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Antiguos exploradores y nerds del siglo XXI Biólogos y hackers Todos tienen un códice por escribir Todos disfrutan la sensación de control sobre otros seres humanosDespués de Las teorías salvajes Pola Oloixarac reafirma con esta novela ue su literatura va mucho más allá de narrar una historia de forma bella y efectiva Cada instante y detalle multiplican su significado con la observación de la autora más singular y talentosa de la narrativa argentina una antropóloga de las letras y de nuestro tiempo

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    I didn't get a lot out of this one Strange and an okay read It's a mix of lost world and techno sci fi The story is disjointed but it's odd than unpleasant Dark Constellations Audible Audiobook – UnabridgedPola Oloixarac Author Roy Kesey translator Author Justine Eyre Narrator a division of Recorded Books HighBridge Publisher

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    This is exactly my kind of book tbh I'd say read if you enjoyed 2666 and Cloud Atlas It swings between cyberpunk near future and darkly sexual magical realism 1880s and it's a wild ride for 215 or so pages Alternately it's a lost world biotech parable about exploitation Either way it would be well at home on the syllabus for my senior English seminar on the seven deadly sins

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    This is a difficult review to write because I am not sure where to begin Before I continue with this review I would like to add a disclaimer I don’t think I fully “got” this book I think I missed something crucial or maybe I am just in too much of a cultural bubble to have been able to understand But I did not enjoy this book The concept intrigued me The novel centers around the “uest for knowledge and control” It covers themes of privacy mass surveillance and evolutionary concepts The story is supposed to connect three different stories one of a 19th century plant biologist one of a boy named Cassio who grows up in the 90s and becomes a talented hacker and one of a researcher named Peira who works on a research group with Cassio in 2024 The result of these three stories is a project that allows the Argentinian government to track all of its citizens using censors that identify their DNAThe problem I have with this novel is in the disjointed narrative It is just so hard to follow The three stories are supposed to be interconnected but it just doesn’t end up reading that way It leaves the readeror at least this reader bewildered and confused Another issue is in the flowery and overly sexual and descriptive narrative The plot and message gets lost in the details of description as well as the informational overload I felt like I needed to have a than mediocre understanding of anthropology and politics to be able to follow this novel It seemed like it was written for a very specific reader and I’m just not sure I was that reader I recognize that this is a novel in translation and perhaps some of the nuances were lost in the process of that translation; either that or perhaps I am just too culturally sheltered to be able to understandI struggled to finish this book I mean I really slogged through it I think that may have just been due to my own inability to understand but if I had that problem I imagine others will as well I would like to thank NetGalley for sending me an advance copy of this novel in exchange for my honest review

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    What creates space for meaning isn’t the bright dots or the presence of light–for dark constellations the light is the noise What matters is the darknessThis is the strange slightly pale sibling to Savage Theories which I liked than this one There is a mesh of measured similarities but this Dark Constellations offers bluntly a thesis ontology as code hence the primacy of the hacker Oloixarac explores the conseuences of when actors or entities intrude upon one another this violation whether sexualized imperialistic or simply respiratory has conseuences which can be measured predicted and even altered It is a mental miscegenation

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    ??? What did I just read? I have almost no idea what happened in this novel but I did enjoy the reading experience Notable exception being the uncomfortable prevalence of absurd euphemisms for the penis Meaty joystick? WHY?? This book is packed with ideas but I don’t feel like I was smart enough to put it all together The story begins in the 1800’s and as it advances to the late 1900’s and finally 2024 it keeps circling back to this nineteenth century explorer character but I couldn't tell you why There’s a ton of character building of another character Cassio stuffed in the middle that somehow didn’t allow me to understand him at all Then when part three introduces a neat woman as the final protagonist it keeps being about the previous characters much than her This book is solidly speculative but I want to say it leans towards the “literary” side of fiction even though I still couldn’t explain to you what I think makes a book “literary” I love how much tech was stuffed into this book and the feeling that it was asking interesting uestions however far just outside my reach but ultimately I have no idea what went down in this book In search of someone to talk to about this one? I don’t know somehow I’m not especially inclined to try to Google my way towards some elusive understanding preferring to let this book stand alone yet inscrutable I think I should have read it slower

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    Thought it was a good Techy sci fi It was hard to read and follow so I decided to persevere It was not worth it I was hoping the weird floating ideas and scenes would settle out and resolve bit I could not figure out what happened at the end

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    I keep falling for these beautiful covers

