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Mroczna podróż do najciemniejszych zakątków duszySzesnastoletnia Tess zostaje znaleziona bliska śmierci na teksańskich polach Miała być kolejnym Polnym Kwiatem jedną z czterech ofiar seryjnego mordercy nazwanych tak przez prasę ze względu na żółte kwiecie jakie sprawca pozostawiał na miejscu zbrodni To dzięki Tess przestępca został ujęty i skazany Jednak po latach w okolicy znów pojawiają się żółte kwiaty Czy na pewno skazana została właściwa osoba?Polne Kwiaty to szokujący wciągający i oryginalny thriller psychologiczny

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    Update Wow I remember this book199 Kindle special today Great psychological thriller I loved it Reviews are mixed so read through several others I think it's definitely a worthy read with a great price tag to match Left to die in an abandon field in Texas Forth Worth Tessa 16 years old is covered in Black Eye Susan's CREEPYShe opens her eyes but can't see anything She is blindSCARYTessa can't remember anythingDISTRESSED DISORIENTED Two years later Terrell Darcy Goodman is about to be executed Jumping decades ahead Tessa's eye sight is back She's had different types of therapyBut continues to be haunted by past memories She has a 14 year old daughter named Charlie whom she feels frighten for her safely Somebody has been planting 'Black Eye Susan's' under Tessa's window along with messages GUESS WHO?Is it possible that Tessa help put the wrong man behind bars? Maybe Terrell is a good man The Forensic science pros will look at different types of DNA which they didn't in years pass as it wasn't even an option at the time Lydia is Tessa's best friend since they were 8 years old is gone She's been missing since she testified in court Her entire family is gone house sold and no contact with TessaLydia comes back into story 17 years later The author Julia Heaberlin keeps the suspense unfolding of the why and who's alternating past and presentfrom two points of view Tessa and laterLydia This a very uniue crime dramapsychological thriller without the need of graphic violence What I especially liked is this story had me wondering 'what makes people tick'and what motivates people to do what they doand with gorgeous flowers??? Who does that????Find out if even the Forensic scientists have a theory as to why the Black Eye Susan's? GOOD UESTION don't you think?And of course be prepared to not be prepared to guess the ending SURPRISEThank you to Random HouseBallantine books Netgalley and Julia Heaberlin an author to read again

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    EDIT Because I seriously wrote outside her winder WTF kind of hillbilly am I????Find all of my reviews at “The Susans are a greedy plant often the first to thrive in scorched devastated earth Pretty but competitive like cheerleaders They live to crowd out the others” Nearly twenty years ago Tessa Cartwright was labeled “the lucky one” Rather than dying with the other ladies who occupied the ditch in which she was dumped Tessa was rescued Since then she got on with life as best as she could She made a life for herself had a daughter forged a successful career But as the countdown begins to the execution of her “monster” Tessa begins doubting if he actually committed the murders at all – especially when she discovers some new plants growing outside her winder WINDER??? FFS window In February Gak I hate reviewing mysterythrillers – especially the ones I really enjoyed reading Obviously I can’t say much of anything or I’ll ruin everything and NO once again this wasn’t the next Gone Girl not nearly twisted enough However it was good The mystery wasn’t handed out on a silver platter and even if figured out early I don’t think it would stop many people from still enjoying the story The writing was above par especially for a mysterysuspensethrillerwhatever “What if your monster opened the door right now and walked in? Sat down Confessed everything You could see his face Know his name where he grew up if his mother loved him if his dad beat him whether he was popular in high school whether he loved his dog or killed his dog Imagine he sat in that chair right over there three feet away and answered EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR UESTIONS Would it really make any difference? Is there any answer that could satisfy you? Make you feel better? I don’t want to have a conversation with my monster I just want him dead” Black Eyed Susans gets a solid 4 Stars from me – which is pretty rare Most thrillers get 3 at best from my stingy self While I was impressed that this book didn’t go 100% Scooby Doo and actually included forensic science and attorneys trying to save the accused serial killer from walking the Green Mile there were still moments of Tessa sleuthing on her own And while the pace stayed consistent and the story never lagged the “a ha” moment dragged out until the last second due to Tessa refusing to use some of the tools she had at her fingertips which could have wrapped things up in a one hour episode All in all though a very good read that I would recommend to mystery lovers

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    A big WOW This book was terrifically suspenseful throughout So well thought out and plotted Haeberlin made nary a mistake Loved the way the story is told alternating chapters that introduce Tessie meeting with a psychiatrist shortly before the trial of the man identified as the killer and years later as the man is nearing his execution date and she has doubts about her earlier identification So yes very well thought out but also deals with the unreliability and fragility of memories and the problems with eye witness identification Also included many CSI type elements told in an interesting and prevalent to the story way I really enjoyed this book kept avidly turning the pages to see what happened next Not your typical graphic serial killer novel but something a little different Loved the cover too and doubt I can look at these flowers again without thinking about this bookARC from NetGalley

