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In this heartfelt and emotionally candid contemporary YA author Jen Malone delves into the life of a teen whose world is brought to an abrupt halt when she learns she’s in dire need of an organ transplantHard charging and irrepressible eighteen year old Amelia Linehan could see a roller derby opponent a mile away—and that’s while crouched down bent over skates and zooming around a track at the speed of light They don’t call her Rolldemort for nothing What she couldn’t see coming however was the unexpected flare up of a rare liver disorder she was born with But now it’s the only thing she—and everyone around her—can think aboutWith no guarantee of a viable organ transplant everything Amelia’s been sure of—like her college plans the mural she’d been commissioned to paint or the possibility of one day falling in love—has become a huge uestion mark threatening to drag her down into a sea of what ifs she’s desperate to avoidThen a friend from the past shows up With Will it’s easy to forget about what’s lurking underneath the lightness of their time together It’s easy to feel alive when all signs point elsewhere On the other hand with the odds decidedly not in her favor Amelia knows this feeling couldn’t last forever But what can?

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    The Arrival of Someday is a very emotional very realistic novel that has all of the feels yet has so much charm and wit that you won't help but find yourself falling in love with all of its characters no matter the gloom that follows the story Amelia was born with a liver disease that hasn't ever been an issue until now Until its become so very real so very scary very fast From the very first page I loved Amelia's voice Her personality and wit makes it impossible to dislike her She's got a lot of crap to deal with and you can feel her anger her despair and also her passion for life She wants to live she has so many plans so many wants and hopes The emotional aspect of this story is a kind of slow burn that you get to experience it with Amelia You find yourself feeling all the same ups and downs of this unfair situationAmelia is not the only character you'll get to love Her family plays a big role in this story and each of them will carve their way into your heart as well Her dad was my favorite with his dorky jokes and fun loving spirit He offered some much needed comic relief that gave the book a perfect amount of light heartedness Her brother was also a good character even though he was present mostly indirectly via phone calls and Words With Friends plays Aside from family Amelia's best friend Sibby is a great character with a big personality and a ton of presence in this story She goes through the same emotional turmoil as Amelia but in her own way that doesn't necessarily mesh well with her friend at first I loved that this whole cast was such a big part of the story It gave it a lot of depth and plenty of heart There's also a dash of romance that makes it all so bittersweet but romance is not the essence of the story Don't expect The Fault In Our Stars type of romantic tragedy in here Intensely poignant and heartbreaking The Arrival of Someday while being an incredibly compelling story also touches on an important subject matter that helps raise awareness to the fact that we all have the ability to save a life Being an organ donor can give someone like Amelia a second chance I recommend this to every contemporary YA fan

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    Oh boy That was a tearjerker But sooooo good And yea synopsis is wrong There's no romance Nobody comes in and saves the dying girl with his love But Will is awesome either way

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    45 starsI love books that make me cry I also love books that can make me smile And The Arrival of Someday had me doing both I often call books uplifting The Arrival of Someday goes past uplifting though that fits too and is totally inspiring It is surprising that ending literally come out of nowhere and smacked me across the face it is fun simply a pleasure to sit down with and enjoy and it combines everything I love about really good YA contemporary fiction family friendship and self realisation Lia loves a good cause Raising awareness taking on the school board even a good rally She also loves roller derby and it’s for good reason they call her Rolldemort With early entry into her college of choice a mural competition awarded and awaiting completion and her best friend Sibby by her side Lia’s life is good Until she discovers that her liver disease something she has had all her life worsens and leaves Lia needing a liver transplant and soon Lia must navigate the transplant waiting list while trying to decide how she feels about putting some things in her life on hold and sorting out her family and friends’ reactions to her diagnosis Written in first person The Arrival of Someday places the reader directly in Lia’s head and invites them to share her journey While centred around the undeniably traumatic process of diagnosis waiting on a transplant list and fear of an uncertain future The Arrival of Someday has an upbeat and enjoy the sunshine tone That’s thanks mostly to Lia herself No moping for her She’s going to continue living her life even if it kills her and yes she’s well aware of how many sayings bring up death Lia and her best friend Sibby who’s Aussie and is awesome take no prisoners They triumph on and off the roller derby court yet the routine of their friendship is challenged by Lia’s diagnosis and the different ways in which they girls decide to face the challenge ahead Watching the girls work through these changes challenge each other and also simply enjoy each other’s company was a wonderful part of this bookI do love a good bit of romance in books and yet I was really happy that there wasn’t all that much romance in this book Even calling it romance seems a bit of a stretch It’s like light hearted flirting and it is exactly what Lia and this book needs Instead of romantic love The Arrival of Someday is focused around familial love Lia has a great relationship with her parents but the waiting forces them to open up about how they love each other how they process things how they cope forcing them to speak things that might otherwise go unsaid Organ donation is obviously a key theme of this book and is championed by all the characters especially Sibby The author’s note reveals how much extra care and detail is hidden in the story including character names honouring the names of donors and people who have been instrumental in supporting and raising awareness of organ donation and the lives it savesI know my library readers will love this book and it’s going to be easy to give to readers who enjoy tear jerkers and beautifully inspiring books The Arrival of Someday will easily sit alongside books written by Abigail Johnson Francesca Zappia and Jeff Zentner The publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my ownFind reviews reading age guides content advisory and recommendations on my blog Madison's Library

