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My name is Amber Reynolds There are three things you should know about me 1 I’m in a coma 2 My husband doesn’t love me any 3 Sometimes I lie Amber wakes up in a hospital She can’t move She can’t speak She can’t open her eyes She can hear everyone around her but they have no idea Amber doesn’t remember what happened but she has a suspicion her husband had something to do with it Alternating between her paralyzed present the week before her accident and a series of childhood diaries from twenty years ago this brilliant psychological thriller asks Is something really a lie if you believe it's the truth?

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    There are three things you should know about me1 I'm in a coma2 My husband doesn't love me any 3 Sometimes I lie HOLY MOTHER OF TWISTSI'm not usually a fan of books that hang everything on their twists or reveals but it seems I can make an exception when my mind explodes multiple times from all the surprises This is a book where it's important to go into it knowing as little as possible which makes it difficult to review But I shall tryAmber Reynolds wakes up in hospital but to everyone else she is in a coma She can't move or speak She can hear the people who visit her but they're not aware of it The narrative jumps between the Now in the hospital room where Amber attempts to uncover what happened a Then leading up to what happened and childhood diaries from decades ago It all starts very intriguing but it also seems like a standard mystery Amber knows her husband is somehow involved in what happened to her but she can't remember why Through her narration we must piece together the truth Well the truth as Amber sees it Or the truth she gives us Sometimes I Lie is compelling but I gave it four instead of five stars because it lingers a little too long on the not knowing in the earlier chapters through hallucinations and dream seuences There was a very clear point to me when this book went from not bad to really effin' good I'll let you work out when that isIf you figure out all the twists and turns then you must be one hell of an astute reader I thought the author set it up perfectly framing the narrative secrets just right so that I didn't even fully work out the uestions I should be asking never mind the answers There were parts that left me speechless in shockThe epilogue leaves the story open for a seuel I'm interested to see what the author will do with it; I only hope it is actually necessary seeing that all the secrets seem to have been given up in this book But who knows? Maybe the author has even wild surprises up her sleeveTrigger warning view spoilerRape; somewhat graphic hide spoiler

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    5 StarsAbsolutely FanfrakkingtasticA Crazy Intriguing Twisty Turny Psychological Thriller that Makes Your Heart Pound and leaves you Completely Dumbfounded I am not lying or trying to josh you Upon finishing Sometimes I Lie I re read the last few pages over and over and then I just sat there staring out shocked; wild eyed almost in disbelief You've heard about the plotMy name is Amber ReynoldsThere are three things you should know about me1 I'm in a coma2 My Husband doesn't love me any3 Sometimes I lieAnd that is all I will say about it as you must read this one for yourselvesThe characters are flawless But can they be trusted? Is Amber's memory of them reliable? Sorry but I'm afraid I can't tell youWhen reading the book often than not my heart pounded and my breath caught in my throat I constantly tried to figure out what was real and what was not real and often than not I was wrong It blew my mind I finished the book a few days ago and I'm still trying to find it Published on Goodreads and on 5917

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    ALL THE STARS Amber Reynolds wakes up and doesn’t know where she is For a moment she wonders if it might be a hotel But then she realizes she’s in a hospital She doesn’t know how she got thereWhy can’t she open her eyes?She knows her name that she’s thirty five years old and that she’s married to Paul Memories come but she pushes them away Something very bad has happened but she can’t remember what or when “Why isn’t he here?” But she may already know the answerShe screams but no one can hear her “I just need someone to switch me back on” There is a word that she doesn’t like She’s alone with the word She can’t move She can’t speakComaShe wonders how badly she’s injured She’s all there in body and mind She’s starting to have a hard time separating dreams from reality Time has a different meaning She counts seconds She realizes just how long she’s been aloneShe doesn’t know what happened to herNow HE’S there He’s crying She doesn’t want to be alone with him but she doesn’t know why “Hold on” he saysSo many uestionsAnother person comes in another voice “You did this to yourself” Whoa My head is spinning What a mind bending and engrossing read I had been hearing great things about this novel and I’m happy to say that for me it absolutely lived up to the hypeSo many things I didn’t see coming I thought I had things all figured out until something would happen that had me second guessing myself Nothing is as it seems With so many great twists and turns you have no idea who you can trust“Sometimes I Lie” is Alice Feeney’s debut novel and what a debut it was This was a well written and compelling psychological thriller I can’t wait to see what Alice Feeney writes next

