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In a world not unlike our own Jerna Seti has a perfect life a beloved wife and two adored children with his past desires and needs firmly put behind him But when he's falsely accused of child abuse and imprisoned he's cast into hell with no apparent means of redemption or regaining all that he's lostIn the most unlikely of places in the most unpromising of circumstances fate offers Jerna his second chance and a path to freedom With the cruelly fascinating Tolomi a dominant in need of education and a patient submissive Jerna dares to satisfy the long denied passions of his dual nature but will he risk losing what has become so dear to him all over again? Remastering Jerna is a complex erotic story of redemption love and the contract of trust in a relationship of control and submissionWords 114879 approximate

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    This book is amazing It made me feel so raw The thought of an innocent man imprisoned and tortured and offended and stripped of his basic rights and all his dignity is something that makes me nauseous The extreme shallowness of the accuser the righteous attitude of the bigoted witness the empty sympathy of a best friend who won't stand up for him made Jerna's fate almost impossible to bearTo be able to survive his imprisonment Jerna sets a concrete goal to achieve and he reaches to his goddess as a well of strength and support Jerna abides to his moral principles which are extremely high While the people around them seem to follow the words of the law but not his spirit Jerna seems the only one who tries to do right by others at the cost of his freedom I think however that Jerna in a sense feels that there's something he has to expiate When he married his wife Tyrne a wonderful woman he decided to hide and to suppress his needs as a submissive When he takes a job as a prostitute to pay his debt to the justice system he begins a journey of self humiliation tempered by the absolute love for his family In his new job Jerna retains his cultivated manners his dignity and his sense of selfThe meeting with Tolomy a would be Dominant a man which has intimates needs he craves to satisfy but is void in his soul takes Jerna to the breaking point This was the most difficult part to read because the author was able to express Jerna's desperation with simple but effective words portraying the effect Jerna's crisis has in the brothel by balancing every reaction from the pity of the doctor Zielda to the sympathy of the brothel's manager Evai through the cold but guilty contempt of Kare It's impossible not to feel for this man who is totally lost and miserable and brokenFrom this point on Jerna begins to re build himself and with him Tolomy begins his own journey to give a shape to his desires Not everything is solved but the fear and worry we felt before moves from Jerna's physical condition to Jerna's heart Both Jerna and TolomyRia bare their souls to the other man with all the risks of misunderstanding and rejection that might come from thisThe writing is almost formal but very effective and with no purple prose Sometimes it's almost clinical harsh it's like a very bright light that makes everything appear starker with no shadows as if the characters were on an operating table with no anesthesia screaming for the pain they're enduring And we with them

