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Levi just wants to be treated like a typical kid As a baby he had a serious disease that caused him respiratory issues He's fine now but his mom and overprotective brother still think of him as damaged and his schoolmates see him as the same class clown he's always been He feels stuck So when his dad—divorced from his mom—suggests he take up boxing he falls in love with the sport And when he finds out about a school with a killer boxing team and a free study curriculum it feels like he's found a ticket to a new Levi But how can he tell his mom about boxing? And how can he convince his family to set him free?

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    Thank you to Edelweiss for an eARC of this book All opinions are my ownKNOCKOUT is the companion book to HOUSE ARREST and I enjoyed this book even than the first one This is the story of Levi Timothy's younger brother who had serious health issues in the original story Levi is a teenager now and struggling to figure out who he is despite the extreme cautiousness encouraged by his brother and mother Levi decides he wants to take part in a sport and with his father's encouragement he starts to take boxing lessons Levi finds boxing is something at which he's really good but he knows his mom and overprotective brother won't support his new passion When his boxing secret and some recent health issues come to light Levi will need to stay strong and fight for what truly matters to himI love the way the characters and storyline HOUSE ARREST have developed and matured in KNOCKOUT Timothy has become a responsible mature and parental figure who wants to get into medical school He has nothing to do with his father although Levi develops a relationship with him that plays an important role in the story I also love how the boys communicate using Timothy's journal and how he shares his experiences during his house arrest with Levi a part of his life which he hasn't discussed until now because he didn't want Levi to feel guilty These complex emotions and relationships are communicated so well in verse and although the formatting of an eARC makes it impossible to really grasp and appreciate the full extent of the verse I have no doubt that fans of the original book will love this one as well

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    I'm giving this five stars because it is so wonderfully written the words are beautiful Knockout is the follow up to House Arrest and is the story of Timothy's younger brother Levi In House Arrest Levi was the unwell younger brother and in Knockout he discovers why his older brother Timothy did the things he did If you've read House Arrest then you definitely should read this one

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    SurpriseI make them laughI make them pointThat waythe tightrope is mineto control The excellence of middle grade literature continues So far this year I've had the pleasure of reading a number of terrific moving uniue children's fiction titles and that train of awesome continued with my back to back reading of KA Holt's House Arrest and Knockout A companion novel in verse to 2015's House Arrest Knockout tells the story of twelve year old Levi Davidson as he begins a tumultuous and audacious yearKnockout is told in the first person narrative of Levi We are introduced to Levi and his world as he sets himself up to begin grade seven alongside his best friend Tam Levi and Tam met back in kindergarten and discovered commonalities both were born premature at two pounds and reuired an inhaler However as Levi tells us the differences are vast Levi had a trach as a child; his life has been in and out of hospitals with him still having to go for major annual checkups His mom divorced from his dad and Timothy continue to hover and set boundaries watching warning and pleading with Levi to be careful To always be safe When Levi's dad suggest that Levi try a sport he doesn't expect to fall in love with boxing but he does Levi discovers a raw aptitude for boxing; surprising everyone with tenacity and lightening speed that make up for his lack of height and slight build As Levi's year marches on he continues to hide boxing from Tam his mom and brother who would be terrified for his health until one boxing accident lands him in the hospital injured vulnerable and with lies unveiled As with House Arrest Knockout is utterly compelling from opening to ending Holt's writing is beautiful and seamless Levi's voice is unforgettable here and readers get to experience his fears his mistakes with Tam his highs and hopes for a independent future at a sports focused school through dynamic and heartbreaking verse Especially moving throughout the novel are the extraordinary moments and reveals between Timothy and Levi which we get to read via their written exchanges to one anotherI take out an earbudoffer it to Timothyand we listen togetherhead to headsong after songthe same music as always and yetdifferent now Overall Knockout is terrific profound wise and funny told in a blistering pace that wonderfully allows for both conseuential and uiet moments to permeate Readers who previously read and loved KA Holt's House Arrest might definitely be itching to read about the Davidson boys and to find out what Timothy is up to in his twenties It is probably not necessary to have read House Arrest prior to Knockout though I personally loved having read Timothy's story first and having been introduced to Levi when he was a baby It's a win either way to get to read two tremendous affecting and memorable books Readers looking for novels in verse in the vein of Kwame Alexander or those who like authors such as Kate Messner Beth Vrabel Leslie Connor or Lisa Graff might especially love KA Holt's KnockoutI received a copy of Knockout courtesy of Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review All opinions and comments are my own

