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Demon lights granted wishes strange things and brutal love at the Lucky Lounge Motel A haunted sister desperate parents a little human touch and the end of the worldThese are the stories whispered among dead leaves the script etched bare for all to see When the chills sink deep and your heart begins to poundare you alone?Welcome to Glenn Rolfe’s LAND OF BONES14 tales of the strange and macabre

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    Apprehension Land of Bones is a collection of horror stories that stimulate and provoke the imagination to go beyond the scenarios painted Fourteen short stories combine to create an impressive compendium of treats that are well written and have the ability to capture such moving and scary images as tales of despair and terror unfold You know that when reading a collection of horror stories bad shit is coming but what is remarkable about the writing from Glenn Rolfe is the creativity and excellent delivery of each tale The horror isn’t just blood and gore but emotional turmoil with a wide ranging mix of stories involving monsters natural disasters viruses animals gone bad people gone bad and supernatural meddling All situations have a sense of dread – nothing will ever be the same again assuming you liveSome of the stories are very short and there is one relatively long story that consumes over 40% of the book The dialogue is really absorbing and adds to the rounded and complete telling of each tale and ensures the maximum impact is achieved from each literary mouthful If you enjoy short stories then I would highly recommend this book and I find reading a book like this is a great companion to have when you can only muster shorter reading times during the day Like when you should be preparing for a meeting at work ;I would like to thank Glenn Rolfe for providing me with a free copy of his book in return for an honest review

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    45 Solid STARSLook at the cover of this book beautiful design but somewhat misleading This is than a compilation of horror stories They are not meant to scare you they will make you FEELAnd the introduction will warn you that these stories are about loss something all of us can relate toMr Rolfe shows his writing talent remarkably well in these stories especially when opening himself up to the emotional side Of the 14 stores I think 12 of them were great And my favorite surprised me For the rest of the review I'm going to take you on the scenic route of Explanation Highway to get to the point I am also going to give my opinion on some things you may or may not agree with I firmly believe you are entitled to your own opinion no matter how wrong you are so I'm not doing it to open a musical debate Some mood music perhaps? This may not be a very well known song but it captures my feeling when I read the book This would be on the soundtrack ASHES TO EDEN by Breaking BenjaminThere's a song I've been hearing a lot on radio and it has grown on me HUMAN by Rag'n'Bone Man Think about two of the most covered songs in modern musical history KNOCKING ON HEAVEN'S DOOR and HALLELUJAH What about one of the ultimate classics IMAGINE by John Lennon There is something truly magical about these songs Simplicity I'm not saying they are simple or easy but the thing that makes them so powerful is the way that the artists didn't try to make them than they are If you make a production out of IMAGINE with multiple musicians and instruments maybe even a guitar solo in the middle you will FUCK it UP The best cover I've heard of that song was an Acapella version Maybe it's a case of different tastes I don't know My wife and I have this argument about the best version of the song RUN I like the original Snow Patrol ah yes nearly made that Paw Patrol guess what my son is watching right now version while my wife thinks the Leona Lewis cover is better SP does not have the range or uality of LL but damn that's what makes it greatAnyway what I'm getting at is that the story FIRE in this book spoke to me It is simple and straight forward but damn Mr Rolfe managed to make it greatHope you enjoy this one as much as I had recommended to than horror fans

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    LAND OF BONES 14 Tales of the Strange and Macabre by Glenn Rolfe is a collection that centers on feelings of loss in many different forms The feelings he evokes through these stories are genuine and several had resonated with me particularly well since they showcased some of my own fears They range in topic from everyday human losses to subtle psychological ones and the supernaturalPersonal favorites of mine included Death Lights This story featured Lee Buhl a character I remembered from one of Rolfe's novels THE HAUNTED HALLS Here he reprises his role of a demon fighting shaman in an all new tale The Fixer This one begins with the poignant emotion of sorrow crushing loss and despair When a strange man makes the offer to fix things you just know that something is off kilter here Although the story rings true in a way as a grieving parent will chose to latch onto any hope given to them no matter how improbable Ghosts of Spears Corner A supernatural tale that I absolutely loved Part coming of age and all tinged with horror every part about this one came as a surprise to me Little Bunny My initial thought on this story was simply Wow This one had it all from psychological emotional and visceral horror completely wrapped up in a tale that we only get glimpses into the full account of Alice in Wonderland this is not Note to self Never follow the little bunny Simon One of the shorter entries in this collection and yet one I have to say was my personal favorite with Little Bunny a close second This one showcases how danger can lurk anywhere under any guise when vulnerable children are about A gut renching tale with an original concept that I have to admireOverall I felt that LAND OF BONES is a collection with many varied types of tales to captivate the attention of horror lovers Each of these selections was uniue in both setting and characters paying homage to all the different types of loss we have to contend with A great collection with literally something for everyoneHighly recommended