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    From another review No one can read this book without becoming emotionally involved with the characters No Sorry but no I ended up asking myself how anyone could be emotionally involved in the characters but first things first I probably should state that I've owned this book for months and pushed it away because I had this inkling I wouldn't at all like it BDSM books often are a problem for me because I'm in the lifestyle myself and I have strict opinions about consent But that wasn't mainly why I had my doubts Instead they were caused by the fact that I read a few Ann Somerville books a few years back well before I was a member of GR and found them very unsatisfactory In fact I ended up really disliking the prose messages and plots So Remastering Jerna kept being pushed back into the pile even though it was recced to me a few times I had several discussions about consent and BDSM lately and in conseuence Kate kept telling me to read this for the treatment of consent I decided to get it over with and as Kate also dislikes the authors typical prose yet ended up pulling something from this book you really have to thank her for making me read it ;Whoever looks at the rating and at the shelves can easily see I did not end up liking it So on to the why Those who dislike spoilers shouldn't open thisview spoilerConsentWhat may astonish I don't dislike this for the usual reasons I dislike a lot of BDSM themed books I disagree with the author's notion that she wrote different states of consent there From the beginning it was clear that Jerna is a prisoner and that this is a dystopian world in which he could be forced into whoring For me that voids any idea of consent From the moment he was sentenced Jerna lost any capacity for free consent in fact he was written so much in fear of being returned to the prison from the brothel that no alleged consent during his prison time was what I expect consent in any BDSM situation to be like Not with Kare not with Piroti not with Ria before or after training Jerna leaves no doubt that if he had a choice he'd be doing none of this As a result there was nothing about consent I could take away from this story The whole brouhaha about freely given submission made little impression on me and felt like preaching with a sledgehammer A preaching which falls totally flat because consent is absent in any of these cases I didn't mind that it's a dystopian world where people are treated as chattel It's no depiction of realityBDSMWhat BDSM was there felt rather curious At times I was convinced the author was citing pages of Jay Wiseman or Gloria Braeme interspersed with haphazard acts of BDSM taken off porn Some theories were correctly rendered but the scenes appeared to be very curiously paced and put together as if randomly spliced I wouldn't say they work with many and definitely not with most bottoms and some of the statements eg Because submitting and surrendering control is easy Taking control and responsibility is hard are plain wrong and also insulting to bottoms Both activities are eually easy or hard I think it's rather unbelievable that a character like Ria who is made out to be a generous capable lover would be such an inconsiderate top It doesn't match his profile Nor is it likely that someone intelligent enough to be so well educated and holding such a raised position at such a young age would be too stupid to notice he has a problem after the 3rd or 4th sub not reacting as he thinks they should Or so dumb as to not know whom to ask And the change from good to bad was way too fast Just as Jerna teaching him after being described to suffer from a severe case of PTSD is rather unlikely Even he with all his saintliness wouldn't be able to do that just that easilyHowever my main problem with the BDSM part of this book is that the author is teaching people readers about the right way of BDSM with a solid and rather heavy piece of wood This though there are way too many mistakes errors and faulty descriptions in the BDSM parts of the book to clarify on what base of insight or knowledge she does this I'm not saying everything this book preaches is faulty that would be wrong It's just not everything correct and some of what isn't correct is very incorrect eg that all subs or masochists relate to pain in the way described no they don't all sense pain as negativepainful just as not all take it as welcome sensation or as something nice or the humongous import of aftercare yes some people need aftercare others don't that much and for many it varies from scene to scene or that there has to be Top drop some have it others don't some vary or that people can't live without BDSM lots do all their life others can't get it up without to name a few things coming to my mind Yet the book keeps being extremely preachy about these things going over everything not once but a couple of times and in an absolutely not very covert manner Another reviewer said didactic That meets it It reads like a BDSM 101 manual written by someone not into BDSM However this still isn't my main gripe ;ReligionAs the author is a self professed atheist I suppose she may have wanted to document what kind of extremely silly behaviour and dire conseuences being too religious and faithful can cause Possibly Possibly she also used as another reviewer pointed out the story of the biblical figure Job as the underlying structure of her plot retelling Job's story in a dystopian world The plots would match and the first letters of their namesWhatever the motive it bugged the hell out of me There was a sheer endless amount of references to the goddess and religion in general Jerna was indeed uite stupefyingly childlike in conseuence of his faith and such a walking martyr complex that at times I was close to throwing something Goddess references already bothered me majorly while reading the book which shall not be named but this here really won the coconut General PreachinessAnother reviewer stated One of the biggest strengths of this book are the sociological issues address prison reform majority repression of minorities intolerance and populace ignorance in things being done on their behalfI disagree Very much As if that constant preaching so far wasn't uite enough this book tables just about every problem imaginable Okay a few might be missing like bullying or the ecosystem but I'm told that will be done in the seuels Not just that it tables these problems multiple times again they are preached about uite aggressively and without the slightest finesse As a result I felt assaulted as if some social justice warrior was ramming it right down my helpless gullet And in such amplification and spelt out in such detail that I felt intellectually uite insulted I like intelligent books even among genres but I don't like being taught with a 2 by 4 And that's it I'm afraid that was the straw which broke the camel's back I was and am simply done with all that preachingThe Rest of ItRemember the uote above No one can read this book? I couldn't connect with any of these characters except Zeila and Petru I certainly disliked Jerna Saying I hated him would be too much I just entirely disliked him Ria wasn't much better and some of the other characters like Tyrme or Juli were painted in such rose colours I felt sickenedNone of the stereotypes of the genre were omitted whether the whores with a heart of gold the reluctant pimp the utterly despicable prison director the magnanimous johns and wives I could go on There was such a huge number of tropes that I felt smothered instead of enticed or emotionally involved Most of these people were very two dimensionalI need to mention perhaps that the writing was unemotional often contained huge chunks of mere telling the bloated feel of the book and the HEA ending which came with little lambs birds bees and butterflies and was utterly unconvincing and at least 4 chapters too long hide spoiler

