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16 AMAZING STORIES YOU'VE NEVER READ These 16 sizzling and sweet romance stories are all brand new and never before released until now Snowed in? Cuddle up with this anthology of SNOW inpsired romantic comedy stories Readers love these tasty tales from their favorite funny authors and swoon worthy heroes By popular demand here's the third issue of LOL You'll love and laugh out loud at these novellas with satisfying romantic endings and not a cliffhanger in sight Enjoy 16 brand new stories from your favorite NYT Bestseller and USA Today Bestseller romance and romantic comedy authors plus a few fresh new faces The theme of this volume is SNOW EnjoyLOL #3 features exclusive stories fromWaiting for Snow Melanie MarchandeFor the first time ever here's his version of how the world's most obnoxious billionaire playboy fell in love with his museHeat level EroticSkiing in June Blair BabylonRae Stone von Hannover is no fairy tale princess She’s a country bumpkin currently turning into a pregnant pumpkinWhen three real princesses try to steal away Rae's handsome prince she'll do anything to keep her manHeat level Spicy hot 4 flamesThe Snowman Sky CorganFerne Lynch hates living in Alaska She wants nothing than to get away and explore the world One night she builds a snowman and makes a wish upon a star Before the night is through a mysterious man shows up on Ferne's doorstep Are they meeting by chance or is something magical happening?Heat level SweetCan You Love Me Now? Oakland Hills Short Story 3 Gretchen GalwaySasha Selkirk has been in love with her bestfriend’s brother Jake Lapinksi since she was thirteen Now twenty eight she finds him at the snowbound mountain cabin where she’s stayingand trying to forget about himHeat level SensualSnowbound Victoria WessexWhen a blizzard traps shy girl Arabella in a gas station with cocky but gorgeous Jarrett it feels like a fate worse than death But as temperatures plunge outside the friction between them leads to sparksand a whole new way to keep warmHeat level SpicyIt Was Always You Brenna AubreyWhen Jeremy her brother’s best friend came back into her life Michaela cursed the fact that she was in a relationship Now Michaela’s single again but he’s dating her roommateHeat level SensualTake for Granted Daisy PrescottJo and Ben Grant are spending a week in Aspen without the kids Bliss Heaven When Jo plans a wild evening out will Ben embrace the crazy?Heat level Sweet SpicyFall Fast Zoe YorkNavy SEAL Nathan Meyers isn’t complaining about being snowed in at O’Hare Airport with a sexy flight attendant But one night together isn’t going to be enoughHeat level EroticVegas Holiday JJ KnightJo’s high profile wedding is getting to her so sheescapes to Las Vegas with her best friend to take a day off Mayhem ensues including a surprise attack by an army of XenaWarrior Princesses and the arrival of an entire troupe of Elvis impersonatorsHeat level Moderately spicyWhen Things Go Wrong Lacey SilksHigh school friends who don’t believe in lasting relationships reconnect when they’re forced to spend the night together trapped in a caveHeat level EroticThis Never Happened Julia KentA stolen kiss with her professor two months ago comes back to haunt a young woman when fate—and Mother Nature—bring them togetherHeat level Mostly sweet some spiceSnow Kissed A Three Girls short story Rachel SchurigToo shy for her own good Bella is taking a break from her med school applications to get some dating experience Scott seems like just the guy to help her and a working vacation at a luxurious ski resort is the perfect setting for romance ordisasterHeat level EroticBegin Again Harlow NashAfter catching her cheating ex in the act Louisa Gallo has sworn off men forever—until she collides with an old flame and starts to second guess everything she thought she knew about loveHeat level SweetOnce Upon a Midnight Snowy NM SilberProsecutor Kevin Taylor can't help falling for his feisty neighbor Alison Klein twice once in the show and once in the night A cryptic note and a unexplained bang bring the two would be sleuths and lovers together for romance and mysteryHeat level SweetWarm Winter Kisses Juliet SpenserBest friends forge a deeper connection during a winter storm Hannah is a BB manager and her best friend Liam is a detective Can she keep her feelings a secret from the hunky investigator?Heat level SensualLove and Elephants Love Witches Short Novella Mimi StrongA jaded businessman who doesn't believe in love crosses paths with a witch or two A case of mistaken identity leads to shenanigans and kissingHeat level Sweet

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    My story in this collection is FALL FAST a short story in the SEALS UNDONE series FALL FAST is exclusively available in this boxed setNavy SEAL Nathan Meyers and recent divorcee as of an hour ago Emme Ryan both want a night of escape from their real lives for very different reasons A chance meeting and a single drink at an airport bar turns into a night of unexpected fun and pleasure when a freak snow storm keeps them on the ground But when morning comes will they stick to the rules they set out at the start of the night?