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    Black Eyed Susans is yet another novel blurbed to be for Gillian Flynn fans Perhaps it is for other Flynn fans but not for me It had a powerful start imagine a half dead girl lying in a field of Black Eyed Susans with a dead girl and two sets of skeletons She's the surviving Susan and she's eked out a pretty decent life for herself and her teen aged daughter That is until the countdown starts for the execution of the man wrongly convicted for the crime Tessa breaks her silence in the attempt to find the real monster and save an innocent man from the gallowsUnreliable narrators are having their days in the sun ever since Gone Girl and Tessa is one of them She is as unreliable as a narrator gets as her thoughts gets confusing with the jumble of imaginary conversations with the Susans and false memories I do not have any problems following unreliable narrators but the jumpy POV switching of present day and sixteen year old Tessa did become tiresome halfway through the novel Then further aggravated by POVs in the last 20% or so I found the cliffhanger ending of almost each POV a little contrived With each switch I felt the suspense dying little by little until all I wanted to do was skip the 16 year old Tessa POV Speaking of parts I wanted to skip the unconvincing romancelove triangle could've been done withoutThen there's the anticlimactic af ending This would've been a three star read had it not been for the most awaited bomb to go thud instead of boom I wouldn't say it was THAT obvious but for a careful reader there were clues leading up to it and the discovery doesn't really tie up all the mystery surrounding the Black Eyed SusansPerhaps I'm just too jaded or perhaps this genre is too derivative Most likely the former but Black Eyed Susans is just a two star read for me 2 feels like Danielle Steele not Gillian Flynn starsThis started out very strong but kind of fell apart in the middle That or I may have read this wrong FRTC

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    I am one of the four Black Eyed Susans The lucky oneI rarely read thrillers but based on my limited experience with this genre I would say that Black Eyes Susans is a slow burn yet completely gripping story Probably my speed in fact like a mystery rather than an intense thriller At the age of sixteen Tessie was left for dead in a grave along with the body of a recently killed young woman and a pile of bones with no name attached to them Now fast forward to present day and Tessie now called Tessa is uneasy about her former testimony which put the suspected killer behind bars all those years ago As the date for Terrell Goodwin’s execution looms near Tessa is working with a team to piece together evidence that was perhaps superficial at best The story alternates back and forth between a young Tessie recovered from the grave and under the care of a psychiatrist both prior to and during the sensational trial and an older Tessa now mother of a 14 year old daughter named Charlie For her daughter’s sake Tessa wants to make certain that the right person is behind bars and misplaced justice does not end the life of an innocent man With modern day forensic techniues and the magic of DNA much work can be done in the field than ever before I found the forensics portions of the story to be fascinating – not overly scientific but just enough to stimulate an inuisitive mind The unreliability of memory Tessie lost large portions of her memories of both her abduction and her time in the grave the disappearance of Tessie’s childhood best friend and the sinister appearance of a patch of black eyed susans growing outside Tessa’s window all add to the eerie feeling of suspense in this bookI would recommend this book to anyone interested in a thriller that leans heavily towards mystery rather than rapid shocking twists and turns It’s also great for those that tend to get a little ueasy when it comes to the gruesome kinds of scenes in the thriller type genre There is nothing really revolting here to make you wish you hadn’t just devoured your lunch If you like a little flavor of CSI in your mysteries this one fits the bill just right I did feel like there were some holes that weren’t uite patched up enough for me in this book which is why I am giving this one 4 stars Perhaps that is the unfortunate side effect with reading a book involving loss of memory – if not all memories are recovered then the reader is left in the dark a bit as well The Susans are a greedy plant often the first to thrive in scorched devastated earth Pretty but competitive like cheerleaders They live to crowd out the others

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    Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin is one of the finest psychological thrillers I have read 17 year old Tessa is found barely alive and buried with other young women later called the Black Eyed Susans Tessa is the only survivor A brilliant creepy chilling thriller where the author goes back to the past and to the present 20 years later with great skill A killer is put in prison after the crime but who is it planting black eyed susans under Tessa's window 20 years later? This is a suspense novel written for intelligent readers who have a love for psychological thrillers Well researched and one of a kind with many twists and turns 5 out of 5 starsHighly recommend

