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ALL ALONEJosiah Miller had once found happiness carrying out his ancestors' legacy farming the rocky Arkansas Ozark soil and raising a family Now his marriage over and debt piling up Josiah spent his lonely days cloaked in sorrow pining for the child he'd lost for the love he'd never really hadHistorian Annabeth Gibbs might have come to Dutchman's Valley on a research grant but she had a secret tie to this rugged corner of the world All her life she'd waited to return and uncover her past and nobody was going to drive her away not even stubborn reclusive Josiah MillerSuddenly they were in a war of wills And the loser might lose than stubborn pride he just might lose his heart

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    Annabeth Gibbs is a historian by trade and a writer by profession Her smile easy going personality and rustic charm are a combination and a throwback to women from another decade She is thirty years old has never been married and loves the challenge of doing things on her own She has recently arrived in the Arkansas Ozarks to record the traditions and oral moments of bygone days She also has another personal reason for coming to this tiny communityIn turn farmer and Dutchman Valley native Josiah Miller is a hard case His wife left him three years ago with his baby daughter and he has never been able to find out where they went He is a recluse miserable and considering ending it all when the story opens But he changes his mind at the last moment And the next day Annabelle shows up wanting to rent his mill as her home for her year long stay She is the light to Josiah's dark tunnelBlaming himself and his ex wife for her desertion he shuns the company of others All he has wanted is to be able to see his daughter Kylie again I had to remember this takes place in the early 1990's and he didn't have use of the Internet and other amenities that are around today Annabeth is the first one to get past his emotional scars to the find the worthy man beneath and he is drawn to her despite his determination to remain aloofThis is not a fizzy cute or fluffy romance It is a melodrama with some dark moments; that is what happens when someone is struggling through depression I don't think it even occurred to Josiah that he needed help He is a flawed character but thank goodness Annabeth 'Annie' came along Their journey is not easy They have some setbacks and there is an uncertainty; his previous experience had left Josiah uick to fear betrayal and abandonment But love and trust were finally earned

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    Sweet Annie’s Pass is the 13th stand alone romance novel by American author Marilyn Pappano When historian Annabeth Gibbs arrives in Dutchman’s Valley Arkansas to do research on the history of the area she expects some initial reticence from the residents She is unprepared for cranky unforthcoming farmer Josiah Miller but manages to convince him to rent out his mill to her as a place to live Annabeth may be blonde and beautiful but Josiah has every reason to be wary doesn’t he? After all his beautiful blonde wife Caroline left after 10 years of marriage taking away his beloved daughter Kylie Annabeth’s winning way soon makes her welcome with the locals even eventually the reclusive Josiah But can he ever learn to trust her not to leave? Pappano builds up her characters and plot with skill This is a sexy romance with an emotional climax

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    Good story with likable characters some dark overtones and good believable writing This is the kind of story you want to read on a rainy or snowy day and root for HEA The secondary characters are nicely drawn as well

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    Rating 35 stars