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    Waiting for Snow A His Secretary Undone Short Story by Melanie MarchandeMeghan is Adrian Risinger's secretary and to have her tell it he is the boss from hell That is until one moment changes everything and Meghan realizes Adrian goes under an alias of a female erotic author and his muse just happens to be herSkiing in June by Blair BabylonWulf and his pregnant wife Rae are enjoying a snowy vacation away when unexpected visitors arrive to foil their time together Rae knows that Wulf's father is not impressed by his choice but will he be able to handle what Rae has in store for him after his poor attack to break them up?The Snowman by Sky CorganFerne Lynch has the desire to explore and live a full life but her wistful dreams are stifled by her family After a uniue encounter with Michael Ferne is left with a decision that could change her life foreverCan You Love Me Now? By Gretchen GalwaySasha has had a major crush on her best friends brother Jake since she was thirteen Now fifteen years later she has resolved herself that the feelings are not mutualSnowbound by Victoria WessexArabella is doing her best to work and go to college not one to get any breaks in life she is stuck at the small store she works at in the middle of a snowstorm When town hottie and football player Jarrett shows up needing to buy something as she is closing she lets him in not realizing they are about to be snowed in together and that Jarrett has had a crush on her for uite a whileIt Was Always You by Brenna AubreyMichaela had always held a torch for her brothers best friend Jeremy but the timing was never right either she was in a relationship or he was Now that she is single again it appears her luck again has been bad because Jeremy is now dating her roommateTaking for Granted by Daisy PrescottMarried couple Jo and Ben Grant have a kidless vacation planned and Jo has plans to make it a vacation they will always rememberWill Ben appreciate all that Jo has planned?Fall Fast by Zoe YorkSEAL Nathan Meyers has been thru worse then being snowed in at an airport Meeting a mysterious woman to help bide the time is just the diversion he needs but will once be enough?Vegas Holiday by JJ KnightBride to be Jo is not in the blissful state an upcoming bride should be in she is pure panic mode Her fiancée MMA fighter Colt is used to the high profile life but Jo is a uiet person who is taking a brief vacation in Vegas with her best friend drag ueen Zero Anything can happen in Vegas right?When Things Go Wrong by Lacey SilksHigh school friends Julia and Scar have not seen each other in years and are surprised by the unexpected meeting at a ski resort When they get caved in interesting revelations come about and have both wondering what could have beenThis Never Happened by Julia KentShelly had a major crush on Jamie her professor but when they shared a kiss it crossed a line Pretending it never happened hurt them both and when fate intervenes they have a chance to start something newSnow Kissed by Rachel SchurigIsabella has found the man to get rid of her virginity with handsome waiter Scott Once he expresses interest the date is a disaster but when confessions are made they may realize they are perfect for one anotherBegin Again by Harlow NashAfter catching her now ex with her cousin Louisa is having a heck of a day That is until she runs into Austin her first kiss and some of the lingering uestions they both had about each other finally get answeredOnce Upon a Midnight Snowy by Brice AdlerA mystery to be solved throws Kevin and Alison together Alison had always thought Kevin uptight but once they start working together they realize they have uite a bit in common than they initially thoughtWarm Winter Kisses by Juliet SpenserHannah has done the unthinkable she has fallen in love with her best friend Liam It takes one snowy night for Hannah to find out that the feeling is mutual and Liam is tired of waitingLove and Elephants by Mimi StrongCarter's sister has been relentless about wanting to set him up on a blind date Carter though is rich and successful and doesn’t feel the need to be saddled with a woman with marriage in her eyes When his date doesn't go completely the way he thought he ends up with a woman who mesmerizes himI wouldn’t say these were all comedies however each story was enjoyable I tend to shy away from anthologies as I am looking for a full story and uickies sometimes are just a brief interlude but this had a few that led me to look at some new authors I want to try

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    I was provided an ARC of Fall Fast by Zoe York in exchange for an honest review I will admit that right up front I was pretty much set against liking this one I've read a number of books where the two main characters have a one night stand and I generally am not a fan I'm not a prude but rather find that the scenarios aren't well thought out and presented in a way that holds my interest They tend to be very formulaic and two dimensional Zoe York has done a great job on this one and it's largely due to the way that she presents the inner dialogue for both Nathan and Emme If you are someone that needs inner dialogue to happen very clearly eg stating the character name at the start of each chapter then this might not be the book for you Her writing style is so exceptional in this one that you hear their thoughts and she moves between both characters seamlessly I could immediately tell where Nathan's inner thoughts ended and Emme's began and that helped me empathize with both of their situations uite uickly I cared about both of these people which is really saying something considering that it's a short story with a scenario that's easy to get wrong in many ways So if you are like me and are turned off at first by the situation I strongly encourage you to give this one a chance You'll fall in love with these characters and have an enjoyable albeit too short time getting to know them I would LOVE to see another book about these two in the future and am keeping my fingers crossed that Zoe takes pity on us and writes a whole book on them soon

