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When Ava has a vision of a man's violent death experience tells her she can't stop it from happening For once she's wrong She saves him but in doing so enters a world of manipulative demons and the men who hunt themDriven by the memory of his murdered family Karson toils in the violent thankless fight against demonkind Masuerading as humans demons are always a step ahead But just when he thinks vengeance will be his Ava shatters his plans and twists his focusHer powers have pushed her away from human contact but this tattooed hunter with a battered heart draws Ava in Working with the pretty little psychic is a challenge Karson can handle But keeping his hands off of her is nearly impossible With demons on their trail and Ava determined to make things right keeping his heart safe will be just as tough as keeping Ava alive

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    See this review and on my blog LilybloombooksAbout 2 years ago Paranormal Romance was my favorite genre and pretty much all I read There are times though that reading the same things over and over getting pretty well redundant So that's when I got on my YA kick Temptation by Fire was an amazingly hot sexy read that reminds me why I love this genre so much Although this is on the shorter side it definitely wasn't lacking; in plot or steaminessI loved Ava and Karson Ava is tortured by visions of death when she touches someone skin to skin She doesn't always have these visions but when she does it's pretty horrifying She is uiet reserved and only has her friend Miriam to confide in She is pretty naive and soft but she does a 180 and is almost a completely different person Stubborn tough and braveKarson a Venator or Demon Hunter rather; is driven by vengeance to avenge his family whom was murdered 10 years prior He's dedicated his life to Demon Hunting He's a pretty scary guy but in that bad ass sexy I want to jump his bones kind of way Since he feels responsible for what happened to his family he doesn't get close to anyone Obviously until AvaWhew this two had some serious chemistry I rather enjoyed their banter steamy scenes and how they came to care for each other overall Since they both had their reservations about a relationship it was difficult for both to come to terms with their feelings and how to handle it With it being so short I was surprised how much I connected to them both and rooting for them from the get go Goes to show how awesome the writing isThe plot was fast paced and very engaging The idea behind Demons possessing humans and feeding off their energy was pretty fascinating and pretty frightening The were only two ways to banish the demon and neither one were ideal Beheading or an exorcism Also how tattoos were used to give the Hunters strength too What I didn't realize I appreciated until later was that there are repercussions for those tattoo's; since they are done using Demon blood as well There were a few plot twist thrown in that completely blindsided me tooMy Peeve This honestly doesn't affect my rating at all but the formatting made this difficult for me to read Other than that? NothingOverall I loved it Temptation by Fire is my first Tiffany Allee and I can promise you it will not be my last With non stop action realistic characters hot steamy scenes too I highly recommend this one for anyall paranormal romance lovers  A copy was provided by the Publisher for a honest review THANK YOU

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    I love the romance for once its normal and believableTalk Supe reviewThe best part about TEMPTATION BY FIRE is the romance For a short novel I expect some sort of insta to happen Thank the muses TAllee didn't give us cheap thrills Ava and Karson immediately crushed on each other that's for sure but like normal people they exercised control I appreciate the power of passion but sexual chemistry still has to be believable even if it's fantasy right? Anyway instead of jumping each other's bones the first chance they get Ava and Karson kept one another at arm's length calculated rationalized maintained control and prioritized the deadly threat of demons before allowing themselves to get distracted by sex and romance So expect a lot of action and tensionI hope there's a seuel for TEMPTATION BY FIRE right now it's a stand alone but it's the kind of story that has the potential for I love the simple setting with it's intense plot and normal romance I love the short list of characters so Ava and Karson's character development didn't suffer given the short length of the novel Plus TAllee kept the conflict and resolution of the story in perspective resulting to a very satisfying read It's hard to explain but TAllee's brand of PNRUF is uniue in the sense that she keeps certain things believable her characters doesn't lose their human and rational characteristics just because they're different They're not grossly exaggerated either which makes them very likeable and relatable despite their sordid pasts I guess what I'm trying to say is TAllee will give you a good dose of fantasy without veering off too much from reality We all need to be grounded sometimes

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    I loved this book it was kind of a Greek tragedy style paranormal romance The main character of Ava was a pleasant change from the seemingly endless epidemic of useless ‘oh woe is me’ female leads It’s also great to see a well built world for the characters to live in that doesn’t emulate every other book in its genre – imagination really does go a long way in creating a decent readKarson is a perfect alpha male lead and perfectly compliments Ava There’s tension in their budding relationship and it certainly doesn’t fall into the ‘they’re instantly in love’ troupe which is getting a bit old now I did really enjoy the fact that Ava although strong doesn’t have a gift that adds to an ‘ass kicking’ persona Her gift could be considered a curseFrom a writer’s perspective it flows well and I read it in one sitting which is always a good sign The plot was interesting and it was very well written with some lovely turns of phrase It also opens it up to other characters who were certainly strong enough to break away from this book and have their own turn in the spotlightThe front cover although nice kind of blends into so many other half naked men fronted paranormal romance novels out there today And in a highly competitive genre as this its the cover that is the only thing that lets it down for me I’d love to see Ava on there as she’s just as much part of the story as Karson Also ab encrusted covers only lends itself to the romance element of the book and really its so much Overall I’d give Temptation by Fire 4 out of 5 stars Definitely worth picking up you won’t be able to put it down

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    What a great parasuspenseromance inhaled it in one sitting The characters were amazing; watching Ava grow from a timid mouse to Zena warrior princess Karson slowly shows his softer side and Miriam boy do I have a visual on her The story is fast paced and a different take on demons and those who hunt them I hope there's to the series I'd love to see Miriam and Caleb hook upI received an advance copy in return for an honest review All opinions are my own