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    2 Stars This book is absolutely raved about on Goodreads tons of 5 star reviews and I'm sorry I'm going to have to fall in the minority here by saying no I don't like you book This book follows our protagonist Amber as she wakes up in the hospital in a coma with no memory of the past 24 hours as she attempts to work out in her mind how and what and why this is all happening to her We as readers are trapped in the head of a less then reliable narrator as subtly implied by the title of this book as she pieces together the events leading up to her tragic predicamentThis book to me was a bit of a mess The author decided instead of really developing and working on one or two major shocking reveals or duplicitous characters she would throw in every possible thriller cliche imaginable Which in the end worked against her at least in my eyes because it became borderline comical like how many horrific events can happen to one woman within a week time span? It got ridiculous and just cheesy Murder rape sociopaths impersonating fire revenge and hallucinations Amber seemed to have experienced all spectrums of human depravity at some point with in the week One of the biggest reveals was based on these diary passages from what we are led to believe is Amber's childhood and can I just say the reveal with those bloody diary entries in the end was not good enough to justify me drudging through chapter after chapter of the whiniest and most dull diary in the world So much of this book was a set up yet at the same time nothing of importance was truly set up properly The reveals were so random and out of no where that I was left uninterested and not at all shocked you can't really be stunned by a characters behaviour when you never truly got to know them in the first place Overall this is cluster fuck of a novel that has the trappings of a thriller without any rhyme or reason or proper execution I would not recommend this read

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    45 STARSAll psychological thrillers mess with your head that's what we expect but Alice Feeney has taken it a step further with this clever compelling story A story related to us by Amber Reynolds as she lies in a hospital bed whilst in a comaI really don't want to give anything away here it would be way too easy to give away a crucial segment of the plot and spoil the whole thing for anyone else let's just say that this is possibly one of the most twisty turny books that I've had the pleasure to readThe characters are brilliant some of them are chilling but they're very much at home in their own skins As I've already indicated the plot is superb and has everything that a great psychological thriller should have I don't know whether I'm on my head or my heels right now What an almighty twist awaits those of you who have yet to read this book phewAlice Feeney is one talented writer the narrative was spiced with some wonderful phrases almost poetic Here are just a couple of examples 'I tread carefully over a carpet of lies trying not to disturb them''We all have to have something or someone to love otherwise the love inside us has nowhere to go 'Well I think I've rattled on enough right now if I were you I'd just grab myself a copy just as soon as I could I'm sure it'll keep you as enthralled as I've beenThank you to Netgalley Harleuin and Alice Feeney for my ARC in exchange for an honest unbiased review

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    Wow Now that my friend is a thrillerAmber wakes up in the hospital able to hear everyone around her Only she can’t move a muscle can’t speak a single word She is trapped in her own body and has no way to communicate How did she get here? What happened?What a finely crafted whodunit It will have you uestioning absolutely everything What’s real what isn’t What’s the truth and what’s a lie As the story unfolded and I tried wrapping my brain around the mind blowing twists my head actually started to throb But that’s a good thing with a thrillerright? Every guess made as to what was truly going on every theory I conjured up how this would play outall wrong Love thatAlice Feeney has delivered a diabolically twisted thriller that will leave you speechless Did I mention this is a debut from this author Seriously I cannot wait for — follow up I’m already standing in line Highly recommendA superb extra large Traveling Sister read that we all couldn’t stop talking aboutFor this review and all of Brenda and Norma's Traveling Sister reviews please visit their fabulous blog