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    Fall Fast by Zoe York is a must read out of this anthology She is a must read author of mine and this is one from her SEALS UNDONE series You will love Nathan and Emme and when the end comes you will still be wanting of themFor different reasons they are both looking for an escape from everything AND only for one night so they dont even exchange names BUT once Nathan has had a taste of Emme one night may not be enough for himI can't wait to read of this set and from Zoe York's Seals

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    This new boxed set themed around snow contains stories from 16 of todays’s most prolific and best selling romantic comedy authors one of which being my favorite author Julia Kent Julia’s story “This Never Happened” occurs in the “Her Billionaires” universe and centers around Mike’s operations manager Shelly and her former professor Jamie They shared a couple of steamy stolen kisses when she was in his class but he refused to take it further since she was his student and literally told her to forget it ever happened She was devastated and subseuently dropped his class secretly hoping he would then come find her but he never did Fast forward two months and Jamie has been hired by Mike much to Shelly’s dismay to audit the resort’s books and awkwardness abounds When Shelly reaches a breaking point she sets out on a hike to clear her head and gets caught up in a snowstorm and has to take shelter in Mike’s cabin not knowing that Jamie has planned a visit to the cabin as well After catching Shelly in a very compromising and embarrassing position upon his arrival Jamie and Shelly find that they are snowed in at the cabin for the night Faced with such close uarters can they finally let down their guard and get real about their true feelings for each other? This story was so incredibly sweet and funny and romantic and it just made me feel good And hey how can you go wrong with two hot men who look like Thor? Mike was so cute grumbling about being the older brother I just loved this story from start to finishIn addition to Julia’s story you have “Waiting for Snow” by Melanie Marchande which is a short related to her “His Secretary Undone A Billionaire Romance” novel In this short we see how the world's most obnoxious billionaire playboy fell in love with his muse in his own words Having read the His Secretary novel I found it very enlightening to see things through Adrian's eyes He was really uite endearing in this story and it was interesting how the author continuously jumped us back and forth between the past and the present in their relationship All in all I thought this was a wonderfully romantic story which very easily stands on its own However if you read and enjoyed the His Secretary Undone novel this will only serve to further enhance your love of these characters and if you haven't read the novel this short makes you want to Unfortunately that is as far as I have gotten in the set so far but I am in absolute awe of the remaining writers which include Blair Babylon Sky Corgan Gretchen Galway Victoria Wessex Brenna Aubrey Daisy Prescott Zoe York JJ Knight Lacey Silks Rachel Schurig Harlow Nash NM Silber Juliet Spenser and Mimi Strong I have read all of them before and thoroughly enjoyed their books I can't wait to read their offerings here With this talented stable of authors gathered together in one set you really just can't go wrong If you're a fan of romantic comedy you would be a fool not to purchase this book like immediately I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review which I have given

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    This short and sexy epilogue takes place a few months after Rae and Wulfs civil marriage ceremony It is an extension of the RaeBillionaires in Disguise series It begins with the couple arriving at the Ski lodge Rae notices Wulf looking at a woman as the entourage approaches the elevator Rae asks Wulf who the woman is Wulf omits to knowing who Rae is talking about Rae knows Wulf won't lie he omits to things at times but always for a reason known only to him As Wulf skis later he is approached by an ex girlfriend Wulf soon learns his Father has been up to mischiefOn realising they have been duped by the prejudiced prig Phillip von Hannover the women approach Rae to apologize Rae decides to have a little fun with Phillip and give him a taste of his own medicine showing him just who he has taken on This epilogue is sweet yet contains all of the fun laughter and sexy hot romantic moments we're used to from Blair and this fabulous book coupleI hurt for Rae in the beginning when Wulf denied knowing who Rae was talking about I couldn't help but wonder how such a perceptive man could be so oblivious to his wife's feelings Its only that we know he does these things with the best of intentions that we can forgive his actions As Wulf finds what Rae has been up to he cannot help but be impressed with Rae Although Rae manages to find a thoroughly Rae style way to turn the situation around I still felt nervous as to one of the women present and her motives There's still a mystery Wulf is left pondering leaving me to wonder where this will lead in the future if indeed anywhere at allI don't know why I'm surprised to find myself so emotionally drawn into the lives of my favourite book couple Blair has a way of writing a story that contains a wealth of emotion making us feel that we are not only reading a book but that we are there along with the characters experiencing the events and emotions along side themFans of Blair Babylon will love this epilogue of Rae BID This is a great story but best read after RaeBillionaires in Disguise if you have not read it already then I cannot recommend the series enough Go on one click away you'll find you cannot put it downLOL#3 is a great anthology and such a bargain too containing fantastic stories from authors we all know and love and authors we are yet to discover I know I cannot wait to get readingI received Skiing in June in exchange for an honest review