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    The Arrival of Someday is a Young Adult contemporary novel It is my third book by this author I have previously read Wanderlost and Changes in LatitudesThe narrator is 18 year old AmeliaLia 1st person POV She is a senior in high school The book is divided into three parts The story is set in MassachusettsThe book starts off with Lia and her best friend Sibby We get to see their Roller derby team I really wish that this had been a bigger focus of the book As I loved this aspect of the storyLia loves art Most especially chalkboard art I also really enjoyed this aspect of the storySomething is wrong with Amelia read the book blurb if you want details This is a big focus of this story view spoilerSomething is wrong with her liver and she needs a liver transplant hide spoiler

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    “I wish it didn’t have to be like this all or nothing I wish I didn’t have to chase highs to try and banish the lows I wish normal could be good enough” I wasn’t expecting to become so immediately hooked to Lia’s story but I just couldn’t put The Arrival of Someday down We follow Lia Linehan proud activist and roller derby enthusiast as she must face her need for a liver transplant Lia is determined to stay strong and renounce all pity directed her way but soon learns that distractions aren’t always the best ways to evade your problems Things I Liked I really enjoyed the hints of romance between Lia and Will It’s mostly just flirting with nothing too heavy or distracting but I did enjoy it and I appreciate that it didn’t pull focus from Lia’s journey and growthIt was such a small thing in the story but Lia’s Words with Friends game with her brother was super endearing to me It helped show the basis for their relationship and I loved that the words they used were relevant to the plotThis story had such strong family moments and I was here for each one of them Allowing yourself to confront your emotions from here mom and embracing the unknowing and the ‘whys’ of life with her dad They were all so good and showed how much they cared for each other There was this great conversation about bravery vs bravado that was super intriguing The internal vs external notions of courage and how your self view influences your reactions for life’s uncertainties Things I Didn’t Like Some of the activism things in the story were a bit cheesy especially Lia and Sibby fighting the dress code I loved that they both fight for what they believe in and to right injustices of all kinds but it was a little heavy handed at timesThe ending didn’t hit me like I expected Or at least not right away I appreciate how realistic and honest it was but my immediate reaction was indifference I think But on reflection I think I have a emotional reaction But there was a weird and unexpected disconnect I hadn’t expected to experience Though I did have some emotional distance from the ending of the story I thoroughly enjoyed The Arrival of Someday It’s a journey of personal acceptance and embracing the right to say “I don’t know” to life’s uestions

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    You can find the full review and all the fancy andor randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at MidnightMy heart Oh this book gave me the feels But not all the feels were of a depressing sort not even close For a book about a very ill young woman it manages to be incredibly heartwarming and uplifting Lia faces an incredibly difficult battle one that upends her life She needs a liver And they're not exactly selling them at Target The story focuses not just on Lia's health though Obviously it's a big part of it and we'll get to that But her journey is about so much  It's how her plans have to shift now that her body isn't cooperating It's how her relationships have to grow and change and evolve It's readjusting her outlook on life in general with or without a transplant It's a lot basically And luckily Lia has some great people in her corner Her best friend is one of my favorite characters she's so charming and funny and even though she and Lia have a few tiffs you can clearly tell that her heart is always in the right place Lia's family is eually incredible I found her relationship with her brother kind of distant but you know they both absolutely care for and love each other refreshingly honest And her parents wow They're like you know good parents who'd move heaven and earth for their kid And as Lia faces the unknown she begins to realize how deep their love and hers for them goes  There's not really romance here either just a really good friendship with some extra feelings of maybe Which I feel was a really good choice for the story Regardless her than a friend ? is a fabulous guy and he cares for Lia no matter in what capacity Plus he cares about the whole family which earns him points in my book One of the big takeaways from the book is how complex organ donation is There's a bit of a plot point about making sure kids at school signed up and such and while the method may have been a wee bit hokey the message is good enough that I can overlook it Point is organ donation is a literal crapshoot Luck of the draw Did your blood type match that guy who just got hit by a car? It's your lucky day And that at it's crux is the hardest to accept if Lia wants an organ it's going to be someone else's worst dayAnd not enough people are organ donors Hence why Lia remains ill for so long Obviously not every cause of death lends itself to organ donation But if the unthinkable happened I'd like to know that someone like Lia could benefit even from the worst possible situation Bottom Line An incredibly touching and heartfelt book Jen Malone has written another book I won't soon forget 

