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David Koenig returns with this second volume of Mouse Tales More Mouse Tales once again takes us to Walt Disney s original Disneyland and gives us stories behind the pixiedust of one of the world s most popular tourist attractions In this volume you ll find the stories behind the real reasons that the classic Skyway and original Submarine Voyage were removed, as well as the recent expansion, making the original Disneyland into the Disneyland Resort with the addition of Disney s California Adventure and a west coast version of Downtown Disney Once again Koenig talked with dozens of current and former cast members to learn all the secrets of Walt Disney s original Happiest Place on Earth. There is no other Theme Park on Earth that offers fascination than Disneyland not to mention the other Disney parks The history, Walt s obsession with the place, the politics, the hidden Easter eggs around the park, the behind the scenes stories good and bad make the Happiest Place on Earth also one of the most interesting.As an annual passholder myself, I am personally obsessed for any sort of extra tidbit about the park, as are countless others Here David Koenig offers a behind the scenes glance at the inner workings of the park from the viewpoint of not only the Cast Members Disney s label for employees but the guests as well Here he offers first hand accounts of the creation of rides, the inner workings of the rides, why older rides were are dismantled to make way for newer attractions of course not to mention the attempts by guests to circumvent security and safety protocols and the shenanigans of Cast Members This is More Mouse Tales, so now I m looking to get my hands on the first volume because this book was so interesting to me that I can only imagine the first book has even fascinating stories It s an easy read I breezed through it in a couple of hours and extremely straightforward in its presentation of the facts Knowing that the parent company has an army of lawyers at their disposal remember when they sued a daycare in the Bay Area to take down Disney Icons off their wall , it s hard not to imagine Mr Koenig going the extra mile to verify all the stories in this book The incidents are presented with so much supporting evidence including Cast Members on the record never did I doubt the authenticity of anything written here.Thoroughly enjoyable especially if you are into Disney lore it will make you appreciate the Theme Park and look at it in a whole new light The book was written in 1999 and ends on a downbeat note in terms of the employment and maintenance culture at the park which I believe has improved since then.I look forward to reading the first volume as well as Mr Koenig s other books covering Disney Parks he s written a volume on Disney Animation and Disney World as well. Best E Book, More Mouse Tales A Closer Peek Backstage At Disneyland By David Koenig This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book More Mouse Tales A Closer Peek Backstage At Disneyland, Essay By David Koenig Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I found part two slightly less compelling than the first Mouse Tales, but I think it may have been of an issue of timing rather than content Reading the two books close together is overload.More Mouse Tales jumps ahead in time While Mouse Tales focuses primarily on the early days of Disneyland, More Mouse Tales is a study in the contemporary workday experience at Disneyland With of a demand to make profit, cutbacks at every turn make the Happiest Place on Earth a little less happy.I will never understand why upper management insists on bringing in outside efficiency experts to tell them how to run their businesses The consultants only cause problems by viewing the bottom line through their own tunnel vision, and the company suffers Disneyland is no exception Koenig goes at length into problems that arose from mismanagement around the maintenance staff when shifts were moved around in an effort to drive workers out on their own to avoid firing them Doing work at night in certain areas led to failures and even accidents because the people who knew their jobs were told by outsiders to do them a different way.Koening also discusses Disneyland s own little extortion plot when they d ask people caught shoplifting to hand over a fine to avoid arrest One of the interesting sections of the book mentions that there was a time when the shops in Disneyland held very unique items, but management decided since the big sellers were T shirts and key chains, that they d make the same items available in every store and get rid of the original products This is something that I ve definitely noticed over the years There was once a time when a visit to Disneyland would result in a very special souvenir to remember the visit The stores in New Orleans were different than the stores in Frontier Land Now everything is junk merchandise branded with the Disneyland name Sadly, shopping at the park is not the draw that it once was More Mouse Tales holds a copyright of 1999 and 2002 Koenig makes a few references to California Adventure and the initial lack of public interest in the park I d like to see an update or a third edition of Mouse Tales explaining how all of that was originally envisioned and then handled when attendance was so low All in all, an interesting book, but not very surprising when you realize that beyond the facade that Disneyland is trying to create for