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Seek tirelessly and you shall not find a contemporary heroine of middle grade literature as refined and romantic as Miss Polly Madassa Still swooning over the romantic conclusions of Pride Prejudice and Anne of Green Gables twelve year old Polly decides her purpose in life helping along lonely hearts in search of love Polly's only task this summer is to make deliveries for her parents' bakery leaving ample time for this young cupid to find hearts to mend beginning with the kite store owner Mr Nightuist who will pair perfectly with Miss Wiskerton the unfairly labeled town curmudgeon Polly's best friend Fran Fisk is in desperate need of a mother ever since hers ran off with a man she met on the Internet; Polly must find a match for Mr Fisk And while she's at it it wouldn't hurt to find Clementine Polly's teenaged sister a beau worthy of her so she can shed that brute Clint Polly's plans are in full swing so she definitely cannot be bothered by the advances of classmate Brad BarkerBut maybe Polly should have turned her attention to Miss Austen's Emma next because she uickly learns the pitfalls of playing matchmaker How will Polly patch up her own relationships while ensuring that destined love can take its course?

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    i'm such a sucker for a pretty book cover and i still think that this one is a beauty but it also raised expectations already somewhat elevated by some advanced praise i read of the book alas it didn't uite live up to either which is a darn shame because i still think the idea is solid and that polly has the makings of a good character but the word annoying has been bandied about a lot on these other goodreads reviws and i'm going to agree with them and it isn't just the trying too hard voice that the book is written in although that got old very very uickly insert rant here about authors who try to evoke the voice of older classic writers without actually developing their own things our heroine polly does and says in the book they grate they're stupid and irksome i'm pretty sure that i was supposed to be charmed but mostly i wanted to slap polly as i suspect did some of her fellow characters; although in a terribly passive aggressive manner they just hemmed and hawed and went along with her ridiculousness except for her sister who uickly earned her way to my heart by calling bullshit

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    Scones and Sensibility when first revealed is a charming book with an eually charming main character The novelty soon dies in the middle of the book where I suggest that the reader set the book down for a few hours Polly Madassa is someone who believes in true love but her idea of finding love comes from a novel This is where things go downhill Love cannot be dictated by an outside source just as Polly finds out at the end of the book when every blind date she’s prepared turns out disastrous From kites running amok to getting your best friend’s dad’s date handcuffed to making your sister hate your guts Polly risks it all to find the “perfect” match for her love ones—even at the cost of their own love interest Her heart’s in the right place but she sometimes takes things just too far as Polly’s bosom friend lets her know Polly’s interference at love starts out charming even adorable but takes on an annoying tone later on That was where the book lost some of its novelty I thought the little slip ups with Polly’s speech from Jane Austen to modern day 12 year old gave the reader insight how Polly is just a regular girl And Polly’s own little love trouble makes the book suealish I enjoy the terms of affection that she used I mean “boson friend” how cute is that? My friend uses the term butt buddy which makes me think of bubble buddy from Spongebob Suarepants so I like to suish the two terms together to make bosom buddy The antics of Polly were sweet but grew frustrating when Polly would not listen to sound advice The ending of course was a bit to be expected with Polly finally deciding that love cannot be messed with but ending with at least one good match that Polly had made It was a happy ending for all as everyone found some kindling of love even if Polly did not help set up Overall Cute as a Danish But sometimes too many Danishes can have its faults

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    Polly Madassa is uite the winsome character and I adore her She takes her favorite novels very seriously allowing them to inspire the way she dresses talks and interacts with others With books as her guide she tends to get lost in whimsical fantasies and has a flair for the dramatic But her heart is in the right placeThough she sometimes slips up and talks like a modern girl her narration is very much like reading novels by Jane Austen and Lucy Maud Montgomery It was refreshing And you really can't blame a girl for wanting a world filled with chivalry romance and cordial behaviorUnfortunately Polly is only twelve years old and hasn't experienced love on her own The only things she knows about love come from books which leads to a comedy of errors including breakups arguments and even an arrest as she plays matchmaker around town I laughed out loud than once and really wanted her to make a successful matchBut like most true heroines Polly holds her head high rights her wrongs and learns about real love and happiness She even meets a romantic suitor of her very ownHaving Polly's parents own a bakery was the cherry on top of this very sweet story I could almost smell the delicious treats that were baked and delivered to customersScones and Sensibility was a lovely story from beginning to end I'm eagerly awaiting Lindsay Eland's next book