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    Dark Constellations is a very different book than what I usually read I was excited to read outside my comfort zone and grateful for the opportunity to explore literature from Latin America Pola Oloixarac hails from Argentina and the setting of the book is partially in Argentina as well as the Canary Islands Brazil and PatagoniaThe writing style is reminiscent of Haruki Murakami surrealist magical and at times inelegant The pace moves at breakneck speed in a narrative style that is like vignettes than linear storytelling Oloixarac's descriptions are vivid which is beautiful for depictions of the jungle and even the jungles of technology covered in this story However her vivid descriptions of sexual content were less about romance and about meeting carnal needs I had trouble connecting to themTruthfully it was difficult to connect with much of this story I have a background in technology so I understood the technical components of the story yet did not find the hacker character Cassio likable in the slightest The book is split into three parts following three characters whose stories intersect and influence one another over the course of nearly 150 years but it mostly focuses on Cassio and his work I would've loved time with the third character introduced Piera Though the final section is ostensibly about her and her research she acts of an ancillary character to Cassio's mission Up until the final pages the book felt well within the confines of reality and I imagine we'll be seeing biotechnology like the kinds described in this book in the next 30 50 years However the final few pages went off the deep end into solidly science fiction territory I love scifi but I simply don't think it fit or flowed with the rest of the story Overall I'm glad I read this book but unless you're a Murakami fan I wouldn't recommend itThank you to NetGalley and Soho Press for a copy in exchange for a review

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    So close to being a five but the timeline was screwed up middle section went from nineties learning C and assembler starting to study to suddenly WiFi botnets and microdrones to make the story make sense then stepped backwards to having Ninja Turtles and V for Vendetta coexist together with Coke Zero There were also problems with the translation numbers theory and cellular automatons Ultimately though the ending was sketchy and unresolved supposedly the virus was biological but also fractal And what was the lab actually doing? Just not clearPicture esue and worth a read but ultimately falls short of what it could have been

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    Elissa Schappell Why do writers have such a hard time writing about sex?Toni Morrison Sex is difficult to write about because it’s just not sexy enough The only way to write about it is not to write much Let the reader bring his own sexuality into the text A writer I usually admire has written about sex in the most off putting way There is just too much information If you start saying “the curve of ” you soon sound like a gynecologist Only Joyce could get away with that He said all those forbidden words He said cunt and that was shocking The forbidden word can be provocative But after a while it becomes monotonous rather than arousing Less is always better Some writers think that if they use dirty words they’ve done it It can work for a short period and for a very young imagination but after a while it doesn’t deliver When Sethe and Paul D first see each other in about half a page they get the sex out of the way which isn’t any good anyway—it’s fast and they’re embarrassed about it—and then they’re lying there trying to pretend they’re not in that bed that they haven’t met and then they begin to think different thoughts which begin to merge so you can’t tell who’s thinking what That merging to me is tactically sensual than if I had tried to describe body parts From Toni Morrison The Art of Fiction No 134Unlike most folks I don't go out of my way to read bad or lousy books One of the reasons I haven't become a paid full time book reviewer is because of this I get my books from works that have been out a while so that I know it has been vetted Still every once in a while I will stumble on a book that I would rightfully never read This is one of those booksThis book was recommended to me not by friends or word of mouth but the New York Times The same article that got me to read The Memory Police also recommended this book and since the digital library app Hoopla had it available as an audiobook I said why not Wellthere were reasons why not If I had looked on Goodreads I would've seen a whole lot of reviews that kept saying DNF Did Not Finish Now I thought why would folks not want to finish a book called Dark Constellations really the only great about this book is the title Well I had to find out so I started listeningSo I think I got an idea of what this book was about after chapter 1's blood seamen orgy Sigh So now I have to decide if I finish up this 5 hour audiobook or just waste one of my Hoopla borrows for the month I said hell might as well solider on This synopsis of the novel is there but it is totally subsumed in the faux wittiness and most stunningly un sexy un erotic descriptions ever written It began so bad that I thought that if it kept itself at gutter level when it talked or mentioned sex which this book does a lot despite not advertising itself that way than it would at least appeal to my morbid sense of humor as a so bad it's good book but alasit had to nerve to try take itself seriously as a work of literature and became mediocre Not acceptable or terrible at least not all thee time but for the most time it was just plastered in mediocrity with a golden shower of horrible sex scenes and fetishizing throughout Besides the Morrison uote above a novel that I have to contrast this book with is Ragtime by EL Doctorow which has some of the best erotic prose I ever read in a novel Even the un sexy scene Younger Brothers and Evelyn Nisbit's first meeting is rendered so damn poetically because Doctorow was just a good writer No such luck in this book I don't know who to assign blame to accurately because I was listening to someone read a translation by someone else of another person's work So I will blame all three eually for this horror I can't help but think that of all the Latin American literature to translate they take this vapid self important trash to translatedamnTo make it plain this is a crappy book I will not even dare discuss the actual plot because this book don't deserve it So many other better works out there that could have been promoted over this