visitors, it is at heart a business That realization kind of takes the shine off of the brass. Just as good as the first Mouse Tales It s been over ten years since this book was written and although I ve never been to Disneyland, I ve visted Disney World 3 times in 51 days it will be 4 times in the last 5 years and I think the standards they have are fantasic And after watching all the videos on youtube for the opening of Disneylands new Cars Land, I think as a guest I would find it hard to fault However I can t get behind the scenes well my sister worked at the world for a summer so I know a bit like this book does It sounds as if Disney are doing the same thing the company I work for are doing, lowing standards for profit Even in the game Theme Park they give you hints on how to cheat the guests so this must be a normal thing in the theme park businesse Anything to do with Disney interests me and this book is no exception I love the character stories the best That must be the worst job, they have my every sympathy I can t wait to get my hands on Mouse Under Glass I think thats the only Koenig book I ve got left to read Recommened for Disney fans or people who work in the service Industry who would have so been there I love anything disney world land all parks really related And am really fascinated at the behind the scenes and how the magic happens This is a follow up to the first book and I was cautious of reading it as i had heard some negative reviews surrounding it I agree with them, its slightly depressing and morbid than the first and written in a different way to the original book The first thing it portrays a negative view working for the park, that the bosses are all about money and don t care about their staff It even concludes that the park has lost its way, less about an affordable happy place for families, a money grabbing enterprise Their was also some very grim stories in this book Yes i don t mind reading about the injuries and even some deaths at the park, that are often hidden up But their was no balance to this book, their was no happy stories or staff going out their way for the families However i still was fascinated by this book and reading a bit about what really goes on in disney I really enjoyed reading it It was written like a history, in the first book each chapter revolves around a different aspect to the park This one was a timeline explaining stories as they went on A few pictures may have helped to visualise things, especially for those who don t know some of the old rides they are talking about its hard to know what they are trying to describe having no knowledge of the rides It also felt a little outdated we need a recent book about the park not one from years ago. This one is very much not a guidebook to Disney Instead, it focuses on inside looks and stories from the employees It starts out fairly light hearted, but it ends up with a diatribe about the then current circa 2001 management of Disneyland, including suggestions for improvements The stories are interesting, though a few just sort of peter out instead of actually concluding, and the overall impression left is not one of fondness for Disney administration I m thinking there has been a significant change since 2001, but that may be because I was only a one time visitor Some of the facts are novel, and some of the stories are funny, and a few are just sad and depressing I didn t realize how much Disneyland has changed since its opening, so that was a nice feature It s a good inside look behind the magic, but that isn t necessarily something everyone wants to see. I probably wouldn t have read this after Mouse Tales if not for two things 1 I d checked them both out at the same time, so it was just sitting there on my shelf, and 2 The first book was pretty outdated This one was written I believe 10 years after the first, so I was hoping for some up to date stories There were those, but in general, I don t think the subject matter warranted another book More of the same, mostly This one cast member said this happened one time so probably lore than truth to them, but still amusing. I loved this book It was very entertaining, filled with lots of Disneyland behind the scenes stories The chapters are divided by land, so there s a chapter on New Orleans Square and how people like to get out of their boats on Pirates of the Caribbean how Frontierland used to have a mine train ride that became the make out ride as soon as the sun went down how Adventureland seems to have the most cast members always coming up with new illegal ideas of how to make an extra buck and much There is also a chapter about the Disneyland Police, and other members of the company who usually get overlooked The stories made me laugh a lot I don t think I ve ever laughed so much reading one book And the stories also provide interesting things to tell your friends when you yourself pay a visit to the happiest place on earth Near the end of the book, the tone does turn a bit serious The focus turns to the Walt Disney Company and the cutbacks, abuses of power, layoffs, etc that have contributed to what can be considered the downfall of Disneyland The park is in need of help and assistance, and the last chapters of the book seem to be begging someone anyone to listen What Would Walt Do becomes a popular question What would Walt do, indeed Apparently, this book is the sequel to Mouse Tales by the same author, so I need to take another visit to the library to read that as well Review to follow