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    I really liked the short stories in this book The author Glenn Rolfe just seems to grab a hold of you and plop you into the stories Favorites include Ghosts of Spears Corner Not Kansas Any Wish The Fixer The Rooster this one was sad but I still liked the story Too Much of A Dead Thing a little bit longer than the other stories and I liked how the characters came together in it and Death Lights The stories are not scary but just some fun short reads Four stars for this one

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    Impressed I think this is the first thing I've read by this author From the first story I was hooked I read the majority of this in one sitting oops Didn't mean for that to happen The stories draw you in and it's a hard book to put down

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    Land of Bones by Glenn Rolfe is a 14 story collection of horrific shorts and novellas Let's jump right in and break these down in orderGhosts of Spears Corner Two boys days from starting middle school in the 1950s decide to break into the boarded up Spears House the local haunted house Doing their very best to keep their fears at bay the boys discover a dark secret locked away A fun read that even though took place in the Fifties reminded me of my childhood Sometimes you just have to see what it's like behind those boarded up windows on a big gothic looking house 4 12 out of 5 starsSimon Ally has a pet worm named Simon He is a worm right?4 out of 5 starsNot Kansas Any Kick ass story about bats that take over a small town and young Colton wants to see for himself what happened over at Pedro Field What sounds like a voice crying for help mesmerizes him to a cave on the side of a hill How long he had been walking he didn't know What he did know is that what was in that cave didn't need any help A great story that stays with you long after you've put it down5 out of 5 starsFire A snippet of what it would be like if a life and death situation forced you into making a choice of which lives you were going to save A thought provoker 4 out of 5 starsWelcome to Paradise The start of a Natural Born Killers type of relationship Twisted story that feels like it's chapter one of something bigger4 12 out of 5 starsAvenging Kitten A story about what can happen when people all hell bent about a particular cause happens to poke their nose into a situation that's none of their business A chuckle gets four stars4 out of 5 starsCharley Sings the World Away The end of the world is here and it's sad to watch as your little girl is oblivious to the big picture 3 12 out of 5 starsThe Fixer A new take on the age old proverb of be careful what you wish for Evil likes to prey on the desperate Even though it felt like familiar territory it was fun to see what twists Rolfe put into it4 12 out of 5 starsThe Rooster I've always loved the AIC song and thought the lyrics were powerful They fit this story like a glove about losing a loved one that you thought was indestructible It feels eerily like a true story than fiction4 out of 5 starsToo Much of a Dead Thing A uniue take on the whole zombieundead phenomenon At first you think the monsters are zombies and as you move along through the story you start to wonder if maybe they came from outer space A few nice things here but the real horror turns out to be from the people that are left alive4 out of 5 starsLittle Bunny a whacked out fairy talehallucination type of story that has traces of possession and ghost story to add some flavor I think the idea was okay but I found the story telling wasn't smooth and fluid 3 out of 5 starsDeath Lights A novella that stars Rolfe's supernatural detective and banisher of evil spirits Lee Buhl For those of you that are familiar with Rolfe's writing you may remember Buhl from The Haunted Halls He's back in Maine to take on a house that can't be sold due to it's resident poltergeist Buhl calls upon his Native American heritage once as he battle the malevolent spirit of a murderer Good stuff here Rolfe has the makings of a franchise character4 12 out of 5 starsRolfe has evolved nicely over the last couple of years His writing chops are much tighter than when he began and he's uickly become one of my go to authors when I want a uality read of terror Land of Bones has a little bit of everything It has your gothic horror Your ConjuringJames Wan style of horror Even your Jack Ketchum style that hits a little too close to home a little too personal and makes you uncomfortable I think Glenn's influences are clearly on display here yet none of the stories feel like watered down derivatives They clearly have their own terrifying voice and that voice screams Glenn RolfeOverall 4 out of 5 stars