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    Creepy as creepy gets Adult Tessa recounts her ordeal as a sixteen year old teen in a grave with four other girls She was suppose to be dead with a serial killer on the lose Due to her fitness she survived The only one of the four Black Eyed Susans who made itSeventeen years later someone is planting Black Eyed Susans in her garden while an innocent man is probably incarcerated all these years for the crime His execution date is coming up his lawyers is fighting to save him and Tessa's memory is not cooperating in fact Tessa herself is not sharing everything she remembersShort chapters fast moving storyline alternating between the lives of Tessie the teenager who became Tessa the adult the mother of a 14 year old daughter named Charlie Time is ticking away Tessa only remembers fragments of her ordealA psychological thriller as intense morbid and thrilling as they can get Mind gameswith the reader abound Serious issues cover the desks of lawyers forensic scientists the Texas government officials And somewhere in their circle of conduct a serial killer might be on the lose watching them intimidating Tessa and her daughter while the press hound her once again That's the only explanation Yeah right Until you reach the ending and everything is not what it's suppose to beSo yes haunting egregious atmospheric intense gripping I have definitely lost sleep Lots of it It was not a gruesome brutal story at all though Waking up this morning after a morsel of deep sleep I was so grateful I just suddenly realized that the book was finished I have left the Texas scene HOME Man how I LOVED my world despite everything Yes you can choose the world's scariest roller coaster ride or this book The emotional outcome will be the same Guaranteed

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    Meh This was just ok for me It felt like it dragged uite a bit I enjoyed Tessa from the past way than present day Tessa Too much CSI and not enough suspense in my opinion

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    Now this was a time worthy book We all know the feeling of grabbing a book that is popular and well promoted by its publisher only to be let down and disappointed This one fills the bill to a tee for an attention getting storylineAnd while the storyline is uite intriguing it is Julia Heaberlin's talent for formulating descriptives and delicate passages that showcase her craft She draws from personalized dialogue scaling the void from past to present and back again infusing deep set scientific research and evoking pure Texas ingredientsIf there is only one flaw and it stings the senses it would be the handling of the ending seuences Yes we all feel it personally when an author doesn't wrap up the story to our liking This one was brilliance throughout until the final details became the act of pairing shoes to fit into the appropriate boxes for the closet shelf Neat and tidy but with shoestrings hanging out You'll know what I mean when you get thereHeaberlin is gifted She can really deliver Can't wait for her next offering

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    I love a good thriller and was so excited to get an advanced copy of Black Eyed Susans as I have heard wonderful things about this upcoming bookThankfully I was not at all disappointedTessa is only 16 when she is left for dead the only survivor of a serial killer The victims are known as Black Eyed Susans as their bodies were found in a field of Black Eyed Susan flowers The story is predominantly told from two perspectives Tessa at 16 years of age Tessie having just survived the terrible ordeal and also strong resilient present day Tessa Tessa in the present day is helping a team of investigators who suspect the man convicted of murdering the Black Eyed Susans to be innocent As the countdown to his execution looms closer and closer Tessa is also fearful they convicted the wrong man as she has no memory of the incident but feels he was sent to jail because of her testimony as a teenager The book flips back and forth in time as details are gradually revealed that lead to the truthThe characters were great Young Tessie was so damaged and raw Having been through such a terrible ordeal Heaberlin succeeds in making her tortured believable and likeable Older Tessa is the star character in the novel for me I loved how she held herself and how she morphed from the scared teenager into a powerful strong woman and mother Her relationship with her daughter Charlie was fascinating and entertaining They knew each other so well even though Tessa had not really relayed the details of her past to her daughter in detailBill and Jo were a great team Bill on his altruistic crusade to free innocent people from death row and Jo with her incredible knowledge of DNA I learned uite a few things about forensics while reading this book Heaberlin certainly put in a lot of research putting it all togetherThe characters from young Tessie's life were just as pivotal Her best friend Lydia almost as damaged as Tessie is extremely influential in her life as is the psychiatrist whom she spends the majority of the younger scenes divulging bit by bit of information to The trial transcripts were another one of the highlights for me reading about her experience and to see how a seemingly innocent man was sent to death rowAlthough present day Tessa was the strongest character my favourite character was senile old Effie from next door She made me laugh in every appearanceI love my thrillers with a dash of romance and loved the relationship between Tessa and Bill in this book A lot of romantic tension mixed with a hefty dose of sexy was just what the doctor ordered It worked really well I loved themI really enjoyed the writers style in this book Admittedly it took me a little while to get used to the intricate detail however it soon began to easily flow and completely enriched the story A lot of the time in novels I get a bit annoyed when it jumps back and forth in time But not in this book The perspective and time change with each chapter really worked and made it easily readable kept me hooked till 4 in the morningThe twist in this novel was slightly predictable however did not deter from the gripping conclusion I will absolutely be checking out Heaberlin's other novels hopefully they are as riveting as this oneThoroughly enjoyed it You will too if you enjoy a good thriller 5 StarsThanks to Penguin via NetGalley for the advanced copy for my honest reviewFor reviews visit my blog atwwwbooksbabiesbeingcomTwitterwwwtwittercomBBBMelFacebookwwwfacebookcombooksbabiesbeing