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Across The Sea Lies A Newly Discovered Continent, A World Whose Forests And Beasts Are Unknown To The Recorded Memory Of Elves, Dwarves, Or MenIn This Land Called Mira, The Brutal Sacking Of A Young Colony Links The Fates Of Two Opposite Characters A Twelve Year Old Printer S Son Named Simon Jones And His Long Lost Uncle Tiberius Bogg, One Of Mira S Legendary Mountain MenSimon Is Small, But Smart Scared But Determined Bogg, With His Raccoon Skin Cap And Smart Talking Grammar Abuse, Is Fast As A Splintercat And Stealthy As A Hidebehind Together, They Turn The Tables And Pursue Their Attackers A Cruel Knight And His Soldiers From The Old Country Through A Wilderness Full Of Extraordinary Creatures Jackelopes And Thunderbirds, Fur Bearing Trout And Four Legged Hills All Culled From American Tall Tales, Indian Legends, And Backwoods Folklore

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    The author takes elements of the American frontier, mixes well with intriguing elements of a fantasy world and comes up with a quirky, fun read Great characters that could have walked out of a frontier novel, fantasy beasts that work anywhere and a quest plot that is never boring.It is truly delightful when one of the free downloads end up being one of my 5 star reviews and I have another author to put on my look for lists.

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    Great little quick coming of age read This was a fast paced enjoyable story It was fun to watch Simon grow and find his strengths My only complaint is that there is no sequel I would enjoy reading about Simon and his uncle.

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    This novel is an easy and relatively entertaining read Don t let the synopsis brief mention of dwarves and elves mislead you this is no kind of high, epic fantasy It certainly falls in the Folktale vein Generally I found the plot to be composed of many overused story writing tropes i.e scrawny character tormented by bullies but later comes into his own, quest in pursuit of vengeance, unlikely traveling companions develop reluctant bond, etc The author does present some interesting visuals and ideas in terms of the creatures that inhabit this new world, however, little creativity seems to have been spared for the intricacies of plot, world building, or character development The dialogue, while carrying some interesting inflections vocabulary of the local dialect, is mostly straightforward Even some of the new words and languages come off as unimaginative and direct replacements of normal English words As a whole I d say the author missed the forest for the trees, which in this case leaves you with some fun details and not much in terms of the big picture There is some thinly veiled preaching about respecting the natural world indigenous cultures, but it s mostly half hearted.All in all, a bearable book that will take you away from reality while you eat your lunch Easy to walk away from I doubt that I will bother with book 2.

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    This is a lovely and unique book Well written and extremely creative, I found the characters and story engaging This is one of those books that rewards you in the end, and surprises you along the way

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    Steve White is one of the new brilliant creators in fiction New worlds, unseen and yet vaguely familiar He is able to carry us into other worlds believable and yet unfamiliar.

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    What I liked about New World 1 It made me laugh The situations that Bogg and Simon get themselves into are hilarious.2 I loved the storyline It was definitely attention grabbing.3 Bogg s character For some reason, I have a mental image of him that made me laughWhat I disliked about New World 1 The knights They just rubbed me the wrong way.2 and that s it I voluntarily reviewed this book Blog Link

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    RefreshingA breath of fresh air in this genre, let s put it this way I had never read any of this authors books or so much as heard his name I stumbled across it on my kindle, as soon as I have finished typing I will be downloading the sequel and looking at his other offerings if you enjoy a great original thought provoking story then read this, and five gets you ten you buy the sequel

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    Interesting conceptThis was my first fantasy novel to read and complete It definitely takes some getting used to In saying that, I actually enjoyed the story The dynamic between Simon and Bogg was a little better than I d expected I have it 3 instead of 4 stars because there were some parts no spoilers as a new fantasy reader that I couldn t buy All in all, a decent book and I won t give up on reading the next in the series.

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    Paul Bunyan meets J K Rowlingor any other contemporary author of fantasy Digging deeply into the oldest colonial and frontier folklore, the author builds a fantastic new world in which to set his tale And he sets current fantasy tropes on their ear as he spins a cracking good yarn It s as if Jim Bridger or Joe Meek were to sit down and try to write a fantasy novel This is something truly fresh in the genre.

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    A fun little quick read that kept me engaged and interested The plot arc wasn t revolutionary nor will it bring you to deep thought but you will enjoy the pleasant journey this book takes you on Filled with unique and interesting creatures and characters, though a bit stereotypical at times, you will enjoy the journey the two main characters are on.