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    This book was sent to me by the author in exchange for an honest review Land of Bones is a collection of stories dealing mostly with the themes of grief and loss Rolfe writes about death and those who grieve as if he is intimately acuainted with it I hope that isn't the case but a few of his stories like The Fixer and The Rooster read as if Rolfe is letting his grief flow through his pen The Rooster especially reads almost like a non fiction account It's so honest and raw I really liked the stories in this collection but of course there are always certain ones that stand out Welcome to Paradise is one that I won't soon forget The Fixer is a story that I'm sure uite a few people can relate to Be careful what you wish for Fire is another one that absolutely makes you suirm Although again it asks the uestion that you really don't want to answerwhat would you do in the same situation?Simon is such a weird and uniue story That one is going to be hard to forget too although Avenging Kitten was probably the hardest story for me to read I love animals but I have a special place in my heart for birds It was really hard for me to get through that oneI also really enjoyed the novella Too Much of a Dead Thing In a collection of short stories it was nice to have a piece by Rolfe that was a little longer and spent time with his characters I also think Death Lights was the perfect story to end the collection and I'm eager to read with Rolfe's character Lee Buhl This is a solid collection I recommend it if this is your first time reading Rolfe like me It's an excellent introduction

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    Oh the feels What a collection Land of Bones is a collection about love and loss death and brings to light darkness what ifs I’m not too sueamish or jumpy at most fiction but some of the stories made me suirm while reading in bed at night I had previously read the story Welcome to Paradise at Christmas thanks Glenn but I re read it It was nice to see Veronica again If you want that familiar tickle of excitement and fear in the pit of your stomach Glenn Rolfe delivers

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    Glenn Rolfe gave me some brutal stories in this collection My review can be read here

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    If you read Glenn's guest post on my blog yesterday you are likely already aware that Land of Bones is a collection which deals primarily with lossAnd it all begins with a flash fiction piece set in a graveyard The title story Land of BonesGhost of Spears Corner Wow This coming of age short will definitely reach out and grab youWe weren’t perfect but I’d say we managed to be relatively normal All that changed at least for me the last week of summer vacation in ’57Simon Little Ally has a fascination with worms especially SimonHer worm as she liked to lovingly think of him was not like the worms in Katy's or Michael's yardsNot Kansas Any Another killer story about a series of deaths in Kansas MaineOn the news they were telling us we had a murderer in our town In the halls between classes we were talking about vampires We were all wrongFire Thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed every story in this collection How would you deal with a world suddenly aflame?Welcome to Paradise This story may be short on words but what it lacks in size it makes up for in violenceShe loved damage She loved scars She loved anything beautiful and broken The Lucky Lounge Motel served as the feeding ground for her biggest passionmurderWish All I can say about this story is one really needs to be careful what they wish forAvenging Kitten Love the title Another story of loss and in this case revenge This is one of those tales where I couldn't wait to see where it would goCharley Sings the World Away A heartbreaking story of the end timesThe Fixer A tale of horrible loss A story that moved me to tears and then made me angry Well doneThe Rooster That Alice in Chains record is one we both lovedToo Much of a Dead Thing A novella length story with a zombie like event where the survivors are far worse than the monstersLittle Bunny Brenner's Woods were off limits A haunted place with snakes spiders and ghosts but that didn't stop Tommy Schafer from venturing inWhile he came back each and every time poor Tommy never came out uite the sameDeath Lights A Lee Buhl Story If you read The Haunted Halls you are already familiar with Glenn's demon fighting urban shamanYears after his showdown at the Burton Inn Lee is going back to work and finds himself at an old farmhouse What he finds might be than he is ready forA singular voice in speculative fiction Rolfe is able to tell complete stories in his shorts something some novelists fail to accomplish in 300 pages Some of these tales can be difficult to read particularly if you've experienced a similar loss But overall I found Land of Bones to be a worthwhile collectionRecommendedLand of Bones is currently available for the Kindle If you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited you can read it at no additional charge Also if you are an Prime member you can read it for FREE using the Kindle Owners Lending LibraryFrom the author's bio A vital part of this generation Brian Keene author of The Complex and The Rising Glenn Rolfe is an authorsingersongwriter from the haunted woods of New England He has studied Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University and continues his education in the world of horror by devouring the novels of Stephen King Ronald Malfi Jack Ketchum and many others He and his wife Meghan have three children Ruby Ramona and Axl He is grateful to be loved despite his weirdness Glenn is the author of Becoming Blood and Rain The Haunted Halls Chasing Ghosts Abram's Bridge Things We Fear and the collections Out of Range Slush and Land of Bones He is hard at work on many Stay tuned