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Dwarves craft their marvelous treasures in cavern forges dragons slumber on piles of stolen treasure wizards plot revenge with their terrible powers and giant monsters threaten all that is good this is not Lord of the Rings It is Norse mythology In this book you will discover the rich mythology that has inspired everything from Beowulf to the works of JRR Tolkien to the Thor superhero series In this textbook 13 script stories re tell the most popular Norse myths tales of might Thor wise Odin and wily Loki Also included is the Saga of the Volsungs often called the Iliad of the Norsemen Supplemental materials include a Ragnarok end of the world battle game for up to thirty players a Valhalla Find It picture puzzle a glossary of important characters and a name pronunciation guide The Reaching Olympus series uses classroom tested Reader's Theater script stories specifically designed for 6th 12th grade students to retell the great myths and legends of world mythology Reader's Theater is an innovative and powerful teaching tool that allows students to break away from silent reading and share in an acting out experience where words and myth come to life Each script is prefaced by a teacher guide providing a synopsis of the myth relevant background information and commentary on the myth anticipatory uestions for pre play discussion essential uestions to help analyze the big ideas behind each myth recall uestions to check reading comprehension and instructions for teaching commonly tested terms and literary devices using each story

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    With the widespread popularity of Marvel's Thor and the History channel's Vikings students than ever are looking to explore Norse mythologyZachary Hamby's reader's theatre scripts have brought such joy and fun into my mythology lessons that students literally ask if we can read anotherI have been using his Greek mythology scripts and would recommend them to all Humanities teachers in high schools for years with great success He's really done it again with Reaching Valhalla The Norse myths can be a challenging read for students Unlike their Greek counterparts many of the myths have not been adapted into reader friendly formats or easily accessible texts Many of the Norse myth books are lacking anything other than basic details but these scripts really flesh them out and bring the gods to life My senior students loved adding voices and sound effects as we read they loved the humour and the personalities of the godsReader's theatre is experiential for the kids and they buy into anything that gives them something to actually buy into By reading the roles aloud they become that character and are invested in what happens to them and because of that they cannot get enough of the scripts We read most of these scripts before formulating research uestions for their essays and by doing so the kids had a better sense of what actually interested them and their essays reflected thatThumbs up again Mr Hamby I love these scripts