maudlin This is the weakest of the 33 Newbery winners I ve read so far Not heinous, just not award material especially not the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children of the year Good for bibliotherapy when dealing with grieving girls who might identify with Katiebut not much else.I was at the awards ceremony when this won and I searched bookstores on the way home for a copy hoping to read it before everyone else it was a surprise winner I m glad I didn t waste my money on it Oh, and I have been a member of the Newbery Committee too will be again.