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    Nothing's guaranteedAmelia lives life to the fullest The world is this roller derby ueen's oyster until the world comes crashing down around her After the unexpected flare up of her rare liver disorder nothing is the same With no guarantee of a viable liver transplant her whole future college the mural she's been commissioned to paint even the possibility of falling in love might have to be put on hold Just as Amelia falls into a void of hopelessness the reappearance of an old friend provides just the distraction she needs As her life continues to spiral in a storm of what ifs she must learn to live with the impossibility of not knowing what's going to happen nextA story of reality and its limitless possibilities What happens when the rest of your life becomes a giant uestion markTrigger warning for illness grief and talk of deathTough and irrepressible Amelia lived a vivid life full of hopes and dreams Passion and freedom brilliantly coursed through her making it impossible not to feel the gut punch at the re emergence of her rare liver disorder right along with her Harrowing as it was to watch Amelia struggle with the tolls it took on every aspect of her life it was eually beautiful to see her process it and adjust to her new reality I found myself cheering the chalk artist on with every victory and set back she encounteredTerrifying as life gets we don't have to face seemingly inevitable fates alone From Amelia's parents to her brother Alex from her best friend Sibby to Will Amelia had a core group of people supporting her in every way possible A perfect combination of steady and goofy Amelia's parents were willing to move the Sun and the Earth for their daughter They were the YA parents of dreams Encouraging and concerned Alex knew exactly what Amelia needed Outspoken and a fellow feminist Sibby's heart practically swelled out of her chest even if she couldn't uite understand what Amelia was going through A true sweetheart Will was exactly the distraction Amelia needed Even though they were all going through the same devastation their experiences with grief differed and broke them in ways uniue to their personalities The supporting cast was well drawn and realisticWhen I began this book I knew it would take my heart but I was unprepared for it to take the journey it did Stepping into Amelia's life was inspiring as it made me re evaluate the life I take for granted Amelia's first hand account of grief was full of moments that were both healing and heart shattering Incredibly raw Jen Malone's prose painted a picture of pain shock desperation and ultimately hope Truly sobering she explored all the ways people experience the same situation the different ways grief manifests and the hard won journey regaining your life in the wake of tragedy Reading through tears both good and bad it was impossible to put this book down The author's note at the end made this masterpiece even touchingThere is no day like today to read The Arrival of Someday

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    5 HUMUNGOUS STARSI need to read everything Jen Malone has ever written STAT THE ARRIVAL OF SOMEDAY is one of the bravest novels I’ve ever read Lia a kick ass roller derby star born with a liver condition suddenly needs a transplant The high school senior is used to being the strong one not the sick one The last thing she wants is to be the poster child for organ transplant though her best friend has other ideas Unable to bear losing Lia Sibby campaigns to sign as many potential donors as possible at the expense of Lia’s privacyDon’t read spoilers or too many reviews before diving into THE ARRIVAL OF SOMEDAY You don’t want to accidentally discover parts of the story Lia is such a powerful character feminist to the core Aside from the athleticism and physical abilities I identified with her a lot I have a chronic illness I’ve had cancer and I recently broke my clavicle I understood Lia not wanting her illness to be the focus of her relationships or to be seen as The Sick One in a very personal wayTHE ARRIVAL OF SOMEDAY is feminist novel not only because women hold positions of power doctors coaches the school principal but also because these women championed the girls and women around them I also adored Lia’s family and her relationship with her dad joke telling father and immigration attorney motherAs someone who knows a lot about transplants and organ donation I wish Malone has delved deeper into why Lia likely wasn’t eligible for a directed donation THE ARRIVAL OF SOMEDAY is a book I will reread