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    Thanks to kidlitexchange for the review copy of this title all opinions are my ownWell the only possible negative thing I can say about this one is that I wish it were longer I just read House Arrest a few weeks ago in anticipation of this title and I will say that although Knockout can be read as a stand alone it is so so much richer after having read House Arrest The verse is very accessible and the artistic elements used in some parts of the book are very visually appealing and I think that middle grade readers will love them Lots of feeling about a sport not often seen in kid lit and a fantastic format These 2 titles should be in all middle school libraries

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    I'm invested in these characters so it was fun to visit them about a decade later and find out how the author wrote their future Levi's voice wasn't as compelling to me as Timothy's in House Arrest and didn't have the same depth of language or situation I liked when Levi's family interacted by writing in a notebook because we heard from Timothy againI liked finding out what happened later in this family's life but I wish we had gotten information about some of the minor characters I loved in the first book Still if you're a fan of House Arrest then Knockout is a worthwhile read

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    Loved HOUSE ARREST better but this is a solid second in a series Can’t believe how old Timothy is and I’m glad the dad didn’t change makes it realistic Loved the journal too in this easy to read novel in verse

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    45 STARSIn this follow up to HOUSE ARREST Levi is twelve years old and Timothy wants to go to medical school Overprotected by his mom and brother and encouraged by his father to find a sport Levi takes up boxing He tells his mom he joined the chess club so she won’t worry and hides that he’s his having breathing difficultiesLevi is a spoiled self centered kid who’s used to getting what he wants from his family He’s not used to sharing so when his best friend Tam befriends Kate he doesn’t handle it well Levi is an imperfect kid who has a lot of growing to doNovels in verse are hit or miss for me KNOCKOUT is a hit KA Holt packs a lot of content into few words I finished in less than an hour though middle grade readers will probably take a bit longer Reluctant readers and all kids will enjoy KNOCKOUT

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    Good Seuel to House Arrest Good ending

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    I picked this up on a whim from my new book display and I'm really glad that I did I really enjoyed Rhyme Schemer by KA Holt so I'm not surprised to enjoy her style of storytelling in Knockout Unlike most free verse that I've read I really like the beats that Holt creates with her line breaks It is most effective when Levi is describing boxing as you can feel the swift movements and jabs through the way the words are arranged Of course I also love the way she turns the words into pictures throughout just as a fun visual Levi's illness is a great metaphor for puberty where kids are trying to find their own way but they're also still fragile and susceptible to making mistakes and getting hurt Seeing him grow into his own person was lovely made all the better for the bumps along the way I really loved Levi's relationships with his family members especially his bother The passing of notes is so accurate to the reality that communicating with your family can be difficult than anything else Solid 45 This is a uick read with a lot of heart so if you like middle grade novels with a well rounded male protagonist and stuff written in free verse definitely check this out

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    Thank you to Kidlitxchange for the opportunity to read this book All opinions are my own Knockout is a companion to the book House Arrest but it can be read as a stand alone “This is a story of a young man trying to find his own path through the tangle of paths others have created for him” Levi’s story is his love of climbing trees and boxing He has a great sense of humor and lots of energy so why does everyone insist on keeping him under “house arrest”? This is a great story told through verse which made me love it even This author is great at seeing the world through a kid’s eyes