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    GrrrI want to rate this book a 5 but I have issues with Jerna's character The story is great; complex than you'd expect with layers played through various characters who transect Jerna's life Part of me wants to wrap naive people in cotton batting and hide them from the world and other part wants to smack them upside the head and say Snap out of it And yes the degree of patience lessens as the relative age of an individual increases Maybe it's because I have chronic mistrust but to blithely accept things at face value when one's own well being is at stake is a big NO for me and this is where I disconnect from JernaHis character is suppose to teach compassion and forgiveness and while I agree with these principles I don't subscribe to martyrdom There are so many wrongs committed in this book that don't approach what I consider appropriate levels of redemption for the transgression that Jerna comes off as a doormat and frankly a liability to his friends and family The only character that does make the journey of redemption is Ria It is beautiful and well done The sophistication of the resolution between not only Jerna and Ria is fine but Jerna and Tyrme as well After all this lest you think otherwise I will be reading the seuels One of the biggest strengths of this book are the sociological issues address prison reform majority repression of minorities intolerance and populace ignorance in things being done on their behalf

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    9 Aug 2012 Someone in the UK read Remastering Jerna and took away from it not a touching and chilling lesson in the nature of consent but rather a great idea to improve company profitsA roofing company in Wales is bussing in prisoners to work in their call centers and paying them 6% of the mimimum wage replacing full wage employees in the process

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    I began this book at 9pm last night and I clicked my last click at 448am and what was in between I will carry with me for the rest of my life What an amazing tale of honor perseverance and sacrifice What should come off as harsh and gritty and base here just doesn't in spite of the content Jerna is capable of amazing love and he felt absolutely real In some stories the characters are larger than life not so here He faltered he wept he did not know if he could go on but he did go on At first because of his own inner strength and then by others belief in him It is rare to read a book where even the side characters are so rich that they are integral to the story so as for the reader to not even see them as a future series character offering It is like the best supporting cast ever and the Oscar goes to them and Jerna and Jia and all the others for the amazing way they moved me Absolutely one of mu 10 best books of all time and if we are talking about MM this would be in the top 5 for sure Frankly I am still a bit speechless

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    I thought this book was outstanding The author took the time and paced the story so that the reader got a full understanding of Jerna's state of mind throughout his journey Also the story with Ria was very well done turning him from a monster to a hero all based on a complete lack of understanding about the art of submissionWhether the author has experience in the lifestyle is unclear but the way in which submission and domination were described and outlined for Ria rang true with meThis book would go in my top 10 for MM romance reads because its very rare that I read an entire 300 page novel one sitting

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    Originally reviewed at Ann Somerville has done such a beautiful job sketching the entire world of Jerna and the surrounding characters Jerna was a wonderfully fresh character – you get irritated and exasperated that he is hell bent on being so moral about everything even when it is his life at stake I am not very happy about this – one of the reasons why is because Hindu Mythology is filled with characters who sell their wife or sacrifice their son or give up their brothers just because it was supposed to be right I am not sure how I feel about that But you do develop a grudging admiration about the fearless way in which he goes It was very intense and during the first half of the book it seems that there is no justice in the world there is no reprieve for our hero But slowly that changes The prison scenes are heart wrenching They also serve as a very good reminder of why Jerna has to do what he does further in the book Even though this story is supposed to be set in a parallel world almost everything is same as our world and it found me nodding vigorously about some customs and the nature of the people The second protagonist doesn’t make an appearance until halfway through the book and flips Jerna’s world upside down I find the world of BDSM DS culture and MasterSlave culture very intriguing so it was a wonderful way to observe explanation about this when Jerna teaches the second protagonist Tolomi what he is doing wrong as a Master It was an interesting concept that a slave was teaching a Dom or a Master about why the rituals are in place and how they are supposed to bring the participants closer Tolomi was a beautiful character even though he fumbles at first I loved his desperation on seeing he is not getting his enjoyment in dominating even though he knows he likes that his willingness to learn and his humility when a slave wants to teach him the right way I shed a tear when again Jerna bows down to his duty and the other half of his heart – his wife rather than his love for Tolomi My heart broke for the pair doesn’t it suck when you know what the characters are doing are right but you anyway don’t want them to do it? Go marry the guy you love even if your childhood friend needs you Tyrme was another amazing character I think she would be considered an ideal wife – supportive of her husband but uestions him when she thinks he is leaning towards duty than his family I won’t reveal the ending but I was so very glad that she was in Jerna’s life