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    This was very readable and poignant and hits you in the feels in various points I'm giving it 3 stars It feels like a harsh rating for a book that pulled me in but did I love it enough to read it again down the road? No So no 5 stars were forthcoming But why not a 4 stars rating you ask? It came down to politics that got it docked a whole second star If not for politics this could've been a solid 4 star read for me Here's the issue that authors need to understand we read to escape reality even if it's in a contemporary I loathe politics in my reads and I will always slash my stars for it's appearance no matter how minor the infraction I know I should just never pick up anything but fantasy of that's how I feel but I like a contemporary every now and then to cleanse the literary palate INow onto the actual storyEvery now and then I like to pick up a book that portrays the hard parts of life the dark things that happen that need to be brought into the light I read them to enlighten myself and so I can recommend them to others for the same reason I'm grateful to the authors that are brave enough to tackle these topics in their writing We need books like Speak which deals with rape how it affects the victim The Sun is Also a Star deportation The Fault in Our Stars tackling life with cancer These are topics that suck but they also need to be heard And now we have this The Arrival of Someday talking about the desperation of those needing organ transplants the need for donors to save lives All books mentioned are great at portraying these gritty topics and I know there's many out there I need to read Will you need tissues? Yes For books like these the answer is always YES I thought this book gave us a fair idea of the fear stress uncertainty of those in desperate need of a transplant But I imagine it's barely scratching the surface of that awful reality What this book is is a glimpse A little window into that terrifying world This book's job is to make us aware how fragile these lives are and what a desperate shortage there is in comparison to the number in need This is a book with a cause behind it And that is a thing of beauty As for the story telling itself it was well thought out and as stated earlier pulled me right in I loved Lia and her bestie Sibby Their friend dynamic was so supportive and fun though it had some hiccups due to things I totally adored Lia's goofball adorkable dad He was the best And Lia's back and forths with her brother Alex on Words with Friends was a funny and uniue thing to add into the story I really liked that touch of authenticity between sibs I used to do that with mine all the time Other uniue touches that I appreciated and found refreshing were Lia's hobbies roller derby chalk board artwork I've never read about a character having such uniue tastes and roller derby sounds totally fun Also all the Aussie slang from Sibby was hilarious and loved every interaction with her I was seriously stressed out for the first half of the book when Lia Sibby were keeping things from each other but thankfully they worked out their issues and I enjoyed the second half much better for thatThe way things ended I thought was very realistically handled and really helped drive home the reality of this situation for so many people and the possibilities of how things can turn out for them It's a very sobering read but I recommend it Seriously have a couple tissues on hand though for some tough spots sniffles

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    Rating 45 StarsI always think I know what I am getting myself into when I opt to read a sick kids book but still I under estimate the emotional toll it will have on me My advice for reading this book grab a box of tissues and be ready to shed some tears because it was painful while also being really touching and beautifulLia was such an incredible character I first met her while she was dominating on the roller derby track so fierce and commanding But she was born with biliary atresia and knew that someday she would need a new liver Unfortunately that someday had arrived during her derby practiceThis story followed Lia and her family as they tried to come to terms with Lia's illness and her possible impending death Yes very emotional stuff Being in the head of an eighteen year old as she grappled with her own mortality was extremely difficult at times but Malone really did a wonderful job with depicting Lia's feelings and interspersing the heartbreaking moments with some joyful fun and lighthearted onesWhy does a disease only one person is afflicted with get to affect so many people?I must also comment Malone on how well she explored how Lia's illness affected her loved ones As a parent I was especially moved by many of the scenes involving Lia's mother and father Their pain was palpable There are tears currently streaming down my face as I recall the heart to heart Lia and her dad shared It was so incredibly touching it made my heart physically acheThat's what I want for you Sunshine More 'remember whens' Dad to LiaThis story also covered organ donation and what the families and patients awaiting an organ may experience The anxiety and disappointment Lia and her family felt had me feeling really good about the fact that I am a registered organ donor and have a directive in place to donate my body to science in the event of my death Although this was a fictional story it was based upon a real person and there are many people out there facing a fate very much like Lia's I hope that a story like this will inspire others to learn about organ donation and perhaps consider becoming a donor themselvesI wouldn't call this an easy read I actually need to thank Shannon for all her emotional support but it was nonetheless a beautiful story which really touched my heartARC provided in exchange for an honest review BLOG | INSTAGRAM |TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FRIEND ME ON GOODREADS