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    I'd like to thank Macmillan Audio and Goodreads Giveaways for this copy 🖤 I never have as much time to plow through Audio books as I do print due to small children but don't let the amount of time I took getting through this fool you I've seen varied reviews of this one and I'm definitely on the love it side of the spectrum While I was expecting a little bit of the ending only because I'd heard of this book many moons ago from my UK Friends it didn't ruin the story for me one bit There were plenty of twists and turns I didn't see coming throughout the entire book It's been awhile since a novel took me by surprise in such a wayDon't read reviews going into this; just go in blind You will be so glad that you did For what it's worth I think a good amount of the reason as to why this was a 5 star book in my experience was the narrator Holy cow was she amazing She knew just the right subtle inflections to give throughout for each character; there was none of that awkward trying to fully change her voice in a cheesy form She was absolutely brilliant so much so that I immediately went to audible to find out what other books she's narrated as I would listen to her reading out her grocery list She's THAT good Highly recommended to all psychological suspense fans

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    Sometimes I Lie is all kinds of crazy Here’s the thing l love crazy but in this case it was just too unbelievable I just couldn’t suspend my disbelief long enough to get sucked in and love this book like I wanted to Three narratives intersectA woman lies in a hospital bed in a coma She can hear everything that is going on around her but cannot communicate to let those who love her know that something is very wrong Switch to days before her accident and we learn about her life Her marriage is failing she’s about to lose her job and she’s sick of playing second fiddle to her sister We also go back in time to read a young girl’s diary written in the 1990’s which gradually reveals that all is not what it seemsI found myself really bored while reading this The only part that piued my interest was the young girl’s diary Her voice was chilling and I loved reading her POV on the events that defined her childhood I love a manipulative narrator and the author of the diary did not disappoint On the other hand the other two narratives moved slowly too slowly IMHO and then when all was revealed and said and done my first thought was that was just ridiculous Are there really that many psychos out there? Maybe I have just read too many thrillers and have become too jaded to enjoy outrageous plots and twists which was certainly the case with this book

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    They say a picture is worth a thousand words do you agree?There were these moments And definitely thisThere were moments where there were feelings ofBut overall I felt like this

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    oooh goodreads choice awards semifinalist for best mystery thriller 2018 what will happen? People are not mirrors they don’t see you how you see yourselfa careful careful tiptoe review for a book whose hook is how twisty its twists how shocking its conclusionthe publisher letter slipped into this ARC says It has an ending that completely messes with your head in the very best sense and if you can see it coming you’re smarter than everyone I knowwhich is the best way to sell a book to me i’m positive that i’m not smarter than anyone anyone knows but i read a lot and pursuing that english degree in my youth both diminished my chances of amassing great material wealth and also ruined me for many of these “twists for days” books you’re trained to close read you’re gonna close read and unlike a lot of readers i’d rather be surprised than validated i get angry if i figure things out too soon you had one job writer fool mebut this book did not make me angry i figured out jo’s deal pretty early on but nearly everything else was a delightful surpriseas far as plotting goes it’s pretty tight it cheats a little but you were warned by the title and the opening bit that there would be some misdirection coming your wayMy name is Amber Reynolds There are three things you should know about me 1 I’m in a coma2 My husband doesn’t love me any3 Sometimes I lie the story alternates between three different points in amber’s life nowthenbefore or precisely in comaleading up to comachildhood journal and it’s full of messy relationships tangled secrets plots lies and much shadeit’s a fun ride full of toxic people with plenty to chew on and the promises ofyou’re a twist and you’re a twist and you’re a twist are no lie at the end of it all i have a couple of blurry areas some timeline turbulence some uestions about edward and some miscellaneous loose ends but for the most part it was fun smooth sailing i read it in one day or one night since my night job has made me a daysleeper in a mad dash to get ALL THE ANSWERS and if ever there was a one sitting book it's this one call in sick and be cozy you have four months to work on your fake coughFOUR AND A HALF STARSthis is one hell of a debut and it reuires a careful careful tiptoe reviewwhich will come SOON i got behind again eepcome to my blog