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    12 year old Polly Madassa dreams of the days when Elizabeth Bennet walked the halls of Pemberley with Mr Darcy and Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe Anne of Green Gables rambled down Lover's Lane Polly lives and breathes her two favorite novels even attempting to speak like a 19th century heroine In the small seaside town where her parents own a bakery Polly searches for real life Elizabeths Darcys Annes and Gilberts for her nearest and dearest She also wants to regain the affections of her dearest sister and must deal with an unwanted suitor Though things don't always go the way she planned Polly never gives up until she sees the truth of the situation Polly is a modern tween euivalent of Jane Austen's Emma Like Emma Polly is certain she is right and ignores what is right under her nose I can really relate to Polly and her love of old fashioned romances I remember speaking and dressing like a 19th century heroine too and that made Polly all the of an appealing heroine The other characters are real people who inhabit the real modern world with problems of their own that many readers will be able to relate to This is a sweet charming novel that girls and women who dream of being Elizabeth and Anne will love

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    At the tender age of 12 Polly Madassa has discovered Jane Austen and fallen hopelessly in love Convinced that she's an Austen heroine born in the wrong time Polly walks around her modern town speaking in Austen's flowery prose She's only read Pride and Prejudice and so has not learned Emma's lesson about meddling Polly goes about delivering baked goods from her family's bakery and trying to spread happiness and love among her neighbors by matchmaking Of course as we all know the course of true love is never smooth and neither is this summer an easy one for PollyA dor a bleThat's all there really is to say about thisIt's nothing terribly original for an older Austenite but it's cute for the younger set Polly is well intentioned if misguided and than a few of us can probably relate to her Who wouldn't be upset if her older sister neglected her for a boring boy? It's much better to set her up with the new boy in town who is not only handsome but also has a British accent Right?Polly is an Emma and so it was a little hard to feel sorry for her when everything comes crashing down on her but she's plucky and she's a reader This will be perfect for girls who might be a little too romantic for their own good Moms will probably enjoy reading it with them

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    Lucy Maud Montgomery and Jane Austen book fans will enjoy this modern day middle grade story I did It's breezy and fun Wittingly twelve old Polly Madassa channels revered literary idols Anne Shirley and Elizabeth Bennett as she goes about her business and that of many others in a dreamy coastal town Her self proclaimed sole purpose is to devise ways to assist townsfolk in finding true love She speaks with the lilt of bygone days and thus the story unfolds with triumphs and troubles

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    After reading Pride Prejudice 12 year old Polly decides to emulate her new romantic role model Elizabeth Bennet who surpasses her previous one Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables by becoming a matchmaker during her summer vacation while making deliveries for her parents' bakeryThe title is a bit of a misnomer The story had in common with Green Gables than Austen The first chapter was fine and I was expecting a kind of Flavia de Luce character By the end of the second chapter the language and situations became really cloyingNice ideauick uick read

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    This book was utterly adorable Polly was a great main character and I loved how the entire thing was written like we were actually there with Jane Austen even though it takes place in the twenty first century There were a couple times though I was a bit annoyed by the characters which is why I gave it four and not five stars Still an overall enjoyable read

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    I really wanted to like this book with its cute premise of a young girl infatuated with all things Jane Austen the pastry shop and multiple courtships but I just didn't While it might be because the 12 year old character Polly grated on my nerves with her endless talking as if she somehow was a Romantic period character I simply couldn't shake my annoyance over her behavior Yes Polly was cute the way a 12 year old is supposed to be cute but I didn't really believe her either I couldn't see a girl of her age getting Jane Austen the way she claimed and if she did I couldn't help but feel that this little girl needed experiences to add to her fantasiesOn the cuteness factor this story is definitely thatcute I really would like to hand the book over to a younger reader to see how they respond Although not realistic in a lot of ways I suppose that really is what reading is about a fantasy story that asks what if for us So maybe Polly is this Austen fan at 12 and maybe she does speak in an antiuated British speechnonstop I however think that for the story and the maturity of the characters that it seemed too juvenile Cute story but a bit too formulaic for me Sorry

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    Polly Madasa is darn near one of the cutest protagonists I've read I fell hard for her uirky ways A lover of all things uaint and romantic Polly is like a fish out water in the rough and tumble 21st Century She prefers candlelight to electric lamps carriages to cars and good old fashioned courting to today's internet dating When she decides to take her town's romantic interests into her own hands silly matchmaking and hilarity ensues Funny sweet and charming Scones Sensibility is a fabulous debut for Eland