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Since its beginnings in Australia in the 1890s the Alexander Techniue has become renowned as a powerful and effective antidote to the stresses and strains that modern life places upon our bodies This introductory guide presents readers with a definitive overview of the Alexander techniue which teaches us how to co ordinate mind and body effectively so that our thinking is clarified and our movements become naturally lighter Encompassing everything from teaching lineages to how the method works to how to find a practitioner the book provides all the key information on the topic It also includes a chapter on how to practise the techniue at home as well as a useful resources section Written in an engaging style and full of illustrations and photographs that demonstrate the techniue this book will be of interest to anyone considering options for treatment as well as anyone wanting to know about the Alexander Techniue

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    chapters 3 7 totally good and very helpful the book is worth finding just for these chapters the rest is a toss off