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What this book did it did very well However, it was not what I was looking for Much of the descriptions of TV shows and movie bits just seemed to be lists of reviews of movies There s nothing wrong with this and the artwork included is marvellous The issue is that I was hoping this would go into the ways that the movies were made than it did A further issue that I had with this was that it made it seem, in most cases, like there were no slip ups in the path of the company, other than The Black Cauldron There were plenty of financial issues and issues with unions and stuff which would have been interesting to delve into it makes it seem like Walt Disney was some kind of genius who was never wrong which is simply false as no one is like that Regardless, it s a very pretty book and I would recommend it if you like anything Disney, no matter how dedicated you are. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. NOTE I am reading the 1973 version, so the last movie referenced is The Aristocats A massive coffee table format book that delves into history of the Walt Disney Studios through the artwork of its cartoon shorts, movies, live action films and the theme parks While the author is a bit of a Disney apologist, I found the text fairly engaging, and the artwork astounding I especially enjoyed the two page foldouts The final chapters dealing with the theme parks Disneyland and the newly opened Walt Disney World with only the Magic Kingdom, and 2 hotels the Contemporary the Polynesian in operation were quite interesting as was the article from an architectural magazine the author s name escapes me at the moment Definitely worth our purchase price a steal at 7 used recommended to anyone interested in the design and art behind the Walt Disney Productions empire. Having read the biography of Disney this was a nice follow up It deals mainly as the title implies with the artistic side of the business how Disney started as a company, what innovations they brought to movie making, especially animated movies, the artistic process of the early movies and some of the later movies, the big breakthroughs, and finally the conception of the idea of Walt Disney world and how it was realized Very interesting read, nicely complemented with pictures from Disney s life, early sketches, movies, etc. There have been several updated versions over the years The one that I have is the original 1973 version, which is what I ll be describing There are several production sketches and drawings which I haven t seen published in any other book In the section on the features, attention is given to Snow White, Pinocchio, and Fantasia than any other feature which shouldn t be too surprising since those were the first 3 films which were made when the quality if Disney animation was at its pinnacle The other films only get a couple of screen grabs or are not mentioned at all The 1973 edition has a section on the making of the then new release Robin Hood, which has had little coverage in any Disney book.I highly recommend getting the 1973 or 1995 edition. Do you ever wonder what made Walt Disney want to make his company Then you should read the nonfiction book The Art of Walt Disney From Mickey Mouse to The Magic Kingdoms by Christopher Finch In the book Finch explains Walt Disney s childhood and what made him want to make something out of his drawings that he always loved to do as a child Then it goes on to tell about his first jobs and things he created including short films and his most popular characters Oswald the Rabbit and Mickey The Mouse After Finch showed how Disney s mind worked to create his short films and movies He wrote history on the Disney Parks Overall, I think this book gave me a good understanding of Walt Disney and made me want to know about him I really enjoyed reading this book because it had a good deal of information about Walt Disney and his thought process and got me thinking my MGRP topic The book was interesting and fun to read because it was interesting to be able to learn about the man who created the movies and characters that we learned to love Some interesting things that I learned from reading this book are the first animated film that he created was stories on Alice in Wonderland Also, I learned that Song of The South was the first live action film created by Disney Finally, the one thing that I learned was that Walt Disney World opened by Roy Disney Walt Disney s Brother in October 1871 p 152 and that Disney was a collector of mechanical toys and wanted to make an art of screen animation and the first audio animatronic models made were some exotic birds which eventually formed the basis of Disneyland s Tiki Room p 152 The Art of Walt Disney From Mickey Mouse to The Magic Kingdoms influenced me to do my MGRP on Walt Disney because the book showed me how interesting Walt Disney is and what made him want to make his company the way that he did Finch showed that Walt Disney started off with short films and went to make larger movies and soon the Disney Parks I want to learn in my research about his movies and what made him create them, his childhood family life, and the Walt Disney Parks and what he did to make the Disney company so successful.Finally, I really liked this book so much because gave me a good understanding of Walt Disney made me want to learn about him and his company I definitely would recommend this book to people that enjoy Walt Disney his company and would like to learn about him However, I think that the author could organize the book a little better so it s easier to find certain information throughout the book. I read the version which has been updated to include Tangled and Disney s California Adventure park expansion I found the book as a whole to be a fascinating dive into animation history offering complex critical analyses of the Disney canon These are given alongside stories, anecdotes, and historical context surrounding their development, release, and eventual reception Finch also pays close to attention to weigh each development on its own terms as well as judging it against the greater Disney canon as a whole This is done with some success, except where he fails to acknowledge shifting audience expectations that make judging the success of Snow White versus something like Mulan a case of apples and oranges I appreciated the comprehensiveness of the work, especially its attempt to place the Pixar story within the Disney narrative while still acknowledging Pixar s independent successes Where the book fails to unpack the true significance of art within the company is in its analysis of the parks Much of those chapters merely offer a cursory history of their development and listing of their unique offerings without much analysis of their artistic or cultural success like Finch offers for the films Of course, that effort could double the size of the book and other books have done this well enough already Designing Disney s Theme Parks However, effort could have been given to showing how the developments in the parks were extensions of knowledge gained from animation and film.Overall, I really enjoyed the book It renewed my appreciation and increased my knowledge of animation and the Walt Disney Company as a whole A must read for any fan of Disney or animation A fascinating look into the processes of Walt Disney s many creative projects from his early animated cartoons and feature films, to the planning and beginnings of Disneyland and Walt Disney World which, although written in almost a dry, textbook style, nevertheless is chock full of interesting behind the scenes information as well as critiques of the actual artistic factors of each Sprinkled with samples, sketches, and photographs, the book merely scratches the surface of what could have been explored in its pages but what is there seemed a good snack, and a concise overview.I love how the nerdy side of things is not much overlooked in this book, but is included in the treatment of each project Not only the artwork itself and its subjects are touched upon, but also the difficulties and triumphs met by Walt and his team in technical areas regarding camera work, evolving developments in animation, audio animatronic figures, transit systems, and.In short, this book could have been five times as large and it would still have kept my interest. One of the most beautiful and educative books I ever read Shows you how f.i Snow White came to be not simply an astounding movie, but one of the 20th century s major works of art I lent this wonderful and very expensive book, a birthday gift from a cherished ex loved one, to my then girlfriend s brother than twenty years ago, under the explicit condition that I wanted it back within three months I m still waiting the bastard Based On Hundreds Of Interviews With Disney Staff Members Past And Present, This Story Of Walt Disney And His Company S Vast Artistic Achievements Through The Decades Contains Than Illustrations Ranging From Concept Art To Film Stills To Views Of The Theme Park Attractions Harry N Abrams, Inc