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    I started reading this novel seven years ago That's how long it took me to digest the first part I can't stand any form of injustice whether real or imaginary whether it's suffered by a man a woman an in between or a child whether it's a Terrean or an alien regardless of the victim's colour age political allegiance or religion whether it happens in this world in an alternate reality or in a parallel universe I hate it And it's even worse if the victim is vulnerable because they are very young or very old sick or disabled I hate with all my heart and my soul anyone who causes such injustice and I find it hard not to hate even the authors who invent situations of individual or social injusticeBut I don't know why I had left this novel in my Kindle reader and after I finished reading another book lately and not knowing what to read next I asked myself Do I finish reading it or do I throw it away?Even though many of my GoodReads friends encouraged me to finish it and told me it was worth it that I'd have a happy ending I didn't care I'm not as much of a fan of happy endings as most of you And for me in literature the end doesn't justify the means So I hesitated for a long time; I didn't want to feel that uneasiness so intense that it made my stomach hurt again But I summoned up all my courage and finished reading ituoting a GR friend 'Because submitting and surrendering control is easy Taking control and responsibility is hard' are plain wrong and also insulting to bottoms I agree to this with all my heartYes it's a good enough novel I'm sure that most of my French speaking readers would like to be able to read it in their own language and they would give it a good review and many starsIn spite of all my suffering 😆 I give it 3½ stars

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    Remastering Jerna is a really dark tale of suffering and redemption In it the author has created an alternate world not unlike our own but with significant small differences She spends many pages drawing this world and the main characters in rich detail making everything three dimensional and very real in a very readable style that gradually draws you inThe title character Jerna is teacher in a temple school with a wife and two daughters While he loves his wife and children Jerna harbors desires he has suppressed and kept secret for many years He was once a submissive with an incredible capacity for pain who served a master But then an innocent favor for his old master results in Jerna being falsely accused and convicted of a crimeIn Jerna’s world prisoners are a source of cheap labor and criminals are sentenced not to a term of years but to a value of recompense Jerna’s sentence will take years to pay off under some of the most cruel circumstances He seriously considers suicide but then his family would be saddled with his debt and his honor won’t allow that Even if he does manage to earn enough to end his sentence it’s doubtful he could ever return to his family due to the scandal of his convictionJust when it all seems completely hopeless Jerna gains a position that gives him some respite from the backbreaking work of the factories But this new job reawakens Jerna’s old submissive desires and soon he’s drawn into a relationship that may pull him further away from his familyThe author has a knack for putting her lead characters in situations where there’s no obvious way they can escape and be happy without making impossible sacrifices She keeps you guessing and reading – I can easily be drawn into reading her work into the wee hours of the morning trying – and failing – to figure out where the story is goingAside from the author’s masterful world building and character development what I found really interesting in this novel was the frank discussion of the sado masochistic scene and the proper training of dominants Although it doesn’t necessarily give us any insights into why someone needs to be a dominant or submissive it does give some very useful information for those curious about this world in a very entertaining and readable style

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    A beautifully crafted heart wrenching romance that is uniue in many different ways It's been an emotional roller coaster and I loved every second of it I don't cry easily while reading books but found myself in tears often And the parts where i cried for Jerna at the injustice i hated what he was subjected to But the author meant it to be so Everything expressed in this book felt really genuine and that's what makes it phenomenal The world building could be a bit better and the ending was kinda predictable but it was fulfilling Just brilliant It's been a long time since i read something this well roundedI will agree with Nene in that the book starts out slow but once it gains momentum the page turning becomes unstoppable until you've reached the endi managed to devourfinish close to 300pgs in a single dayA fine book for BDSM lovers especially even though the bdsm aspects of it start after half the book is throughThis is not a book to miss