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School's out foreverKate likes a little thrill She likes a little scare And she loves getting the chance to go to the exclusive week long writing conference taught by the famous master of horror himself He's so good at being so badWith a teacher like that you expect a little competition With a teacher like that you practically have to kill to get his attentionDoes Kate have what it takes to be teacher's pet?

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    I think that Moonlight Reader and I posted this as a potential read during Halloween Book Bingo Wow I had forgotten what a mess this book was I honestly went into this blind since I didn't recall a thing at all about this book I know I had it though as a kid since I had most of Cusick's books when I was growing up Maybe even at that age I knew a bad book when I read one and pushed it out of my headTeacher's Pet follows Kate and her teacher who go to a writer's retreat Don't ask uestions about this retreat though since her teacher is into romance and Kate is into horror They both go off and go sit in on other seminars and Kate gets some one on one with Gideon DeweNow here is the thing most of Cusick's books follows a checklist but it's like she upped the ante in this one Besides having a teen girl who falls for the first guy she sees she somehow has crushes on and kisses every dude she meets in this book there are three Gideon Pearce and unfortunately named dude named Denzil and somehow all three fall in love with Kate and her beauty Sorry you can't see it but I just snickered like I was five when I typed thatI don't even get why Kate likes horror it seems superficial at best the way Cusick describes it She doesn't even go into her favorite authors And Kate's writing is so terrific that she is singled out in class which makes someone jealous enough to kill she's the teacher's petThis book had so many twists and turns I refuse to follow them all And this was a bit gruesome than her other works people find body parts lying around but it still seemed like a haha type murderous place instead of straight up Camp Crystal LakeThe writing wasn't very good in this one and the characters we meet are shallow Once again you imagine there are only really 6 people in this book Kate Gideon Pearce Denzil Kate's teacher and also a young girl named Tawney who will cause you to go well bless your heart a lot while reading about the things she's saying and you imagine that other people exist but not really since Kate never speaks to any of themI laughed out loud while reading this ending around 1 am The evil doer is found out I called BS on that whole thing Kate kisses one dude and then the other both dudes still in love with her and promise to fight for her love why??? and she hops on a train with her teacher Um you all were just murdered and there was a fire why the heck are the cops allowing them to leave just like that just an hour or so after the events are revealed I have watched enough of The First 48 to know they just couldn't go home like that Also where are Kate's parents? You think she call them instead of having her heart beat fast cause she's looking at one of her beau's profile

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    A nice nostalgic re read I definitely had this Point Horror as teenager as the cover is so striking but I couldn’t recall the plotI was slightly surprised to find that it’s set in a writers retreat camp in the woods as the cover had suggests a high school settingKate is a budding horror writer and is given the chance to spend a week at the camp But she soon finds out that the fear is for realI loved the Camp Crystal Lake like setting in this one Cusick really sets the creepy tone of this story perfectlyThe story itself didn’t uite fully hold my interest though but there’s some gear scenes I found this to be one of the middling entries in the range

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    Horrid I usually like her books but this one was an absolute mess The plot was thin slow moving and completely unbelievable The characters were flat and unlikeable and the ending is a disaster It's Poe meets Hitchcock meets train wreck but mostly train wreck Like I said before I am a fan of RTC but not this book

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    I enjoyed this one a lot The scares got a bit ridiculous but I'm not complaining I'm pleasantly surprised that Kate's friends have uniue personalities since in most retro YA they're often cardboard characters Denzil's wiseass cracks are funny and his sarcasm next level Tawney's dim witted persona is believable and hilarious When she was banned from the kitchen where she worked after burning some muffins and almost extending the favor to the whole building she composed a poem Muffin Madness My Early Morning Sadness That had me chucklingThe setting is a writers' conventionworkshop set in a camp This is of course preferable to a school setting where any hint of romance between a teacher's pet and her maestro is strictly verboten And yes there's some major flirting here and it's not just between our lead and her guru She also kissed a handsome someone she was previously very wary of after the latter caught his leg in a steel trap that was meant for her Sometimes I just didn't understand what's happening any but I dug all that crazinessThere is a sad and wretched family affair underpinning all of this but I shan't be spoiling anything It's a worthy read and not shallow at all I'm rating it 710 or 3 whacked out stars out of 5

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    I first read this when I was a teenager I really had a thing for Point Horror books back in the early nineties I remembered this as being one of my favourite books of the series and upon revisiting it I still love it A uick easy read with chills and a twist I enjoyed rereading this especially over Halloween

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    I used to absolutely LOVE the Point Horror books I would go through each of them in one sitting for the most part They definitely tweaked my interested in the horror genre

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    Teacher's Pet was one of my favorite Point Horror novels when I was in junior high school; unlike most of the others in the series it was genuinely haunting and intriguing

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    Classic PH in that there are plot holes like fault lines actual idiot people and a totally ludicrous storyline 8510

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    Teacher's Pet is a light horror novel that follows along on the trail of young adult horror created by RL Stine For kids who wanted to experience horror but not on a scale of say King they could pick up the Point novels and get a pretty decent experience The covers on a lot of them were insane and it's easy to see why so many adults pick these up to revisit them as adults Are they perfect? Of course not but that's not the point They were often times predictable and cheesy and that's why I loved them Teacher's Pet is a decent novel that reads like a thrillermystery than a straight up horror novel The plot is simple but adds enough twists and turns to keep your eyeballs glued to the page Cusik is a writer who doesn't waste a lot of time with character developments due to the number of pages but what she delivers is a swift moving plot that does make you groan a little at times but there's enough suspense here to make up for it While most authors in this genre just follow Stine's example Cusick attempts to breath new life into the genre by adding a bit of PG rated gore For what the book is and the audience it's written for it's got enough suspense to keep most readers happy You can't help but feel for Kate even though at times it doesn't make sense Why is she targeted an who is the person responsible? She gives us enough characters and even a bit of a hint as to who it could be but when the big reveal arrives it's just shocking enough to make you feel like an idiot for not figuring it sooner

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    Can I swear ? F it this is awful Ok it’s from 1990 91 but wow like something else Put this point Horror at the bottom and when you finally get to it read something else Nothing happens spoiler alert nothing happens followed by pages and pages of nothing happening Urgh that’s my one word review Urgh