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    I was honored to receive an ARC copy of this boxed set from Julia Kent as her novella associated with her Billionaire's series is a part of it Her story is about Shelly and JamieShelly works for Mike at the ski resort as his operations manager Jamie is someone she had a moment with and ran after Jamie tells her to pretend this never happened Mike hires someone to go over their books to make sure they are on track and in walks Jamie And the fun beginsbut it does include some laughssexual tension and some oh no moments I truly enjoyed their story and as always I will not reveal too much because I want you to read it I also found included in this boxed set a novella by JJ Knightshe continued her story of Jo and ColtJo is off to Las Vegas to get away and to find a wedding dressZero is there along with an appearance from Jax Any time Zero is in the picture some strange things happen In this story Jo is uestioning herself and if she is the right person for Colt these are just 2 of the 16 stories included in this boxed set and some of the other authors are Zoe York Mimi Strong Brenna Aubrey just to name a few Looking for something new with a great sampling of how amazing all these authors aretake a chance and purchase this you will be very happy you did

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    I was fortunate to receive ARCs of two of the stories in this anthology For now I’ll just comment on those Based on these two stories alone this set is than worth the priceWaiting for Snow by Melanie MarchandeThis short story revisits Meg and Adrian from His Secretary an amazing book but I think you can still enjoy it even if you haven’t read His Secretary but you really should read that book It gives you insight into Adrian as this story is told from his point of viewSkiing in June by Blair BabylonThis story is connected to the Billionaires in Disguise Rae series but you don’t have to have read that but you should; it’s great to enjoy this short storyThis takes place after the end of Billionaires in Disguise Rae complete series Wulf’s father didn’t approve of his relationship with Rae and that leads to some interesting times in this story This is a lighthearted story than BID Rae and there’s a lot of laughing and sexy time The story also answers some uestions that you might have had at the end of BID Rae It would be wrong to give anything away Suffice to say that if you enjoyed BID Rae you won’t want to miss this story

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    I really enjoy anthologies and this was no different I love reading favorite authors like JJ Knight and Sky Corgan and finding new authors to read like Melanie Marchande and Gretchen Galway All the stories were great I did not find one that I did not like Some of the stories like Vegas Holiday by JJ Knight involve characters from a previous story This one involving Colt a MMA fighter and Jo They are planning their wedding and Jo needs an escape from all the planning She hates being in the spotlight and starts to have doubts if she is what Colt needs It is up to Colt to prove she is just what he needsAnother story is The Snowman by Sky Corgan This story is about a young woman who yearns for a bigger life but lives in remote Alaska She feels trapped After building a snowman with her best friend she goes in to start getting ready for the brutal nights since her parents are gone on a trip In the night a naked man shows up on her doorstep nearly frozen She has to help him In the morning he makes her an offer a way out of Alaska Is this just a lucky break or is it magic?There are all heat levels also from sweet to scorching Very enjoyable read and I would definitely recommend this anthology

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    Great collection of uick steamy reads for a cold night There are 16 romantic comedies that make you want to go back and read the full stories to learn of the back histories I have not read them all but here are my thoughts on the ones I have read Vegas Holiday by JJ Knight The story of Jo Colt continues with antics from Zero and his friends as Jo escapes wedding planning for a uick trip to Vegas Enjoyed reading the uick story but am now craving to see how things turn out Waiting for Snow by Melanie Marchande Told from Adrian's perspective of how he and Meghan got together He is egotistical and demanding and she can put him in his place Very enjoyable Skiing in June by Blair Babylon This is a good continuation of Rae Wulf's story Without reading the original book I was intrigued by the characters and revved up hormones make for some great romantic times The Snowman by Sky Corgan Cute story of a girl Ferne who is stuck out in the Alaskan wilderness wishing to be anywhere but there and how your dreams can come true if you wish hard enough Got to love the ending of the story only makes me want to see how things work outI received and ARC copy of the anthology for an honest review Definitely a good read