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    I saw Tiffany talking about her new book Temptation By Fire on Facebook and remembered how much I loved Don’t Bite The Bridesmaid I was like Tiffany I need this nowSo she sent it Thank you so much for my ARC And I LOVED it just as much as I loved the first book I read by herAva is a woman who sees visions of peoples’ deaths when she touches them not every time but often enough that she doesn’t touch people Besides her best friend Miriam she isolates herself or people do it for her Her family was freaked out by her “curse” as she called it and finally turned away from herAva meets Karson at the hospital while he is with another man She accidently touched the other man and saw his death in her mindAnd so the story rollsI said it once I loved this Ava was awesome her sense of right and wrong pushed her into danger that our hero had to jump in to protect her from Most human beings would run screaming from some of the things she sees right from the beginning but she doesn’t surprising our big bad demon hunter Then there is Karson our ultimate hero In the battle of good vs evil his need for vengeance drives him to take out demons He doesn’t do relationships He can’t afford to care about people There is something about Ava though that has him wanting to keep her safe from the dangers that could be lurking Dangers that she refuses to stay away from because she wants to set things right after – I can’t tell you what that would be a spoilerTiffany has this way with words where she engages you from the very first page and pulls you into her story I found myself holding my breath during a few scenes where lives were on the line and fanning myself during others that were INCREDIBLY hotI do not know why I didn’t put her on my favorite author list before but she is there nowI cannot wait to see what comes next from Tiffany Allee and to get caught up on books that I may have missed I love her writing I love her twist on the supernatural her drama that she builds and the romance that is sure to grow with amazing hot scenes along the way

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    RecapAva can see a person's future with skin to skin contact When she accidentally sees that a young man's Thomas's fate is to burn alive she tries to warn his companion His companion is Karson a demon hunter And Thomas is possessed with a demon Unknown to Ava Karson is the one who plans to burn him alive Determined to prevent Thomas's death Ava interrupts the exorcism Thomasthe demon escapesWanting to make things right Ava involves herself with Karson's demon hunting Karson fights her every step of the way because he just wants to keep her safe Against their better judgment and even though they both know they have no future together they fall for each otherKarson's past returns to haunt him the hunt turns deadly loved ones are in danger and betrayals are topped with betrayals in a gripping page turnerThoughtsKarson is a dark tortured hero who believes he doesn't deserve love or happiness But apart from the vengeance he's been seeking for 10 years he's a good protective man at heart who doesn't want Ava to get hurt Physically or emotionally Oh and he hates floral prints and Cherry CokeAva loves floral prints and Cherry Coke and is Karson's perfect match In many ways she understands him better than he understands himself She's a determined young woman who is adamant about making a difference But she also knows how to choose her fights and compromise She's not TSTLTiffany Allee took a walk on the dark side with this one her signature humor showing in just a few places The result is a fast paced suspenseful novelAlthough there is a satisfying ending to the book a few details are left open I'm assuming there will be books to come I certainly hope so It will be a pleasure to read them

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    I've had this one on my to read shelf for a while now Should have read it earlier This one had me reading non stop over the afternoon Lots of excitement to be had here as I waited to see who was going to winthe Venators hunters or the demonsWhile this is a standalone book I sincerely hope that Ms Allee has in store for Ava Karson and their friends This was a great way to start a seriesAva has a curseor a giftshe is psychic and with skin to skin touch she can see glimpses of the future Most of these peeks are of the violent variety It makes her very twitchy about any human contact And demon contact? That's worse Karson has his own issues He's a demon hunter whose big plan to take down his current prey is knocked asunder by Ava She want to make up for the mistake by being used as bait That could work but Karson comes to have feelings for her He just can't allow her to be harmedThat's when Ava's spine became steel and Karson met his matchLots of twists turns betrayals a bit of gore some HEATand I say it was an afternoon well spentFOUR and a HALF BOOKMARKSand I really must read of Ms Allee's words Thank you Entangled and Tiffany Allee for the opportunity to read Temptation by Fire

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    I really enjoyed this book It pretty much starts off right off the bat with the action Karson and Ava have some seriously HOT chemistry I found this book to be very refreshing and a nice change of pace from what I have been reading lately If you have been in a bit of a reading funk or are just looking for an amazing book with lots of action lots of steam and the paranormal world thrown all together then this is definitely the book you want to pick up I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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    Ava is used to strange ness with her flashes of the future when she touches skin so seeing a fiery death scares her but not enough to not try to save the man Little does she know that the man is a demon and the one doing the exorcism isn´t as evil as first glance would have it Karson is a Venator hunting demons and keeping people safe but this woman with her predictions is jeopardising his latest assignment She manages to end up in the middle of it all and before she knows it her whole life is in danger Smutty fluff demon chasing and action in a great combo

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    Temptation by Fire is a largely forgettable Paranormal Romantic Suspense novel It has an exciting premise physic tries to save a man's life after seeing his gruesome death only to be sucked into a world where demons are real and the hunters are sexy Ava has always considered her visions a curse but it's what brings her to Karson a demon hunter out for revenge This is all well and good but I could not keep my mind on this story for some reasonEvery time I sat Temptation by Fire down and picked it back up I had forgotten what I had read Nothing would stick I just was not interested in these characters Karson was pretty flat for me All he wanted to do was exorcise demons and kill the one that murdered his entire family And have sex with AvaAva was just all over the place First she sees a man die by fire and warns Karson since he was with the man at the time Karson explains that what she saw was a demon but she gets it into her dead that Karson is the demon when she walks in on him trying to expel the demon from the man's body But then she wants to help so she goes on an undercover date with the demon and then freaks out because something is off about him No duh He's a demon I was so frustrated with herOf course in the end good triumphs over evil I couldn't begin to explain to you how Ava and Karson beat the demons because like I said it's totally forgettable it I can tell you that Temptation by Fire does have the reuisite happy ending though I just didn't care