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The New York Times says the Knockout Game is a lie USA Today says it is a myth a product of white fear This book settles that once and for allThis is the most complete collection of Knockout Game links and videos and stories ever assembledKnockout Game a Lie? uses hundreds of links to videos and stories that provide the compelling answer Aww hell no It also contains a link to a video with hundreds of examplesCreated by the author of White Girl Bleed a Lot Colin Flaherty has written about the Knockout Game than anyone So says American Thinker Bretibart and Daily CallerKnockout Game a Lie? documents the denials How the Knockout Game is a myth because black mob violence and black on white crime that is wildly out of proportion is also a myth say the deniersBut the Knockout Game attacks just kept happening by the hundredsBy the time the Knockout Game became a national buzz word in November of 2013 I had been writing about it for two years First in White Girl Bleed a Lot Then dozens of times afterward in WNDcom FrontPagecom Breitbart AmericanThinkercom and lots of other placesCritics liked it Thomas Sowell Allen West Breitbart Joseph Farah Thomas Lifson the Daily Caller WND American Thinker David Horowitz Jamie Glazov and others said I was ahead of the curve Way aheadOthers like the Los Angeles Times and Village Voice and Salon said I was making the whole thing up National talk radio host Thom Hartmann said White Girl Bleed a Lot caused the Knockout Game Just the way MSNBC said White Girl Bleed a Lot caused the Boston Marathon bombingThere is a lot of craziness surrounding the denials of the Knockout Game These denials cannot survive the truth so let’s present that here without racism Without rancor Without apologiesAfter you read Knockout Game a Lie? you might try to explain it but you can no longer deny itWhen you get there let me know

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    Knockout Game a Lie? Awww Hell No is a follow up to the best seller White Girl Bleed A lot by Colin Flaherty In it Colin Flaherty debunks the claim that the Knockout game is a lie and both chronicles and exposes the efforts by the media to deny its existence He backs everything up with documentation links to videos and articles These are issues that all American's must be aware of This is a must read and I highly recommend it

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    Racist Colin Flaherty is here to refute the people who criticised his made up claims about the Knockout Game His empty claims are supported once again with cherry picking and lies Don't buy this rubbishhttpwwwpatheoscomblogschristan

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    Colin Flaherty is a great man He reports on the greatest lie of our generation The knockout game is real and is an ongoing epidemic in our cities If you want to know the truth read this book

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    Good booklots of factsGreat eye openerHad no idea this problem was so wide spreadHope people heed the warning and stay safeBe careful

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    This book is about a phenomenon called the 'knockout game' in a US context in which random people are attacked in an attempt to knock them out while the perpetrators laugh and joke about Flaherty identifies African Americans as the main perpetrators of the knockout game with other races being the victims; the author provides extensive examples and evidence of this He says that the media has largely ignored this game because of the characteristics of the attackersOne can say that attacking random people is an immoral act but this might not be the full story In the good old days if a tribe saw another tribe of a different race there is a good possibility that the other tribe would be attacked It would be a fairly natural reaction We used to form tribes of similar people and attack things – animals prey other humans It would seem that collective violence against people of other races is one of the best ways to promote an in group preference so there is a very real positive to the knockout game If a person sees members of his race attack and dominate people of other races while having fun he is going to feel proud and happy that he is part of that powerful tribe On the other hand if one is a victim of the knockout game or sees his race being the victims he is going to be sad and ashamed that is he in what he views as the weaker raceIn boxing the goal is to knockout the opponent and doing so produces tremendous rewards and prestige as we saw with the likes of Muhammad Ali Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather; but in life too outside of the ring it seems that knocking out your opponent can be eually beneficial