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I ve been on a theme park kick the last couple years, and thus have been seeking out books on the history and inner workings of these parks This book in particular caught my attention, because it wasn t just a a guide book of facts about Disney, or b an uncomfortably positive celebration of the wonder and imagination of Walt Disney and his parks The majority of this book tells the fascinating and complicated birth of Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida David Koenig captures the details at a great pace, and paints a vivid picture of all the major characters in the company businessmen, not cartoons There s politics, architecture, civil engineering, public relations, real estate, hospitality managementand it s all very interesting If you re like me, it s very satisfying to see enormously successful projects like this and realize that they were completed by very flawed people who made a lot of mistakes My least favorite part was the chapter on accidents injuries deaths at WDW I don t mind hearing about things that went wrong, but this chapter is basically written as a bullet point list of how people got hurt and it just got boring and depressing after a while As a Universal Studios fan, I appreciated how Koenig gave significant attention to the opening of US, as its context alongside the opening of Disney MGM studios illustrates a complex story of the relationship between Disney and Universal and their influence on one another. I m afraid that although I am a massive Disney fan, I found this book very dry and it took me a long time to read, considering how short the book is It is full of Disney trivia and goes over the story of how each park was built before moving on to specific cast guest experiences I think part of the problem was that very little information was new to me I wouldn t recommend this to new travellers to Disney due to the part about crime and guest deaths It might put them off Only for very diehard Disney fans. Original review Koenig s Realityland is a must read for anyone with an interest in Disney lore or Walt Disney World, as it details the conception and crafting of that resort While Disney as a company is known for good show, the building of both the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT were progressive series of hasty improvisation and compromise The downgrading of Walt Disney s dream of an ideal city of the future in EPCOT to a few core elements by his conservative successors is a known and tragic one, but this rendition of the tale provides plenty of good details Reading this books is not necessary to enjoy a visit to WDW, but neither does it detract from the magic to know how it was all done Instead, it stands as a very approachable survey of the mingling of ideals, ideas, entertainment, education, business, and politics, and makes me both appreciate the resort and recognize its limitations Highly recommended. A fascinating examination on the history and corporate culture behind what is probably the most famous resort in the world From Walt Disney s clandestine purchase of property just outside of Orlando to the difficulties that plagued construction of the theme parks, from tensions between company movers and shakers to absurd lawsuits filed by visitors, Realityland looks at the good, bad, and just plain weird of Walt Disney World How did EPCOT go from being a visionary community of tomorrow to an elaborate World s Fair What happened when Disney took its first steps into hotel ownership How did the company react to growing competition from Universal Studios and other local venues With insightful interviews, amusing anecdotes, and occasionally unsettling revelations, Koenig reveals the world of laughter, tears, hopes and fears that is Disney. I ve been fascinated with the Disney phenomenon since childhood, when it was ubiquitous, and with Disney World ever since I was taken there as a 14 year old I was a bit too old to enjoy it as a theme park, so I took it as a sociological observation I didn t come away with a favorable impression I have never been someone who enjoys manufactured fun or artifice, so Disney and I weren t such a good fit I did get a trip to Europe out of it my mother, in the French restaurant at Epcot, remarked, Isn t this nice I m sorry to report that I snapped back, No, this is a swamp in Florida Dinner in Paris would be nice She took the idea and not the tone to heart, thank goodness, and we toured Europe the following summer, which was very nice indeed.But I digress The author shares my incredulity at the Disney popularity, and he takes apart the magic, plastic brick by plastic brick, in this expos of some of the not so nice aspects of the Happiest Place on Earth We re treated to deaths, dismemberments, bribery, politicking, hirings, firings, indoctrinations, and egregious building code violations The lengths to which Disney has gone to sweep these little indiscretions and unpleasantnesses under the rug makes for very interesting reading.The author is a bit repetitive at times when his topics overlap, and he has a tendency to present the facts in long listed paragraphs for impact It s his only presentation device, and I imagine it s for shock value Some of the same incidents are repeated several places in the book when they support another one of his points, but he uses the same level of detail, giving the book a cut and paste aspect that s a bit jarring Diehard Disney fans will not like this book at all If you ve read Carl Hiaasen s Team Rodent, it s shorter and deals with the same subject matter This has detail and some photos, but I d go with the Hiaasen first He s a better writer, and as a local, he lived through the political and literal steamrolling by the Disney company to make this park happen Either way, you may be less likely to choose Disney World as your vacation destination after you read this book. A lot of good history and information that made my recent trip to Disney that much interesting, but sometimes it moved slowly and focused a lot on the building aspect. I dedicate this review to Megan I am a self proclaimed Disney lover I was already familiar with some of the history presented in this book thanks to various Disney history blogs and webpages There was a lot of new to me info as well The chapters dealing with recent history helped me understand people s complaints about the current state of the Parks although the book is nearly 10 years old at this point Really, it just makes me want to go back to WDW, flaws and all. This book was awesome for any Disney World regular It gives the complete history of the resort s construction and offers insight into the backstage politics that makes The World go round.Warning Don t read this and then, a day later, go to Disney World as I did You won t be able to stop spouting fun facts as you walk the parks, much to your traveling companion s dismay. As can be seen by looking at my collection of books, I have read a number of Disney titles in the past In particular, I have researched extensively on Walt Disney World and its history Each book I have read has tackled the subject from its own unique perspective, but usually still from someone within the organization Then along came RealitylandWritten by David Koenig, someone with a journalism background, Realityland offers readers a candid take on Walt Disney World s history The first third of the book is largely regurgitated information about the founding of the massive resort passages where I found myself a little bored as I have read it all before But the remainder of Koenig s work is where Realityland shines Bringing the reader almost up to modern day, many behind the scenes stories from all time periods are told In addition, the book shares various crime, injury, and poor financial stories that you would never find in an authorized book about Walt Disney World Koenig also doesn t hold back in his critique of recent Disney management and their inability to retain the magic that Walt Disney is renowned The author makes a convincing argument suggesting management is unable to grasp that people flocked to Walt Disney for his focus on creativity and not the bottom line New attractions in comparison to old are lackluster and sometimes even pathetic, missing the awe inspiring nature of past Of course, this book was written prior to Disney s recent acquisitions and park expansions that show promise such as Cars Land in Disneyland and Fantasyland in Walt Disney World.That being said, the conclusion of the book unfortunately gives the impression that Walt Disney World is so bad when compared to its original state that it isn t even worth attending today That s far from the truth It still is a great place to visit that is always inspiring, as Disney simply does theme parks better than the competition But just because you are better than the competition doesn t mean you shouldn t be continually striving for , which Walt Disney always pushed for It s all about plussing, as Walt suggested Current management is content with being just good enough and that is the point that Koenig is trying to get across.Though I don t think it should be the only book you read on the history of Walt Disney World, Realityland is an excellent addition to make your research well rounded However, those who have not been to Walt Disney World multiple times may struggle with some of its context, as the author presupposes you are familiar with much of the resort and attraction locations. The First In Depth, Unauthorized Look At The Creation And Operation Of The World S Most Popular Vacation Destination The Author Of The Best Selling Mouse Tales A Behind The Ears Look At Disneyland Reveals How Walt Disney S City Of Tomorrow Evolved Into A Sprawling Resort Where Despite Extraordinary Efforts To Control Every Aspect Of The Show Everything Doesn T Always Go According To Script